Grand Alliance: Chaos

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Because leaving a job half-finished isn't his style (and to continue his streak of being more successful than some other prominent chosen of Chaos), Archaon, now promoted to "the Destroyer of Worlds", returns with a souped-up Dorghar to give the middle finger to Sigmar and bring Chaos to all the Realms.


Beasts of ChaosEdit

Basically the old Beastmen, with your Brayherds, Warherds, Monsters of Chaos, and Dragon Ogres. They were apparently the original inhabitants of the realms before Sigmar drove them back into the woods. Whether they came from a big Alphabeast, humans, or the gods themselves is left up to speculation except for the Dragon Ogres who are the newest generation of Karakanrok the Black's descendents as he survived the End Times. Morghur is back, this time being worshipped by an Allherd as a being of primal entropy. Sticking to one of the Chaos Gods instead of Undivided is also looked down upon, as it restricts them to not being able to indulge in whatever chaos they feel like.

Chaos GargantsEdit

Chaos Giants. Same as normal Gargants, just a bit hornier.


Archaon and his Varanguard entourage.


Replaced the captured Slaanesh as the fourth Chaos god, with Skavenblight moved in between the Warp and 8 realms. Each Skaven Clans became a clan type in Age of Sigmar.

The Clans Eshin - Still sneaky and killy. They're hiding in Ulgu for an unspecified reason.

The Clans Moulder - Still the creepy flesh rafter we all know and love.

The Clans Pestilens - (Former) Nurglite allies. Currently butting heads with Skryre to decide who gets the most power.

The Clans Skryre - Are the first ones to decide to try and use Realmstone as well as Warpstone to power their weird science things. Butting heads with Pestilens over influence.

The Clans Verminus - The clanrats, stormvermin, and other footslogging troops.

Masterclan - Rat-Illuminati. They manipulate the Council of 13 behind the scenes.

Blades of KhorneEdit

Both the Daemons and Mortal Worshippers of the Blood God. Held the majority of Aqshy hostage until the Sigmarines came down from Azyr to shoo them away.n

Maggotkin of NurgleEdit

At the beginning of the Age of Chaos, Nurgle launched a ridiculously aggressive attack on the Realm of Life, as he wanted to incorporate the realm into his garden, and he wanted some of that Aelf booty. And he almost did it, too, if it wasn't for them meddling Sylvaneth. Consist of Nurgle's Daemons and mortal followers.

Disciples of TzeentchEdit

The Disciples weren't initially as aggressive as the other gods; whilst they managed to get a pretty secure grip over Chamon, they mainly excelled later on when cities began to pop up, thereby giving way to more deceit and intrigue. Daemons and mortals.

Hedonites of SlaaneshEdit

With Slaanesh imprisoned by the Aelf Gods, no servants have divided themselves into three factions; the Godeekers, who are actively looking for their God, the Invaders, who could give less of a shit about Slaanesh being gone and just want to do drugs, and the Pretenders, who are trying to replace Slaamesh as God of excess. Presumedly once he/she escapes, they're gonna get their asses handed to them. Literally.

Slaves to DarknessEdit

Classic Chaos Warriors and Marauders go here, with a fair bit of room to synergise due to being able to choose their deity keyword. Still technically includes good stuff like the Chaos War Mammoth.