Live as Many, Die as One

Gestalt: A Roleplaying game of the loss of self (by the namefag Laskeutua).

You, and a group of other poor bastards are merged into the same body. While sharing a kind of mixed consciousness, you do get to keep your own mind, thoughts and identity. But your body? You only have partial control of that, fighting with the others in there for dominance at any given turn.

Here’s the frightening part, others like you exist… and they’re not as stable as your little group might be. Throw the fact that the gestalt makes you almost superhuman, your fucked up new ‘life’, and the fact that your old life is long dead and buried, and you’re in for a ‘fun’ ride.

The Gestalt Lives as Many, Dies as One.


Gestalt is essentially a grimdark Trine, or a serious Everyone is John. All PCs are fused into the same body, but whenever one of the bodies is 'in charge' the physical appearance of the body changes to match them.

There's no real setting as of yet, but if you've been playing World of Darkness or Don't Rest Your Head, you're already in the right mindspace. The guy who created it wants to expand this. Considering that the system is solid and has no real attachment to any one setting, the game could probably be as at home in a modern setting as a fantasy or sci-fi setting.

  • Rule system is here: [1]
  • Or here if you prefer plain text (or can't PDF) [2]