Genestealer Aberrants

Genestealers too, can enact the term 'Hammer Time'.

A Genestealer Aberrant is a type of Hybrid utilized by a Genestealer Cult. They are hideous freaks of nature even by the standards of the Cult, why they are exactly born into the brood remains unclear. Though dim-witted, their instinctive need to defend their brood makes them valuable assets to the cult. They are massively muscled creatures capable of wielding heavy weaponry with ease. This makes the Aberrants the 'Heavy Support' of the Genestealer Cults, usually carrying heavy mining or industrial equipment, such as giant power hammers, wrenches, or drills to rip apart heavy armor. Aberrants are viewed as essential when a Cult decides to stage an uprising on a Imperial Planet.

Not even the Magus himself knows what manner of strange processes gives rise to an Aberrant. Some quirk of ancestry ordains their fate as the gene-cycle is somehow perverted. Perhaps the initial implantation of the ovipositor was interrupted or spoiled, perhaps the interbreeding happened during a Warp tumult, or perhaps the forbidden dabbling of curious bio-scryers gave rise to monsters that killed their creators upon birth. Whatever the circumstance that leads to their inception, these Aberrants soon seek out the lowest of the cult’s dungeon-like lairs, finding a Magus or Primus who gives them purpose. From that point on, they are used as pure muscle for the cult’s purposes.

However due to a strange psychic resonance from the Genestealer Patriarch, cult members are fiercely protective and nurturing of these abominations. Thus rather than disposing of them, cultists will often find roles of Aberrants in their plans. They are perhaps the most dangerous element the Cult has, for they are obviously non-human, and should they be discovered the entire brood risks annihilation by Imperial authorities.

Like the Hybrid Metamorphs, some Aberrants may spontaneously mutate as a Hive Fleet draws near. These Aberrant Hypermorphs grow a long, barbed tail that can be used to slice through armor like wet tissue.


You may laugh at it for looking like a Genestealer whose face got caught in a blender. But Emprah save your soul once this thing starts to swing its hammer.

With the release of the Tooth & Claw boxed set, the cults were introduced to a new unit in the form of the Abominant - a sort of alpha to the Aberrants. Considering how he looks, his purpose really comes when the time for the uprising arrives and the cult needs a leader to crush the populace. They are often chosen by the Patriarch of a cult to lead their hulking kindred, which uses a specialized Genestealer Familiar called a Mindwyrm Familiar to infuse the Abominant with a potent gene-curse that further empowers its hulking frame. While it's just as dim-witted as its fellow Aberrants and needs to be occupied with "playthings" until the cult is ready to stage its uprising, brute force is all the Abominant needs to do its job.

This guy's far bigger and therefore far stronger than his kin, especially considering that he can wield power sledgehammers that could deal more damage than a Thunder Hammer. While he's just as revered by his normal-looking kindred, his most devout followers are his fellow aberrants, who are inspired by his violent fury. He is also often accompanied by the Mindwyrm who acts as an emitter for the Shadow in the Warp and blunts opposed psykers.

In a nutshell, if the Aberrants are considered the Genestealer's Ogryns, than the Abominants are considered as the Genestealer's Ogryn Bone'eads. Also, they are ugly as sin, having three eyes and two nose, one of which is malformed.

Tabletop wise, these thing hit like a freight train. Seriously, they did not have gains just to hit like a wet noodle. Their punches hit like Lascannons. With at least 3 damage per successful swing and an effective strength of 12 for their Power Sledgehammer, these brutes are not to be fucked with at close range.

As a solo model, the Abominant would already be pretty nifty – he’s basically a bite-sized Carnifex – but combined with the rest of your Genestealer Cult he’s got a host of handy abilities. For one, there’s Cult Ambush – which allows you to deliver him to where your enemy wants him least. For another, he’s the perfect leader for a unit of Aberrants due to his The Chosen One ability which makes each unmodified roll on a 6 during the Fight phase for each friendly Aberrant within 6" to score 2 hits instead of 1.

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