Fun? In my /tg/? Heresy.

Fun is a desirable quality of traditional games (and video games, for that matter). What actually is "fun" is highly subjective; if you ask ten gamers what makes a game "fun", you will get ten different answers. Thus, we get edition wars. Some say that edition wars are in fact fun.

The exception is Dwarf Fortress -- every DF player agrees that "Losing is Fun!"

What people also agree on is that there are some people, collectively referred to as "That Guy", who completely take the fun out of gaming.

Random elements in games, especially those that come big tables of possible outcomes, are often accused of being "fun."

Attempting to have fun only makes you look like an idiot. Just don't. Enjoy the endless murderhobo dungeon crawls like you're supposed to.


See AlsoEdit

  • That Guy, who makes gaming not fun for the group.
  • This Guy, who enhances it.
  • Asmodai, the Dark Angel's own fun police.