Flesh-Eater Courts

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Flesh-Eater Courts

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General Tactics

"All earth was but one thought—and that was death
Immediate and inglorious; and the pang
Of famine fed upon all entrails—men
Died, and their bones were tombless as their flesh;
The meager by the meager were devoured."

– Lord Byron, Darkness

The Flesh-Eater Courts are what has become of many of the mortals of the realms after the Age of Chaos. Flesh-eaters are all delusional and believe themselves to be servants of a mighty King on a golden throne, when in reality they are all dirty naked homeless people who eat people. In a sense they are the cockroaches of Age of Sigmar. They also see themselves as what can only be described as "Bretonnians", rejoice brothers! We are not forgotten!



The source of the Flesh-Eater madness comes from one initial progenitor; none other than Ushoran from the Old World. He was held captive by Nagash, for his trespasses against him back in Nehekhara. That was, until the Age of Chaos where Nagash betrayed Sigmar, causing him to bullishly charge into Shyish to bitchslap him for betrayal. In the process, however, he knocked over Ushoran's cage, allowing him to escape. Unfortunately, he had gone completely mad in the cage, causing him to now see himself as a benevolent and beautiful Warrior King, when in reality he was a reeeeeally ugly ghoul. This madness became contagious due to his great power, and desperate mortals (who basically lost everything) began to buy into this delusion too, becoming the first Flesh-Eaters. Since then, Ushoran (now known as the Carrion King, among many other titles) has gone missing whilst his progeny prosper, with Bonedaddy having put a huge price on his head.

The Delusions of the Ghoul KingsEdit

The court is built upon the fact that every ghoul king is fucking insane and believes himself into being an glorious king atop a giant noble dragon riding into battle against invading barbarians. So pretty much King Lear if Lear was also a cannibalistic freak. The unique thing about this madness is that the illusion is shared with every follower of the king and vice-versa, so that what the king sees the court see as well. an example of this is if the king saw a Daemonette as a monstrous creature, the court would as well, if he saw another Ghoul King, he and his followers would see it as a fellow King, etc.

This aspect gets even weirder when the ghoul king has the ability to use an imaginary telescope and for the king IT JUST WORKS! Yes, much like a certain green skinned race, whatever the ghoul king believes the universe says "fuck this" and lets it happen. This also works with the weapons they wield; in the kings eyes they're swords made of the finest steel, whilst in reality they're just a random bone or rock or skull they picked up. The same could be said for their armour, medals, and basically anything they have.

Their Views on NagashEdit

The flesh-eater opinion on the big, bad boneman himself is generally quite split and almost always nonsensical. Some Courts see him as a benevolent and shiny God, that brings forth bountiful harvests and opposes the wicked. Some, however, shit their pants whenever he's mentioned, due to either his sheer amount of power or the way he managed to imprison The Carrion King that spawned them. Others still can't even tell the difference between him and Sigmar. Since they aren't technically dead, Nagash either ignores or dominates them mentally to his will.

His servants, however, may not be so kind. The Nighthaunt may slaughter a Court just like most other life, though the delusional flesh eaters convince themselves that those poor, heavenly Angels were manipulated by the EEEEEEVIL Sigmar.

The Grand CourtsEdit

Like most factions, there are many different subfactions of Flesh Eaters. Each is ruled by an Abhorrant Archregent, a Ghoul King whose delusion has grown so strong that it encompasses other Courts, making them essentially Emperors of massive swathes of Flesh-Eaters. There are four major Grand Courts:

  • Hollowmourne: The Hollowmourne came from an empire that spanned across all the realms. Their King, who's name we don't know, was generally a swell guy, who discovered lots of mysterious relics. Some were too dangerous for mortal use, so he scattered them away until the time that they'd be needed. Nobody really knew about this, except for an Order of Royal Families from Chamon called the Knights of Hollowmourne. They protected the relics until Chaos came, where they decided to go on a Crusade, clad in the finest armours of Chamon. They were so confident that things would go well, that they swore oaths that their duty wouldn't go unfulfilled. It went about as well as expected. Rations ran out, they ate the peasants first, and even their mounts. Now, they're mostly Crypt Horrors, while believing that they're still Noble Knights on their steeds out on a crusade for the relics.
  • Blisterskin: When sunburn goes extreme. They came from an Order of Priests that worshiped the sun, which is actually Hysh for some reason. These Priesthoods were dotted around Aqshy, with the commoners and royals alike going indoors when the sunlight was hottest. They actively sought out others to convert to their weird sun-worship religion, sending missionaries Jehovah's Witness-style to other nearby nations. But, as Chaos does, it came and took a massive shit over everything and left the sun-worshippers without home, harvest, or anything that wasn't burnt. Their descent into madness was pretty quick, as they soon decided to no longer humble themselves by hiding away from their God, but instead chose to let their flesh cook and peel in its glory. The most pious grew wings and became Vargheists, to get closer to their God. They still send "missionaries" to other nations, but instead of knocking at people's doors and pestering them, they just attack them. Moral of the story here is to always bring your suncream.
  • Gristlegore: The Gristlegore used to be a load of hippies, that were really chill and at peace with the land they were in. Normally, this wouldn't be too big a deal, except this kingdom was in Ghur, the place where literally everything is trying to eat each other. The fact they saw hunting and killing as only a necessity, and that they treated the bigass monsters and plants around with respect really says a lot about how peaceful they were. Sadly, when Chaos came it absolutely wrecked them. Anarchy came, everyone collectively shat their pants, and the royals, (who were previously pretty skilled in combat) had to watch their people burn. That is, until they became Ghoul Kings! Now, they prowl Ghur like a pack of Alpha predators, still seeking to be one with their surroundings, by piercing their flesh with realmstone and becoming reeeeeally bestial. They predictably have loads of Zombie Dragons and Terrorgheists.

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