A failure of design in almost every category...
The Epic version.

The Gobsmasha (A really cringy pun on the word Gobsmacked) is another super old and super classic Ork vehicle. The Gobsmasha is a type of Ork Battlewagon-style vehicle although its function is more in line with a traditional tank.

The Gobsmasha is armed with a Battle Cannon, Plasma Cannon, and a Big Shoota.


The Gobsmashs had a really different appearance from both Epic and in White Dwarf. Although the Orks can lay into the excuse that they don't particularly care about standardization, even the most Derp of Epic scale miniatures have a modern facelift which kept most of the original design. GeeDubs alteration in appearance can be quite confusing for the uninformed. In the Epic miniatures, the Gobsmasha looks like a a traditional Orkified tank destroyer, with a main gun placed at the front of the gun shield and the hull, which is than supported with four giant fucking wheels. In the White Dwarf conversion model, the Gobsmasha looks like a Mad Max armored car with two strange looking view ports and the addition of two oddly placed frontal hull turrets, the gun shield is removed and the wheels are now more proportionate with the vehicle.

Nonetheless, the Gobsmasha as a tank, seems to be one built on speed and maneuverability if wheels are anything to come by. This would make the Gobsmasha quite agile for a vehicle of its size. Unfortunately, its absolutely retarded design means that not only does the Gobsmasha have one frontal hull weapon, but three frontal hull weapons; the two hull weapons being anti-infantry. This means that the Gobsmasha has to turn to face the enemy directly and since it has wheels, it just can't turn on the spot like most tracked vehicles can. You would think that the smaller hull weapons underneath the bizarre view ports would have been turrets right?

Seriously, the Gobsmasha is the only vehicle in which the Epic version looks far more practical and less stupid than the full model 'conversion' model. How the fuck do you do that!?

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