Flesh Tearers

Nassir Amit, Brother-Captain of the Fifth Company of the Blood Angels Legion and the first Chapter Master of the Flesh Tearers. A gritty motherfucker who is said to be the spiritual liege of Temperus Maximus.
Flesh Tearers
Flesh Tearers Livery2.jpg
Battle Cry Shouting so hard you crap your pants. Also "For The Slaughtered Angel" Since that's all his sons focus on.
Founding Second Founding
Successors of Blood Angels
Chapter Master Gabriel Seth
Primarch Sanguinius
Homeworld Cretacia
Strength ~400 Marines, not including Primaris
Allegiance Imperium
Colours Deep red with black shoulderpads, helmet and backpack (and aquila).

"Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future."

– Paul Boese

Angry Fuckin Vampires. They were originally a crusading chapter like the Black Templars, but decided to set up their fortress on Catachan 2: Electric Boogaloo, otherwise known as Cretacia. They came to this decision after their scout company was eaten by bugs. Interesting note about Cretacia, the people there are born with two hearts. How this changes the transformation of kids into Space Marines is unknown, but presumably the second heart is grown to space marine size instead of being replaced, thus saving a step of having to add in the second heart. More hardcore in general than the Blood Angels, since they've all got a bad case of Geneseed AIDS, probably from drinking a thousand gallons of blood from Slaanesh followers every week or trying too hard to be cool, that results in a higher number of marines getting the Black Rage than other chapters. Due to insanity and since rushing at everyone without rhinos (Or deepstriking an entire company of rhinos, predators, and assault marines onto a planet to run straight over/through a living wall of tyranids) is decidedly pants on head insane, they've only got around 400 Spess Mehreens to call on (thus they have only about four mixed companies they deploy mainly as demi-companies known as Vanguard Strike Forces) and most all of them are bugshit nuts. You might suppose that this situation would make them wax emo like the Blood Angels sometimes do, but they cope by rushing at heretics and drinking their blood after they're done chainfist fucking them.

Let's put it this way: in the Third War for Armageddon, the Orks of the Fire Wastes were so horrified by the savage brutality of the Flesh Tearers that they would retreat rather than fight these psycho-motherfuckers.

The only wangsty member is the Chapter Master Seth, who wants his chapter to be the good guys which is unfortunately difficult when the Black Rage drives them insane all the time and leaves them (Seth included) perpetually angry, but even he usually just shrugs and slaughters a few thousand civilians to make himself feel better, for the Emprah of course. This pissed off the Space Wolves and Salamanders quite a bit due to their fanatical devotion to defending the helpless of the Imperium. However Seth told Logan Grimnar and Tu'Shan to piss off when they confronted him about it. Their battle cry is described as an inarticulate scream that freezes the pansy enemies of the Emprah with fear, it probably sounds something like FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-. They may be more than a little gay for their chain weapons.


Again, in summary; they're a fucking Khornate Cult except they call him "The Emperor" instead of Khorne. The fact they are still considered loyalists at all is mind-boggling. They've been outright called heretics on numerous occasions, but presumably every time people start asking questions they get an unexpected case of "missing limbs". Thanks to Seth's latest strategy of pointing them where the chances of collateral damage are minimal, they're slowly becoming more accepted by the Imperium at large, so at least they're trying? Perhaps a certain other Blood Angel successor chapter wasn't.

The Blood Angels and their successors took them to trial (before the Shield of Baal campaign but after most other events in the fluff where they ended up killing Imperial members) depicted in the novella, "Trial by Blood", where after going through almost every established fluff case where the Flesh Tearers ripped and teared beyond what's normally healthy or sane, actually voted to disband the Flesh Tearers and absorb them piecemeal into other Blood Angel chapters. Astorath, however, stepped in and convinced Dante to overturn the verdict because as bad as the Flesh Tearers were, they were still merely at the further end of the scale than all Blood Angel chapters, who all had the Black Rage, were. They were still no where near as bad as the sick fucks and abominations the sons of Sanguinius were at war with, and winnings wars required getting shit done, which the Flesh Tearers excelled at. This trial and the overturn are interesting details as they, along with several other examples, indicate the Legion is still internally organized. Though, seemingly more as a brotherhood organization (or a fraternity) than a Legion, there is the detail Dante could overturn the vote which in turn implies a lot more to their inter-Chapter relations than the Inquisition might be comfortable with.

Seth became total bros with Dante later on during the Blood Angels civil war when they came to an understanding about each other, and the Flesh Tearers fight at the front alongside the Blood Angels in the Baal campaign, even saving some Sisters of Battle (which might contrast with how some Sisters of Battle called for their excommunication when Flesh Tearers caught in the throes of the Black Rage slaughtered Imperial forces on Armageddon). Also, they have a book by Andy Stiller that's simply called "Flesh Tearers".

Chapter TacticsEdit

Too many chain weapons? Fuck you, there is no such thing!

The Flesh Tearers have a very different relationship to the Red Thirst than many other Blood Angels chapters. Compared to the regular Blood Angels who strive for honorable perfection and the ability to overcome the Black Rage and Red Thirst, the Flesh Tearers decide to just go with it and be angry blood drinking murderers. This leads many of them (including their vehicles, from their Rhinos to their Battle Barge: Victus,) to want to charge straight into the enemy and chainsaw them into bits. This strategy seems to generally work, but is also probably why many of them end up dead. Attrition rates from combat and Black Rage are so high that as of M41 they are barely able to keep about 400 marines battle ready at a time. When Gabriel Seth came along he spent a lot of his time re-working how the chapter deployed and strategies for combat.

The Flesh Tearers mainly deploy as a very aggressive fast attack force, forgoing defense for all out offense or counter-attack strategies and close combat offensives. Although the Chapter does not have many vehicles compared to other chapters (mainly due to the same reasons they don't have many marines) they do make plenty of use of Rhinos, Stormravens, and Predators in their offensives for fast transport and heavy fire support, along with having a decent amount of dreadnoughts as well (they probably don't have trouble keeping a decent number of those things ready due to that whole "high casualty rate" thing). The chapter does also manage to keep a small group of Chaplains, Librarians, and Sanguinary Priests as well who fill generally the same role as those in other Blood Angels successor chapters. They also have a very heavy preference towards chain weapons (notably chainaxes), power swords, and lightning claws, which should surprise absolutely no one.

With so few marines and so many xenos and traitors to kill, Seth was forced to forgo Astartes companies and instead created demi-companies known as 'Vanguard Strike Forces' which have a Vanguard Veteran squad lead three squads of tacticals, a squad of assault marines, and a Furioso into combat. This set up allows for the Flesh Tearers to deploy smaller groups of marines into more places while still having a command structure, as there are so few Flesh Tearer Captains to lead the chapter.

On the tabletop, the 'Shield of Baal: Exterminatus' Rules give a Flesh Tearer supplement. The two main additions are the ability to deploy six units of fast attack (for assault spam) and that rolls of 10+ to charge makes your marines RAGE!

Following the Devastation of Baal the majority of the Chapter consists of Primaris Marines, as Guilliman would prefer the chapter still exist. These forces presumably fight in normal Primaris squads and formations.

Notable membersEdit

  • Nassir Amit: Nicknamed 'The Flesh Tearer' by his peers. Originally Captain of the 5th company of the Blood Angels' Legion; when he got promoted to Chapter Master he just gave them his nickname. Amit originally got the nickname 'Flesh Tearer' from Khârn (of all people) when he saw how scary the dude was in the World Eaters' recreational gladiator pits, and just how generally bloodthirsty and angry he was even before the death of Sanguinius really made that a thing. A lot of his actions could be argued why the Flesh Tearers went down the spiral path to angst town. On the flip side, the guy REALLY hates a certain spiritual liege. To the point that he told Bobby that his Codex and breaking apart the remaining Legions was a stupid idea. Straight up to his face. While not being a Primarch himself. And that was after Guilliman already punched him in the gut for saying it a first time ten seconds before. In battle he wears Terminator armour with dual Chainfists with storm bolters mounted to the wrists. As a final note he is known to kill Serfs near him just because he had not killed something in the last five minutes... though on the other hand he is known to be brutally honest and hating to lie about things (like he was disgusted when he was forced to cover up the first time the genetic curses manifested in one of the Blood Angels Legion companies that resulted in butchered Space Wolves). The guy makes The Hulk look like a zen master. He's basically the canonical inspiration for Temperus Maximus, down to armaments.
  • Gabriel Seth: "The Guardian of Rage" is the current Chapter Master with a XBOXHUGE S8 AP4 chainsword, with rending. Also, in 5th edition, if you rolled a 1 in close combat against him, he kicks you in the fucking balls. He is a lot more diplomatic than his previous Chapter Masters (especially compared to Amit) but in combat he is still just as much of a maniac as his brothers. His 7th edition rules give him Furious Charge, Rage, and Rampage as a Warlord Trait, along with getting an extra hit for every 6 he gets in close combat, showing that leading the Flesh Tearers does require you to be so angry that even Khorne tells you to chill.


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