Futurama: Now With Dice

Bender has never made anyone's life more convenient.

Futurama: Now With Dice is an adaptation of the TOON rule system from Steve Jackson Games. The system encourages players to act in outlandish or unrealistic ways for the benefit of humor. The core book includes game rules, stats for the Planet Express staff, 15+ other characters, and rules for creating new characters.

You can get it here.

If, for some reason, you don't want it in a direct download, there's a torrent here, apparently.

Expanded ContentEdit

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Boxy RobotEdit

Boxy Robot.

Boxy is an acting unit that plays Calculon's half-brother on All My Circuits. The only sound he is capable of making is a beep, which he vocalizes when objecting or backing up. Boxy has a small arm inside of a hidden torso compartment.

Muscle 3

  • Break Down Door 5

Zip 1

  • Fire Gun 9

Smarts 4

  • Hide/Spot Hidden 6
  • Machines 7
  • Read 9
  • Resist Fast-Talk 9
  • See/Hear/Smision 7

Chutzpah 6

  • Fast-Talk 8

HP: 10

Tinny Tim.

Tinny TimEdit

Tinny Tim is an orphanbot with a deformed leg and one arm replaced with a crutch. He sells 5-cents-a-glass Oilade from a stall in Little Bitaly.

Pathetic (shtick): Tinny Tim is usually ignored by most people, including NNYPD officers Smitty and URL. This makes him an excellent courier for the Robot Mafia.

Muscle 1

  • Throw 2

Zip 1

  • Dodge 4
  • Run 5

Smarts 4

  • Hide/Spot Hidden 7
  • Identify Dangerous Thing 8
  • Read 5
  • See/Hear/Smision 7

Chutzpah 4

  • Pass/Detect Shoddy Goods 6
  • Sleight of Hand 8
  • Sneak 6

HP: 5