Goliath Truck

Beep Beep! Emprah-Worshiping Corpse Fuckers! The Rape Train has no brakes!

Not to be confused with the Goliath Mega-Cannon, an equally hilarious super-heavy ordnance vehicle created by the Squats

The Goliath Truck also known as the Lulz Mobile or the Hive Mind's Pimpin Ride is a new vehicle made for the new Codex: Genestealer Cult released in 2016. While the Genestealer Cult members themselves aren't known for being the most handsome of individuals, they are however, known to drive in style, which are themselves mining vehicles that have been re-purposed into crude transports.

The Goliath Truck seems to be the new 'Limo' created by the Cult to out-Ork the Orks in terms of looks, out-Guard the Guard in terms of guns placed everywhere, and comes with a wall grinder of a dozer blade (Rockgrinder exclusive) to turn anything in front of it into roadkill.

Goliath Trucks are rugged transports originally designed to bear Imperial factotums through crypt complexes and mining tunnels. The vehicle’s dense and robust construction makes it proof against the most hostile of underground environments, and its folded layers of chemically treated permasteel give it a measure of protection against every industrial hazard the Imperium has yet encountered.

Even an unmodified Goliath truck can survive acid storms, hurricanes, malfunctioning rad-chambers, and volatile toxin eruptions. Whilst the Genestealer cult lies quiet, its Goliaths are used in everything from subterranean transit to stockpiling munitions. The duraglass screens inside each vision slit can be raised to make the vehicles airtight – as useful for surviving the choking confines of a hazard mine as the poisonous atmosphere of battle.

Goliath RockgrinderEdit

Time to bring out the JUICE!

The most common variant of the Goliath Truck is known as the Goliath Rockgrinder. Though compact like its regular old cousin, the Goliath Rockgrinder is built to withstand rockfalls, mud slides, malfunctioning mining equipment, controlled demolition explosions and the occasional dam bursts. The Goliath Rockgrinder is what happens when a Genestealer Cult saw gameplay from GTA V and thought that running people over is a pretty swell idea.

The Rockgrinder, similarly to the normal Goliath, is armed with the fiery backwash of its Clearance Incinerator which is a massive, multi-chambered Heavy Flamer that is able to turn a landslide to molten slurry, a Heavy Seismic Cannon which as you can imagine, is a larger variant of the normal Seismic Cannon, or a Heavy Mining Laser which is the larger version of the regular Mining Laser.

Those huddled within have a great deal of protection from all but the highest-caliber weapons. The massive drilldozer blade at the Rockgrinder’s front boasts grinder arrays that can crack mineral seams and bore tunnels through bedrock. These are put to a far more sinister use in times of war, when it is used to mulch through swathes of enemy infantry into a meaty smoothie mix (And would most likely made consumption of biomass so much easier once the main Hive Fleet appears) and serve as a battering ram against fortified walls.

Against a disciplined enemy, the instigators of the attack might soon find themselves surrounded and put down, and though the Rockgrinder has a thick hull, it cannot withstand concentrated heavy weapons fire for long. Still, these vehicles are well suited to shock-assault tactics.


Side model of the Goliath.

For a kit-bashed truck, Goliath Trucks seem to be packed with the punch. For what counts as a civilian vehicle, the Goliath sports a twin-linked side-mounted Autocannon and a pintle-mounted heavy stubber. Additionally, Goliath Trucks can tag along several Genestealer Cult members so they can pimp out with bitches and hoes as well as tearing off a limb or two.

Essentially speaking, a Goliath Truck is like a beefed up Ork Trukk for just less than double the points, but with more armour and bigger guns. Unfortunately you can't take Purestrain Genestealers or the Patriarch for some reason (Maybe they're too fat or big to fit in?). 8th edition baby, you can now.

There is also the Goliath Rockgrinder which is the Goliath Truck with the (in)famous Drilldozer Blade shoved up front (It is the giant snow shovel with the spinning metal of death in front). Slightly tougher than the Goliath Truck with 12/10/10 HP3. Can transport 6 dudes, but isn't open topped so they can't assault. Ignores crew stunned/shaken and immobilized results on a 4+ thanks to being built so sturdily for mining operations. Comes stock with a heavy mining laser (36" range lascannon) that can be replaced with a clearance incinerator or a heavy seismic cannon and a beefed up dozer blade in the Drilldozer Blade. As you can already tell, they're designed to ram other vehicles into oblivion and tank shock and hopefully turn enemy units into meaty chunks.

Goliath Trucks seem to be a intermediate vehicle between the stolen but heavily armoured and armed Leman Russ Tanks to the more troop carrying but lightly armed Chimeras.

The utility of the Goliath also extends well beyond its use by the genestealer cults. Are you a Guard player, like to use the Taurox, but hate that ridiculous truck-tank model? Use a badass mining truck instead. With identical stats, armament, and transport capacity (which, upon further thought, we're not sure if that speaks well of the Goliath or badly for the Taurox, to be on the same level as a civilian vehicle), the Goliath was practically tailor made to be a perfect WYSIWYG replacement for the Taurox. And of course, the Goliath's status as a potential Ork trukk or battlewagon speaks entirely for itself. What self respecting Mek wouldn't leap at the opportunity to loot as many of these things as they could get their hands on? And with Goliaths supposedly used and readily available throughout the Imperium, there is plenty of opportunity. It's practically heresy not to include some in an Ork army.

Alternative Modeling OptionsEdit

While the Goliath is more likely to be used to replace the Taurox, if you're the type that's a bit annoyed that Genestealer Cults have access to Chimeras, but not the armored trucks that the PDF units they'd be filching from would most likely have, then it could work the other way around as well. Just be sure to give it a wheeled or halftrack conversion.

Alternatively you could always Mad Max up some civilian vehicle models with some autocannons and armor and use those. Surely not every cult has access to mining or military vehicles after all.

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