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Flipit Paper Combat
Wargame published by
Not yet Published
Rule System flipit
Authors James Bowen
First Publication 2009

Flipit Paper combat is a Tabletop miniatures wargame being produced by the tripfag Newobmij of /po/. The game is very rules-light, especially when compared to monstrosities like GURPS. Every model is made by the player; all of the models are papercraft. Currently there is no published materials for Flipit, however the rulebook and all of the current models are available on the official website.


All hell has broken loose across the planet as the second big war rages on. The Black X army, led by Durp Furror has embarked on a campaign called the Third Strike to conquer Jurop. Nothing seems to stop them as they send their forces into nearby villages to beat up old men and steal candy from babies. With their modern machines of mechanized mayhem they seek to enslave the entire globe under their malevolent rule. At first, other nations were content to stay out of the war, but with the Third Strike's reach growing ever closer, they find themselves thrust into the conflict.

FPC currently features four armies, one from each of the countries in the great war.

  • Green Stars Basic USA clone, featuring cheap and plentiful tanks and transports, as well as better equipped infantry
  • Black X Nazis, with the best tanks in the game
  • Blue Falcons The High Tech faction that has fast vehicles and have air superiority
  • Red Hammers Russian zealots who are attacking everybody for heretically following the wrong player.


Flipit derives its name from the core mechanic of the system: coin flips. The game is kinda centered around a 1d2 dice pool mechanic. Combat happens in phases each turn and each player acts on each phase. For Example, the first phase in a round is the shooting phase. Each player has all of their models shoot, starting with the player that won the initiative (coin toss) at the start of the first turn. The second phase in the move phase, where each player moves their models, again starting with the player who won the initiative. After the first round the player who lost the initiative become the player with the initiative for the next turn.

This game does not directly use inches as measurements, but instead uses a set of templates for movement and a stick that has been marked for certain weapon ranges.

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