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Freebooterz are pirates that are Orks. They tend to distinguish their leaders apart with Hats, and appear in Dawn of War II.

Ten dead 'umiez on a dead ork'z chest, yo-ho-ho and a bottle of grog!
Freebooterz iz made for plunderin'!

Orks have a tendency to become awesome. This is known by all. Pirates are awesome (especially the 17th and 18th century kind, not the modern day Somalis and Southeast Asians [read: bullshit]). Space is awesome. How about PIRATES IN SPEHSS? Freebootaz are everything a pirate should be; unlike Metroid's space pirates who never seem to do any actual piracy and act more like an army of cannibalistic crabmen whose only motivation is FOR THE EVULZ, and all have about as much common sense as a sack of hammers(but that's why we love them). Also, they will make you walk the plank. In deep space. With no Space Suit (they'll have looted it already to cannibalize for parts to make/improve/repair their Mega Armor or fancy hats.)

Most Freebooterz loot and pillage, as well as become guns for hire. Freebooterz are seldom run like normal Ork tribes. Freebootaz are not limited by tribe, ideology, or clan. Nobs, Oddboys (Mek, Pain, Weird, Runtherder), especially Lootas, hell even grotz have become Freebootaz. Kaptins are the equivalent of Warbosses, usually the biggest and greediest out of the lot. Most of their time is spent trying to get from one planet to another after looting and selling their services. Usually they travel in looted space frigates and Space Hulks, the latter being the crown jewel of any Freebooter Kaptin. They are not adverse to using looted teleportas and Warpgates. Freebooterz, along with Blood Axes, are one of the few Orks actually known to work with non-Orks, if the pay is good. Even if the pay is good, their allies should be ready for a Freebooter celebratory Waaagh!.

Kaptin Badrukk and his Flash Gitz are the most notorious Freebooters in the galaxy, right above Kaptin Bluddflagg and his hat collection. Old Zogwart left to become a Freebooter after his Snakebite/Feral(?) Warboss kicked him out for being too big for his warphead, sucking up Waaagh! energy as he goes from battle to battle. Wazdakka Gutsmek was kicked from his Evil Sun tribe when he joined the Kult of Speed; deciding to create a Waaagh! so big that he could use the energy to allow him and his boyz to ride from one side of the galaxy to another.

And yes, most people (and all Orks) call them Freebootaz.


An Ork can become a Freeboota for any number of reasons:

  • They could be, as is the classic example, too wealthy for anyone else to stand and be kicked out of society, only to buy a ship and get off-planet before someone does some real kicking (around the face area, to the upstart Freeboota in question).
  • They could simply be a jaded mek, big mek, warboss, warlord, or nob bored with fighting the same enemies, and defect to a more exciting life in the vastness of space.
  • They could be rich mercenaries.
  • They could be Stormboyz who lost every bit of orkyness they once had from hanging around "them stupid spikey boyz" for too long and decided to worship the blood god. This is considered to be on the very fringe of the socially acceptable in greenskin society, and any stormboy foolish enough to shout "Bludd for Da Bludd God!" around any normal-thinking orks will quickly find all of his limbs, internal organs, and orifices scattered around the place like a gore-filled easter egg hunt for talking smack about Gork and Mork.
  • They could decide to defect from a Waaagh! to fight whoever has "dat shiny ting ova der," and get so far off course that they decide to head for the nearest port and raise hell.
  • They saw that their Waaagh! isn't getting them too many teef.
  • They could be a Nob who mutinied a ship and took its warp drive "fer a spin."
  • They could be Deffskulls who are so obsessed with looting that they decide normal Ork life just isn't enough for them.
  • They could be a Bad Moonz Flash Git who wants enough gold coinage to fill an oil tanker, so that he can swim in it in his down time.
  • They could have woken up one day, decided "Hey, I wants ter be a pirate!", and then became a pirate. Which is totally reasonable since it worked for Chaos (though the Orks were doing it first).
  • They could be a weirdboy in need of a Waaagh! fix.
  • Because why not?
  • They could have the desire to do what they want, 'cause a pirate is free. You are a pirate?