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Gilean Symbol.jpg
Aliases The Gate of Souls, The Sage, Void
Alignment True Neutral
Divine Rank Greater God
Pantheon Krynn (Gods of Balance)
Portfolio Balance, Knowledge, Learning, Freedom, Watchfulness
Domains 3E: Knowledge, Liberation, Protection
5E: Arcana, Knowledge
Home Plane 2E: The Hidden Vale (Outlands)
3E: The Hidden Vale
Worshippers Scribes, Librarians, Historians, Teachers, Instructors, Peacekeepers
Favoured Weapon The Sagestaff (Quarterstaff)

Gilean is the Supreme God of Balance in the Dungeons & Dragons setting of Dragonlance, marking him as sibling to the gods Paladine and Takhisis.

Gilean's role is to safeguard the Tobril - the Book of Knowledge and Truenames passed down to him by the High God, to watch over the course of destiny, and to try and preserve the peace between the warring gods of Good and Evil. He is the father of Lunitari, having created her wholly from his own essence


Seek knowledge, for knowledge will not seek you. Be calm and deliberate, and share all the knowledge you come across. Knowledge transcends good and evil, so do not be a slave to Darkness or beholden to Light. Do not judge, and do not use knowledge to sway others to any side, for knowledge knows no choice or dictum. Emotion clouds learning. Strive to be even-handed. Know that truth is elusive and belief is transitory, but knowledge is eternal and everlasting. Above all, knowledge is a pursuit without ending. Record knowledge while you are able. Ignorance is the greatest enemy.

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