The Foresworn
Foresworn Shoulder Pad.jpeg
The Word Bearers warbands heraldry, World Eaters use the same as their parent legion
Battle Cry Unknown
Origin Word Bearers, World Eaters
Warband Leader WB: Kor Megron
WE: Kossolax the Foresworn
Base of Operations Unknown
Strength WB: 200 marines
WE: Unknown
Allegiance WB: Chaos Undivided
WE: Khorne
Colours WB: Red with silver trim
WE: Red with brass
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The Foresworn is the name of two Chaos Warbands, one from the World Eaters and the other from the Word Bearers. Apparently there aren't enough bad-ass gang names to go around, so the two buddy up and share one.

Word BearersEdit

The Foresworn are largely notable for various victories led by Kor Megron before the Horus Heresy, including liberating and establishing Eydolim as a Shrine World. In 946.M41, Kor Megron returned as a Daemon Prince with the desire to wreck some shit there. He led an enormous army of Word Bearers, Night Lords, Iron Warriors and Red Corsairs and destroyed almost everything he came across in the sector, but he got stabbed by the oh-so-great Ultramarines' 2nd Company Captain Cato Sicarius at the very last moment of the last battle, and was banished back to the Warp. And what did his army do? Stomped the Smurf and violated the Shrines? Of course not, you silly, we're talking about Ultramarines here. The Chaos forces just panicked and ran back into the Warp. God damn Ward & his Ultrasmurf bullshit.

World EatersEdit

Led by Kossolax the Foresworn, a Chaos Lord, they're known for involvement in the First War of Armageddon and then the 13th Black Crusade. Both times, they caused a lot of bloodshed but ultimately lost, only to get away to fight another day.


It's hard to say which Warband sucks the most. One had their leader banished (though it should be noted that he was fighting Ultrasmurfs) and the other is known for never really taking hold of any planets they invade. Neither of them have their colours or insignia differ from their Traitor Legion parents so they can't even boast a bitchin' colour scheme.

Er, no. Considering one was fighting against the Mary Sues of Ward and the other is completly incapable of doing shit, it's not much of a challenge, Word Bearers beat World Eaters (somehow). On the other hand, while the World Eaters didn't accomplish much, they spilled a lot of blood, and isn't that their primary goal regardless?

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