Forbidden Temple of the Great Falls

Dear Diary,

Following a crusade against 'bad roleplaying' on the forums of sites such as Kidzworld, Rolepages, and Roleplayersguild, the players set their sights on the erotic adult role playing site, Bluemoon. However, soon after arrival, and before any potential trolling could have begun, some no fun allowed anon (It was shalere, who saw that one coming?) , who posted under the name "Herald" Proceeded to post the entire fuck-off huge thread as a warning to mods. The trolls decided to change tactics. They would instead go straight as it were, and become a shining beacon of quality, sue-less role playing in a wretched hive of sues and depravity. Thus was born the Monks and Knights of the Forbidden Temple of the Great Falls.
Also, currently the most replies in the subforum, and probably in the top 10 of the entire site.

Currently Dead.


The PlayersEdit

We have a lot. Most of them are still posting regularly. Some bias may be present.

Al - AKA "gryphon fucker", "Griff-kun's lover", and "Romancer of the Feathers". Manages to find time to be a Knight when he's not busy playing babysitter bondage with Swiftbeak.*BLAM*That's heresy Valetni.
In his own words "Al Pha Rius was a monk from the eastern temple that never knew his parents. Instead, he attached himself to the woman exile of his village. After the truth about her was revealed he swore to protect innocents from the demons and joined the eastern temple of buzzia. Took the rite of armor, survived, transferred to teigee to better study demons. Ulterior motive: Vengeance for exiled woman."

Alyssa di Marionne - Crazy yandere bitch be crazy, may or may not be into femdom and sexy torture. Beat as all hell.
In her own words ""Former knight turned relic hunter and guard for the temple. Tends to wallflower in the background or chit chat amicably. Spends too much money buying things for Mary."

Arngeirr - Who is HUGE.
In his own words "A hugeman from the Hugelands, Arngeirr has always strive to be a huge gentleman. Upholding his people's proud, if silly heritage, he has travelled the land searching out evil where it may lurk. He now finds himself working with the monks of the Forbidden Temple, striving to complete the huge task of uncovering his gentleman father's fate. Behold, for he is Arngeirr, and he is HUGE!"

Devlin Blake - Medic, chill guy.
In his own words "Healer of the injured and sick, seen too much shit, an Army Vet that wants to retire to someplace quiet."

Elia Parov [played by Blake/NPC'd] - Age 23 - A fairly young woman with dirty blonde hair and fair skin wearing the cloths of an Apothecary - Personality: she wants to help people and learn, now that she's taking apprenticeship under Blake she seems to practice her new Rogue skills on almost anyone she comes across such as pickpocketing. but since it's Blake teaching her, he usually reigns in her shenanigans.
STATUS: ACTIVE with a side dose of NPC (technically an npc)

Jacob Laplace - Buttler, no typo.

Hassan al-Muqtadir - Crazy Hassan

Kadavro - Bluemoon native, shitty troll who makes shitty characters but never actually posts IC.

Kira - Bluemoon Native. In her own words "Wears: A tradtional white ninja outfit and always wear a ninja mask over her face to hide her true beauty frm other guys. Bio: Kira grew up in a small ninja village and her abities are: Healing wounds and injuires that any gets in battle from fighting against other ninjas or monsters. (she seems unaware that magic is demons, and thus dangerous/evil as opposed to something everyone has) Her father is a Sensei and he sent her to this temple to figure things out about her life."

Korsarro - Crazy ass midget with a fondness for putting his meat places it should not be.
In his own words "A little monk with a little cleaver. He's a midget and a little bit crazy. Enjoys long walks on the beach, weaving flesh, drinking and romancing dicebots into affairs."

Leonard - Some poor knight who got some personal attention from Papa-Nurgle.

Mary - Suebait jailbait, must remember that Mary is actually played by a fat sweaty neckbeard and isn't actually a d'awww factory. is NOT played by a fat sweaty neckbeard and IS a d'awww factory. (btw Valetni, that hurt.)
In her HIS its own words: "A young 13 year old Girl with fair hair and blue eyes. Having been abandoned at the temple as a child she has grown up under the care of Brother Zato. Innocent by nature she has spent her short life learning under the tutelage of the monks and exploring life within the Temple's walls, a curious girl fond of bees and ducks."

Morr - Knight, very sad backstory, lots of flashback. Cooked well done. Inner turmoil done right.
In his own child-hungering words - "Morr, knight, widower, lost all his hopes for a future for himself, thinks of himself as a tool, finds he can only see others as objects, is self-aware of his pathetic state, generally self-hating, still continues to follow the code he can no longer feel for."

Nerrick - Luchadore monk

Nikolaus - Bluemoon Native - Mary Sue, rule 63'd Raven. Zato's blind nephew (It's apparently hereditary). Is a 'reaper'. Not active in a while.
In his own words "(Reapers are like knights only with Scythes instead of swords.)"

Shalere - Goddamnit, make a character already. Goddamnit, turns out he's Beaky.

Swiftbeak - Origins unknown Shalere, is a Gryphon Griffen Griffon. Actually a pretty decent roleplayer, can't shake the feel that he's subtly trolling everyone, and knows exactly what we're talking about BECAUSE HE IS, AND DOES. Hopefully his soul can be saved from the evil forces of Bluemoon.
In his own words "A monstrous gryphon-like creature that claimed it was once a man before being unwillingly corrupted by a powerful relic, which it has delivered to the temple. Totally and utterly not a demon that is planning to kill everyone in their sleep and eat Mary. Probably. Currently being tended to by Al, who is waiting for any excuse to murder it or/and fall madly in love."

Valetni - Me. A monk with a love of poison and poison. Head of custodial staff. That guy.
In the words of everyone else " 'that's stupid Val', 'stop fucking everything up' "

Vanessa - A Native Bluemooner, A Cook with a dark history of murder and incest. In her words "Her family was killed due to the fact she had an uncle who sold his soul to the devil and he was the one who wanted her as a bride and killing her family. she killed him before he could force her into marry him and took off not too long after that". On the bright side however, it appears she likes singing.

Vernasus - Bit of a cunt, doesn't know how to deal with his homosexuality, so he lashes out at others. Also bee fetish.
In his own words "Short tempered monk, left abandoned at the temple at birth, who watches over the bees."

Wolfram - GM, no fun allowed. DMPC librarian, also no fun allowed.
In his own words "What do you get when you combine Flynn Carsen and Soulcalibur's Sigfried, with just a dash of Joss Whedon? Effectively, one Wolfram, give or take some odds, ends, and influences. Originally your average Guard knight, it's a secret to no one that 'losing' his arm changed the man, and not just to becoming a Brother. The hard, confident air of strength from his youth has long been replaced by a sort of timid anxiousness and a much more intellectual feel to the man. Not that old habits don't reappear, because sometimes steel in your spine is required to get what needs to be done in the Temple; thus why he's in charge."

Zato - Blind old fart with a daemon robot arm. Good with kids, in the not creepy way.
In his own words "Older member, old enough to at least be the father of the rest of the party? Relic fuckery? Must investigate further"

More detailed bios can be found on the Bluemoon site.

The Story So FarEdit

(Valetni's more complete, play by play description complete with color commentary coming soon)
(Rough Chronological Order)
Our story begins with the arrival of Morr the knight, Brother Nerrick, the luchadore monk, and finally Brother Al, who is also a knight but we call him brother anyways? We have a brief scene of Valetni, the hero of all ages, sweeping and generally being the only person doing a damn thing around here, ahem. He then sets off to kill some squirrels that live in the walls...
Elsewhere, Mary is playing with bees, while Zato shows up with refreshments for the new arrivals. Valetni enters the poison shed, and dramatic irony abounds as the audience learns that the squirrel poison is missing, and that Zato stores his moonshine in the same shed. People begin to congregate in the lobby and the 'sake' is freely dispensed among all. Al's stomach disagrees with him and he vomits all over my carpets and passes out. Nerrick begins shadow wrestling while Mary leads a bunch of ducks around. Enter Nikolaus, who refuses to drink, Zato insists he drink, and people weigh in on the issue of hospitality and whatnot, all in all he comes off as a bit of a twit. Vernasus and Morr head to the library, where they stumble upon brother Nerrick wrestling with himself. No, not like that, pervert.
Valetni is then attacked by a daemon squirrel. Mary does something cute. Summoned by Valetni's manly articulation of rage, everyone and their mother hauls ass to the scene of the demon attack, eager for some combat. The squirrel slams into some chemicals, knocking shit over and mixing some stuff, and whatnot. While everyone else attempts to close with the squirrel, Valetni flees the resulting Hydrogen Cyanide. Mary and Zato also decide to be smart and not go towards the demon squirrel. Nikolaus activates sue powers to find his way to the squirrel and stab it in the eye, from the library. Did we mention he was blind? Yeah. Arngeirr the Huge man makes his appearance here, also running towards the squirrel, and the poison. Cue battle scene for several minutes, as everyone does their part to fight the squirrel.
Jacob, who is totally not Mahou Shojen quest, shows up, scaling the wall to gain entrance. Morr leads Mary to safety, triggering angst and flashbacks, while Zato gropes his way to the action. Jacob, Arngeirr, and Valetni all meet in the temple lobby, with Val introducing himself by vomiting on the huge man's boots, and loses consciousness. Following all this commotion, people set around to tending to the wounded, introductions and explanations, followed by an investigation into the nature of the demon squirrel. Oh yeah, Nerrick takes the face of the squirrel as a trophy, prompting the introduction of Korsarro, the tanner monk.
Valetni, on the edge of consciousness, tells Laplace to " Kill the ducks..." Laplace takes this as a command, and sets out in search of ducks. It is revealed that the Demon was produced by an evil mirror that produces a daemonic doppelganger of whoever looks into it or touches it.

Poison Happens

Dinner is served. Beaky-kun and Mary begin to bond/converse, at this point a Ninja somehow enters the Temple, having not alerted the guards. Said Ninja wanders around the hallways for a bit before being shadowed by super stealthy Wolfram. Al And Beaky (out for a romantic midnight stroll) run into the ninja, greetings are exchanged.

Valetni's posts are all awful sex puns.


Places that are important to remember.
(Someone other than me, who gives a fuck, can neaten this up.)
Lobby - Gotta go through here to get to anywhere. Leads to the outside.
Reliquary - See Reliquary below
Kitchen - Where the women should be. Also food and Zato.
Crypts - Where the dead people go. Also, Valetni when he goes graverobbin'. Current occupants: Vern (;_;)
Gardens - Here be bees, and flowers, and shit like that. Ya know, a garden. Also Griffin's love tent.
Courtyard - An ornate courtyard with a large fountain in the centre.
Lake - It's a lake, ducks n shit.
Poison Shed - Where Valetni keeps his assorted toxins, and Zato ferments his prize winning sake. no girls allowed.
Infirmary - Where the sick people go. Devlin's place. Current occupants: Valetni and Morr.
Library - Where the books live, also Wolfram.
Bedrooms - The rooms where the occupants of the temple sleep, everyone has their own room.
Unoccupied Rooms - Empty rooms that can be requested for a variety of tasks, from party organisation to artifact experiments.
Guard Barracks - Just what it says on the tin, The Temple Guard and any Hellguard staying at the Temple are based here.

The ReliquaryEdit

A large fortified room, home to all manner of interesting and malicious Artifacts, Artefacts, Relics.

Doppleganger Mirror - Looking into the mirror causes a very hostile clone to appear. There is a limit of only one clone at a time. The clone also attempts to dishearten the original with taunts using even information it could not possibly know. The copy appears to be the trapped demon given a flesh and blood form, for this reason it is always covered. The use of the item has injured three characters to varying degrees. It is quite dangerous and is stored in the reliquary at all times.

Anvindr's Shame - A black-and-white box that can seemingly only be opened by a key in Arngeirr's possession, which appears to be a giant hornet preserved in amber. The box contains two sashes; one black, one gold. When worn, the gold sash created a slight feeling on inadequacy for a brief moment. The black sash attempted to drive the wearer to suicide. At some point, when the sashes were being handled, two separate swarms of giant hornets and at least one hornet demon appeared in their vicinity; it is unclear which part of the experiment resulted in their appearance. The results of their appearance was the partial destruction of the sacred bee hives and the death of a senior monk.
The container was revealed to have a false bottom; in this secret compartment was a book of Hugelands origin likely to be the journal of Anvindr. Upon inspection it appeared to contain his account of how the relic came into his possession; it is currently unknown what other information that book contains.

Suit of Armor - A suit of armor that conforms to fit snugly over one's skin. However, its user can still feel all stimuli, including pain. Curiously, its users with missing digits can still move that piece of the armor like normal. The armor can be put on and off, and have pieces worn separately, like normal armor.
In addition to the above, The influence of past owners can cause the armor itself to move without the wearer's consent, attempting any number of things. If a person with low willpower were to wear the full suit, they could be completely controlled by the spirits of the dead. The left arm is currently being used by the monk Zato as a prosthetic, the rest is stored in the reliquary.

Bronze Pig Statue - By whispering the name of a vegetable into its ear and cranking the tail, it shall defecate the desired produce in vast quantities. Currently kept in the kitchen, for obvious reasons.

Thor's Hammer - a relic in the shape of a small mallet which can generate small amounts of electricity at its head. It's also a powerful lightning rod. For this reason, it is rarely if ever allowed outside. Inspection shows that the hammer has a gyroscopic ability to return when thrown, at slower speeds, allowing the user to catch it relatively safely

Immovable Anvil – An average sized metalworking anvil, it can only be moved when hit at the right frequency, which causes it to vibrate and produce a loud ringing sound. When a blade is forged on the anvil, it is both durable, paper thin, and razor sharp. The paper thin part makes it more suited for high quality rapiers, popular among nobles. Next to it in the reliquary a tuning fork is hung on the wall, and is attached to the anvil via a long piece of string.

Bondage Gear - a set of belts, buckles and chains, which, upon being touched, will attempt to bind the holder. For this reason, it is always handled with a set of tongs. Removal requires another individual to unclasp/buckle it, although they will initially have urges not to help the trapped person.

Cat and Dog Statue - A statue of what appears to be the front halves of a cat and dog put together. Kissing a snout gives you the functional ears and tail of the respective creature. The effects wear off after about six hours. Because of the benign and temporary nature of its effects, it is displayed openly in a hallway, though only the temple inhabitants have investigated it enough to know how to operate it.

The Drill Fist - A metal gauntlet with a seven inch drill attached. Punching while wearing it causes the drill to get bigger, and the harder you punch, the bigger it gets. So a well muscled (gentle)man can leap forward and punch you with a drill the size of a car. Currently stored in the reliquary.

Clever Monkey - A statue of a monkey reading a book, approximately one foot tall. On the bottom of the statue are engraved the words "To The Cleverest" in cursive script. Although never seen to move, any room it is left in becomes very clean, to a polish whenever possible. The monkey statue has a tendency to lay traps and pull minor pranks on it's current owner. Ownership can be obtained by 'pranking' the previous owner, or performing what the monkey considers to be the cleverest prank.
Current Holder:



A Ship made entirely of Flesh and Gold has been haunting the waters, attacking merchant ships and generally disrupting trade and peace in the area, unable to let this continue Zordon Wolfram, through Alpha his Aide tasks the disturbed Sir Morr to lead a band of Monks with attitude to rid the world of this evil.

Current Party
Morr - Ordered by Wolfram to lead this motley group of Monks and Knights on their quest.
Valetni - Doing something for the benefit of others and generally being a nice guy for a change? NOPE Given the choice by Wolfram to accept this as a quest of repentance to atone for his crimes/poisoning in the library.
Zato - Because two eyepatches.
Beaky-kun - Out to repay the debt of kindness the temple and it's occupants have shown to him.
Devlin Blake - 9 Months away from retirement... (it's almost unanimously agreed that the chances of him making it are very low.)
Stella - because Devlin needs his beloved crossbow waifu
See below for details
Elia Parov - NPC/PC- Female Apothecary made by Blake's player to drill into Morrs grey tissue-matter and expunge the secrets of his past.
Mary - she wants to go adventuring with Zato and the others. 13 year old girls are NOT allowed to go adventuring.
Quackbeard the Feathered - Quack Quack Quack. Neither are Ducks.
Vanessa - We need a cook, and besides who doesn't want in on high seas action?
Kaleed - Mute Hellguard - A group of Hellguard Knights to accompany the party and generally make sure they aren't horribly, horribly slaughtered. Lead by the ever charismatic Female Sergeant 'Brass-Trim'.

The Hellguard are a Order of Knights (PLACEHOLDER)

Name Rank Sex Age Bio Status
Belatia 'Brass' Sgt. F 27 After joining the Knights at a young age she continued to show skill and leadership throughout her years of service, which eventually got her promoted to her current position. Equipped with a crossbow, sword + shield. Alive
Leeroy 'Junker' Junkins Pvt. M 20 'Lucky Boy' Junker, the only survivor of 'The Long Night of Morningstrad', after a rather accurate ballista hit, a building fell on him, trapping him in the debris and out of enemy sight until the next day when Hellguard reinforcements retook the town. Armed with a crossbow, sword + shield. Alive
Dirk Herdpack Pvt. M 30 A Career Warrior and Knight, having spent his early years assigned to a relic retrieval group he later took up his current role to "live a little longer", A large man who wields a crossbow, mace + shield. Is currently missing an eye due to demons. Alive
Sammy Aron Pvt. F 22 A former bounty hunter, known for her complete inability to infiltrate without giving her position way via gratuitous violence and fire. She is the group's expert on all things dangerous, especially if they're man-made, and more so if they explode. Armed with a crossbow, and a Battle-Hammer Alive
B. Truckwell Pvt. M 27 The last of 4 brothers to join up, His only real purpose to stay in the unit is to protect his Kid-Sister until she reaches the end of her required service time, a rather unlucky family, along with the 3 brothers they've lost 8 cousins and 2 Family pets. Equipped with a crossbow, sword + shield. Alive
Carmen Truckwell Pvt. F 19 The only girl of the family, she joined up to keep her last remaining brother company. Alive
Robert 'Frosty' Surnem Pvt. M 25 The twin brother of Geoffrey, one of the temple guards. An amazingly calm individual, who has never been known to panic. Armed with a crossbow, Halberd. Alive
Angus Kestix Pvt. M 24 Merely a calm, attentive and buzziah-fearing soldier, dutiful to the last DEAD
Sever Rodario Pvt. M 26 Grew up with travelling circus-folk, learned some skills, though his amazement with epic stories soon led him to seek up the temple of Buzziah, where he found his true calling to become a soldier in Her service. Though he is disciplined in times of need, he likes to indulge in some meaningless flirting if he knows he can get away with it. He also likes to joke even in combat. Alive
Name Rank Sex Age Bio Alive
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