Gruesomely Grizzly Tales

Maybe you are a teenager spending a fun weekend at a cabin in the woods celebrating your summer vacation with your friends. Maybe you are a young child who has wandered into the world of grimm fairy tales. For whatever reason, you and your friends are alone and far away from the safety of adults and authority. Now you might need to survive a killing spree from a serial killer or escape the wrong kind of fairy trying to kidnap you or your friends.

The horror genre has a long and varied history that can give your group an innumerable number of settings and plotlines. This system is designed to be a simple one that can accommodate a wide variety of settings. The Gruesomely Grizzly Tales System is designed for short adventures and oneshots and has not been designed with longer campaigns in mind. There is nothing stopping you from trying this system for longer campaigns, but keep the high lethality of the system in mind.



Welcome to The Gruesomely Grizzly Tales System, the horror roleplaying game created by the internet user Citrov. This handbook provides the complete experience for playing Gruesomely Grizzly Tales, providing everything players and game masters need, with rules, character creation, advice for running games and an example setting designed to be used with this system.

The most current version of the GGT document can be found on the Google Doc. The current version of the character sheet can be found in this PDF

As the system is developed it will have example characters and alternate character sheets for optional mechanics such as magic or insanity.

Character CreationEdit

Character creation in Gruesomely Grizzly Tales System is designed to be as simple as possible. At a minimum players need to pick a name, three skills of their own choosing and a weakness. There are some possible extensions to this that are described in the main document, but to create a viable character thats all that is needed.


Like character generation, the mechanics of Gruesomely Grizzly Tales us designed to be simple. The only dice used in the game by players and the game master are d6's. As a base all characters roll 2d6 and gain bonuses or negatives based on their skills, items and weaknesses. The game is also designed with high lethality in mind, where if all dies land on 1, no matter the number of dice, the character if possible dies.

When trying to beat a static encounter or living (or unliving) opponent, players roll the dice available to them based on their applicable skills, items and weaknesses and try to beat the Game Masters number. Like character creation there is depth beyond what is described above, but like everything else has simplicity in mind allowing for a quickly run, but tense game being available to veterans and newcomers alike.

Current State of the SystemEdit

As of the last update to the preview document that can be accessed above, the following sections are either complete or near completion.

  • Introduction and About section
  • Rules and Mechanics
  • Character Creation
  • Game Masters advice
  • Optional Mechanics
  • Example Hazards
  • Example Beastery
  • Example Setting

Currently the following sections need to be started or completed.

  • Potential Plotlines
  • Example Adventure
  • Example and Pre-made Character Sheets

Of the complete section, it is still subject to revision based on playtesting feedback and teh needs and constraints of the system.