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Grey Seers are powerful Skaven mage-priests, capable of channeling eldritch energies and unleashing them in searing bolts of destruction. Their grey or white fur and the bony horns sprouting from their heads mark them as the chosen of the vile Skaven God, the Great Horned Rat. These prophets also act as the chief agents and emissaries for the Council of Thirteen. These twin roles mean that Grey Seers wield tremendous influence in the Under-Empire. Grey Seers possess a rank and position greater than all other Skaven (barring the Lords of Decay themselves). This isn't to say that Grey Seers are above the self-serving manipulations and treacherous scheming of the Skaven- indeed, they epitomize it. The Grey Seers guard their power jealously and it is a foolish Warlord indeed who doesn't immediately prostrate themselves at the feet of a Grey Seer and humbly acquiesce. The Rune of the Grey Seers is enough to strike fear into the hearts of friend and foe alike.

An interesting fact concerning Grey Seers- their numbers are always set for 169 (13 times 13, since 13 is a lucky number in Skaven society and squaring that number means more luck!); should a seer die, his apprentice may take his place. Their leader, the Seerlord, is given the prestigious position of seat #2 on the Council of Thirteen, as he is the "Right Hand of the Horned Rat".

Notable FiguresEdit

Grey Seer Thanquol- for more information, please visit his page, linked here.

Seerlord Kritislik- the last Seerlord of the Skaven following the End Times, Big K has been credited with being truly self-serving, even by Grey Seer standards. He established Clan Scruten as his own personal army, showering them with fine clothes, powerful weapons and nearly endless warpstone tokens for spending. Of course, his reign couldn't last forever and, when he died, it was spectacularly painful! During the work for the Master Plan- the Skaven's idea for reaching the Great Ascendancy (the Skaven prophecy for world domination) -they decided to blow up Morrslieb- the Chaos Moon, which was made of warpstone (supposedly). To do so, the whole Grey Seer Order was to perform a ritual that would drag the moon out of orbit and insanely close to Mallus (the name of the Warhammer World, according to Age of Sigmar). Following a massive raid on both Estalia and Tilea, the Skaven broke up into typical clan bickering (as did the Council) and, during the attempt at restoring order, the Horned Rat appeared in the Council's chamber. Stating that Big K had wasted too many favors for his liking, the Horned Rat scooped his "right-hand rat" up and- after showing him one last bit of kindness -ate him whole!

Grey Seer Skrittar- see Clan Scruten page for more information.

Grey Seer Vulscreek- a Grey Seer making his grand debut in "Total War Warhammer 2", this Grey Seer has both Clan Mors and (to a lesser extent) Clan Pestilens under his control. His loyalty to the Council is absolute, as is his belief in their plan. He serves as adviser to Queek Headtaker, giving him small tasks to handle as he makes his move against the Elves, Tomb Kings and Lizardmen. Alas, his faith in the Council's plan couldn't prepare him for an untimely death at the hands of a frantic Skavenslave scribe from Clan Mors, who (upon finding out that his clan- and he -will be sacrificed) tears his throat out and steals the ringing rod for the great device that the council has ordered built to summon the Horned Rat into the real world. Thus, all Grey Seers are marked for death by the mystical device and, if the Skaven win the game, then they are all consumed by the Horned Rat!

Kranskritt- one of the stronger Grey Seers, Kranskritt was called to watch over the City of Pillars (also known as Karak Eight Peaks). This put him into direct conflict with Clan Mors commander Queek Headtaker. Hoping to avoid dying, he had summoned a Verminlord- one Soothgnawer.

Grey Seer Farquan- a Skaven with a snobbish upbringing, Farquan had been born and raised within Skavenblight. He quickly clambered up the ranks of the Grey Seers but, as is typical of Skaven, he reached too far too soon. His enemies, however, were merciful and exiled him to reinforce an outpost at Karak Azgal, rather than kill him. What he found was pathetic. The local warlord- ruler of Clan Vechiare -was weak and his men scattered, so a takeover was quick to occur. After taking control, he built a shrine to the Horned Rat and set about building a clan large enough to break his exile and welcome him back to the Council of Thirteen. It's likely he could've achieved this goal had he not shooed away Warlock Engineer Skreet (who built Clan Skreet in retaliation). Much time has passed since then, leaving Farquan old and incapable of walking (unless aided by his one-of-a-kind mount, Skarl the Rat Squig). He has become a master of the sneak attack and sabotage.

Seer Lord Scrench- a dreaded Grey Seer of considerable skill, he was the first owner of the ancient relic known as the Amulet of the Horned One. As long as he wore it, nothing could kill him- knife wounds would easily heal, spells would fail and even poisoning fell apart. Alas, the Horned Rat's favor is nothing if not fickle, as it one day vanished when his students turned on him and killed him with a million knife stabs (a la Julius Ceasar). Though he died, the Amulet still survived- always appearing on those whose faith in the Horned Rat never waivered... which wasn't for long!

Grey Seer Gnawdoom- the Grey Seer responsible for reclaiming the Skaven's "Black Arc"- an artifact of awesome power, so the Skaven say -from the clutches of Bagrian, an Ancient Scholar and the master of La Maisontaal in Bretonnia. His assault in IC 2491 would've failed had he not allied himself with the undead forces under Lichemaster Heinrich Kimmler.

Grey Seers Peetsneek and Itchitt- Grey Seers born from the same mother/litter, both of these Seers were part of the "Blood in the Badlands" campaign. Peetsneek, the elder of the two, was sent to keep an eye on Warlord Fawsquikk, a rebellious former member of Clan Mors and did so with the aid of a Screaming Bell. Itchitt, the younger of the two, begrudgingly helped his brother, but was always scheming to steal the bell from his brother for "relief" purposes.

Grey Seer Skurrik- rebellious by Grey Seer standards, Skurrik (one of the Age of Sigmar Grey Seers) seeks to control the magic of life more so than the Skaven Magic Lores of Ruin and Plague. Years were wasted trying to glean that power from the fallen. During this time, Skurrik imagined creating "an army of arcane super-beings" so that he might take over the Masterclan. As luck would have it, the Stormcast Eternals came along... it seemed everything was in place! The problem- how to control such beings? One deal with Verminlord Vermalanx the Corruptor later and Skurrik now had access to a spell that could command (and bind) even Sigmar's storm-things for capture. When that power lands in Skurrik's paws... Sigmar preserve us!

Grey Seer Rasknitt- was the leader Clan Fester in game Warhammer The End Times: Vermintide. He's not so much of a boss so much as an occasional environmental hazard in the final level, raining down green lightning on you while he takes a breath for another round of his favorite activity: laughing evilly and making love to the sound of his own voice. Seriously, this guy has a laugh for every occasion, and each one is more gloriously hammy than the last. It's almost worth all the dying just to hear all of his chortles and gloats. He reappears in Vermintide 2, still hamming it up and spewing green lightning at you.

Grey Seer Reeknik- relic-hunting has captured Reeknik's attention and, right now, he searches for one Age of Sigmar artifact alone- the Wryd-Engine (or, to be more accurate, its heart). A relic apparently in the hands of the Fryeslayers, Reeknik began a bold plan of constructing a dangerous weapon that could burn the duardin to a crisp. Alas, it caused the Warpfire Flood, so a new approach was taken- the Verminous Machine (a robotic snake that could swallow dwarves and their fiery kin whole!). This failed, too, but has created a number of tombs in the Wryd-Engine that Reeknik will take full advantage of!

Seer lord Tisqueek- is the second most powerful of the Seerlords within the Priesthood and as such is Seerlord Kritislik greatest rival and ally. Little is known about Tisqueek, other then the fact that he orchestrated the attack on the invasion of Nuln 2499 IC, using Grey Seer Thanquol as his agent. He would later sell Thanquol's pelt to Clan Pestilen after the Grey Seer failed to recover the Wormstome from Under-Altdorf, a circumstance which failed when Clan Eshin took Thanquol under their protection!

Grey Seer Thratquee - the Grey Seer who rules over Under-Altdorf, the Skaven colony that, well, lies underneath the Empire city of Altdorf. Feigns being an shameless hedonist so debauched he elicits a level of envious disgust in other grey seers, but is actually a lot more clever than he seems. His secret weapon is that he has used his researches to transform his two personal breeders, transforming the normally docile and indolent giant rats so that they possess powerful muscles, surprising vigor, and a ferocious protective streak; these amazonian monsters are a lethally effective pair of bodyguards, as no other skaven suspects them of being dangerous until it's too late.