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General Tactics

The Fyreslayers are the Duardin followers of Grimnir. They scour the realms for their precious Ur-Gold, which is also the scattered fragments of Grimnir’s corpse combined with the molten blood of a giant magma lizard godbeast. Because of this, they’re a lot more mercenary-like than their forbearers in the Old World. They were initially less-than-liked when they were first released (due to both their large orange mohawks and stark difference to the slayers of old), but have since then been grudgingly accepted.



Age of MythEdit

According to Fyreslayer myth, they originated as the mortal descendants of Grimnir. During this time, Grimnir directly dwelled among his worshippers, but this state of affairs would not last for long. Grimnir and his brother god Grungni were imprisoned in the event known as the Thagduegi, or Great Betrayal, the exact nature of which has long since been forgotten. This was until Sigmar came to rescue them, and in exchange Grimnir demanded to repay the favor immediately. Sigmar decided to have Grimnir slay the powerful salamander Godbeast Vulcatrix. The epic duel between Vulcatrix and Grimnir ended in their mutual destruction, in a colossal explosion that turned the Hills of Aqshy into the Plains of Aqshy and scatter their remains across the world, where they would turn into gold and the eggs of Magmadroths.

The worshippers of Grimnir immediately began gathering the gold (which they called Ur-Gold) as sacred relics. Although they initially attempted to create enchanted weapons out of the substance, they quickly discovered the best way to tap into the true power of Ur-Gold was to forge into runes and painfully hammer it into their bodies, granting them superdwarfen strength and toughness. However, to those not of the Fyreslayer priesthood Ur-Gold and regular gold is indistinguishable. Thus, the Fyreslayers quickly became a culture of mercenaries, the only way to find their precious Ur-Gold being to sift through plenty of the regular kind.

Age of ChaosEdit

During the Age of Chaos, the Fyreslayers were one of the few non-Chaos worshipping cultures that thrived. Even as the other Duardins were driven out of their Karaks, the Fyreslayers' warrior culture (and the superior defenses one has when you build a fortress inside active volcanos) allowed them to avoid being conquered. During this time, the Fyreslayers were often hired as mercenaries by those wishing to defend themselves from the Chaos hordes, but almost as often were hired by the Chaos hordes themselves. This combined with their isolationism meant that although they had many customers, they had few true allies.

Age of SigmarEdit

When the Age of Sigmar began during the Realmgate Wars, many Fyreslayers quickly became allies with the Stormcast Eternals, being one of the few major Order-aligned powers who weren't limited to Azyr nor in hiding. After the founding of the Free Cities, the Fyreslayers became more connected to the outside world, often setting up local branches within these cities.

The Necroquake would prove to be a tough time for the Fyreslayers, however. The repeated failed sieges during the Age of Chaos meant the outside of many Magmaholds were mass-graves, ripe to be resurrected as undead armies, and the lava-moats and walls that protected them didn't do a good job of stopping Nighthaunts that are flying and intangiable.


Fyreslayers are a warrior culture, and every male Fyreslayer is expected to serve in battle. While Fyreslayers may be miners or blacksmiths while they aren't fighting, these occupations have the sole purpose of supplying their armies with resources. Women are exempt from this, due to being much rarer than the men and thus too valuable to risk in battle, leading to the common misconception amongst outsiders that they have no women at all.

The gathering of Ur-Gold is seen as the highest religious pursuit. It is believed that when the power of Ur-Gold runes are exhausted, the energy escapes to where it will eventually coalesce back into Grimnir. As such, acquiring gold at any cost is seen as a necessary evil to allow the eventual reincarnation of their deity, and the use of runes in battle is seen as the highest form of prayer. Most outsiders don't know this secret, and assume Fyreslayers are just incredibly greedy and obsessive.

Fyreslayers are divided into clans known as lodges. At the top is the Runefather, patriarch of the lodge, and directly below him are the Runesons, his many children who compete with each-other in hopes of proving themselves a worthy heir. A Runefather will typically have a dozen or so children over his lifetime, though the especially fertile Runefather of the Vostarg lodge has sired over fifty Runesons. Only one Runeson may inherit the title of Runefather, though there are many cases of Runesons splitting off with their supporters to become Runefathers of their own lodges. The badge of office of the Runefather is the latchkey grandaxe, a weapon that also serves as the key to the central Ur-Gold magmavault. The bodyguards of these guys are the Hearthguard Berzerkers, the elite of the Fyreslayers.

Ur-Gold is handled by the Zharrgrim Priesthood, the religious caste of the Fyreslayers. Although having a dozen different ranks, the only two elaborated in the tabletop are the Auric Runemaster, head of the priesthood and crafter of the Ur-Gold runes, and the Auric Runesmiters, who are in charge of the rituals of hammering said runes into the Fyreslayers. Ur-Gold has an addictive quality, and putting too many runes into one duardin can kill them, so the Zharrgrim priests have the important role of making sure every Fyreslayer has his fair share but doesn't take more than he can handle. In addition, the Zharrgrim Priesthood are also in charge of filtering out Ur-Gold from the regular gold and the Fyreslayers funerary rites, which unsuprisingly consist of cremation. These guys are guarded by the Auric Hearthguard, who also have the job of guarding the main magma-vault that contains the Ur-Gold hoard.

Two units exist outside of the hierarchy of the Fyreslayers: the Doomseekers and Grimwrath Berzerkers. Doomseekers are essentially oldschool Dwarf Slayers, warriors who seek to die in battle to atone for some shame. They tend to spend most of their time wandering in exile, but often ally with any nearby Fyreslayers in exchange for some fresh new Ur-Gold runes. Grimwrath Berzerkers are the greatest warriors of the Fyreslayers, having dozens of runes implanted into them, but the process of doing so tends to drive them quite mad and thus they aren't seen as fit to take command. Their axes are apparently so powerful that anybody who isn't a Grimwrath will die if they try to use them, unless you're Gotrek, who uses one even before having an Ur-Gold rune implanted in him because he's fucking Gotrek.

Notable LodgesEdit

  • Vostarg Lodge: The largest and wealthiest of the lodges, and the only ones that still bear the name of one of the OG lodges formed in the time of Grimnir. Technically has two Runefathers, as Fjul-Grimnir (great-grandfather of the current Runefather) abandoned his post to go to Shadespire, where the curse there has prevented him from dying.
  • Greyfyrd Lodge: The most mercenary out of all the mercenaries, the Greyfyrd lodge are constantly at war to the point where they no longer even bother to mine. Their unscrupulous nature means they're the ones most likely to be hired by non-Order factions.
  • Hermdar Lodge: This lodge is known for providing their services for cheap and even doing pro-bono work to liberate the oppressed. While this makes them This Guy, the other lodges despise them and think of them as undercutters.
  • Lofnir Lodge: These pyromaniacs from Ghur worship Vulcatrix and Grimnir equally, and as such have the most Magmadroths.
  • Unbak Lodge: Residing in the Salamander’s Spine, this lodge is among one of the oldest and most skilled in rune-crafting. Though it is best known for being ground zero for Gotrek Gurnisson’s arrival in the Mortal Realms.
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