Git Guzzler

Fanart of Grom, used to represent Git by some fans.

A forgotten character from Warhammer Fantasy, Git Guzzler is a Goblin introduced via an old White Dwarf campaign Bugman's Lament. More specifically, he is the largest Goblin that has ever lived. Even more specifically, he is the leader of the Night Goblin subrace. Thanks to his extreme propensity for cannibalism as well as politics (both that of the greenskins and that of other races), he has earned much respect from his kind as well as the title "Goblin King" which has only ever belonged to him. Regardless of this, he has never earned enough followers at once to lead a WAAAGH of his own. This has, as a result, become his greatest ambition.

Most of his followers come exclusively from his size, which is comparable to that of an Ogre (although he's still smaller), and as a result he can easily bully Orcs and any Goblin who sees him into following his lead. He has learned from the Ogres themselves, and after learning the value of trade in yellow things, has earned enough Ogre followers to assemble something of a small clan.

During one of his hedonistic bouts of consumption, Git consumed enough magical mushrooms to keep an entire tribe of Goblins satisfied for an evening and received a vision (which he believes is from Mork, or possibly Gork) showing him the approximate location of Bugman's brewery. Since then, he has become obsessed with finding and destroying the fabled holy Dwarfen location and using the magical (or rather Dwarfish rune) beer to buy the loyalty of every greenskin, Ogre, and whatever else in the world to lead a WAAAGH so large it will never be surpassed.

Git made his move when the Empire hired mercenaries to drive away the Greenskins of the Black Mountains, who were eager to follow the Warboss of the Cragbracken woods. He first sent the Boss Grotsnag "Scourge of da Black Mountains" and his Wolf Riders to assail a shipment of Bugman's ales. The outnumbered Dwarfs held off the Greenskins until nearby Dwarf Pathfinders heard the commotion and ran to their aid, blasting the surviving Greenskins with their rifles. After the failure of Grotsnah, Git sent the Shaman Grabnatz Sourbelly and his Orc servant Gulag with sappers using barrels full of a failed attempt by Git to produce ale (it was explosive mushroom juice) to blow up a Watchtower on the pass where Git's army was to march. Git then sent the Goblin Pirate Kap'n Skabend (with his Parrot-Squig Skreek) and Banna-wava (Banner Waver) Slygit with the River Ratz tribe to sink the ferry Bugman himself was using to return home after a delivery to the Empire. In the final battle Guzzler, Grotsnag, and Grabnatz marched their tribes (Troll-beater's, Red Tooth Bandits and Sourface respectively) in an assault on the brewery. The Dwarfs, armed with numerous flame-thrower type weapons fueled with both precious ale and production waste, made short work of the Goblin forces with Bugman himself returning to finish off the remainders. The Brewery itself was destroyed however. Git survived the battle, and vowed revenge for his loss. Bugman also vowed revenge, against all Greenskins in general as one would expect of a Dwarf.

Grom the Paunch of the Misty Mountain was his arch enemy, as Grom is the only Goblin who could rival him in girth. This rivalry seems to be almost entirely one-sided however, as no mention has ever been made of Grom interacting with him.

While Git Guzzler has not received a mention in recent lore, he nonetheless represents an option for modeling players hoping to utilize Ogre parts or make a not-Grom and is an integral part of Bugman's backstory. Those wanting a model could use the Avatars of War "Goblin King Krork Toadgobbler" model. Alternatively they can use the conversion provided in Bugman's Lament.