Fists of Mars

The Fists of Mars
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Battle Cry ???
Number III
Successor Chapters Refuse Codex Astartes, still in legion
Primarch Marcus Sinistrum
Homeworld Taris Sinister
Specialty Mechanised war fighters, Mechanicus in Exile.
Allegiance Fallen Imperium of Man
Colours Fist of Mars Ex.png

The technological cornerstone of the Crusader States and former stewards of Mars, the Fists rule their State in delicate balance with the Mechanicus, their unparalleled industrial capacity bolstering their forces with legions of armoured tanks and titans.


Summary of Legion IIIEdit

Numeration: The III Legion

Primogenitor: Marcus Sinistrum

Cognomen (Prior): ???

Observed Strategic Tendencies: ???

Noteworthy Domains: Forge Space

Allegiance: Imperium

Codex SinisterEdit

>The Fists and the Mechanicum are to remain separate identities, with neither being an organization within the other

>The Mechanicum is never to take command over battle and shall rely upon the Fists for all efforts of war unless ordered by Fists to fight

>The Fists are never to attempt to intervene with matters of the mechanicum unless such an act is one of war and then must be given blessings of war before battle by a mechanicum member

>Knowledge must flow freely between members of the fists and members of the mechanicum, as such hiding knowledge from a member of equal rank is forbidden by the Codex Sinister

>The words of Marcus Sinistrum are to be obeyed always

>A "Master of Mars" is to be chosen from within the ranks of the Fists to represent the will of the chapter and of Marcus, there is no higher position within the Fists or Mechanicum

>A group ,dubbed "Sinister Prophets", of 10 high magos are to be chosen from the ranks of the mechanicus to see over the care of marcus sinistrum and to interpret his divine will

The Tech-InquisitionEdit


Taris Sinister

a beautiful green planet during short summers but suffering from long, harsh winters that gives it the appearance of an ice world. During the winters horrible native animals stalk the ice and snow. Many families die not just from the cold and starvation but from being hunted by these beasts. Marcus Sinistrum was found in the deep of winter, the family that found him assumed his family had either died or abandoned him as another mouth to feed and took him in. As all primarchs do Marcus grew quickly and became a man in his X winter(how quickly do primarchs mature im not sure). Growing up he had a knack for the mechanical and made a name for himself traveling house to house fixing heaters and radios. As he grew older he made his own inventions, sensor towers that warned of incoming beasts and defense systems to keep homes safe. During the summers he made his most of the time he had to work in safety, turning scattered villages into grand cities or strongholds, mechanizing farming during the summers and creating hydroponic farms underground in the winter. When the emperor came for him he found the world Tarris not to be a dieing feral world but a beacon of light shimmering in space, cities full of light covering the planet. Marcus was not eager to leave but was in awe of his fathers might and the space ships he came on and pledge himself to the imperium immediately. Taris Sinister still benefits from Marcus's technological might, using his influence to send mechanicum to his homeworld and transform it into a great forge

Legion TacticsEdit

Advancing slowly, seldom using APCs, instead using Vindicators, Funerus Tanks, and Land Raiders.The legion marches, implacable, with self propelled guns like Medusas and mobile thunderfire cannon keeping pace with ranks of heavy infantry.When they get in range, they open fire with an unending fusillade, the infantry advancing, firing, beneath the shells and other heavier ordnance from the tanks.Then, when they get up to the enemy line, jump troops come screaming out of nowhere with chem-flamers and roaring chainblades. Fists of Mars take a combined arms approach. They're infantrymen with a lot of tanks.

The Fists of Mars are a glacier of ceramite and adamantium

Legion OrganizationEdit

With the Death of Marcus Sinistrum the Fists elected their most trusted to be Master of Mars. The Master is warden of the Fists and Mechanicus in the east. Each planet recruited from is gifted to a member of the Fits who become Master of that planet and joins the council to the Master of Mars. Under them are ten members of council to that Master, each are trusted with great responsibility both off and on the battlefield. All other members are simply brothers under the Fist.

The legion uses brotherhoods which are units of three companies each consisting of three companies of Astartes and three maniples of skitarii. Both the maniples and the companies are made up of three hundred men not including tanks and tech priests. The leader of a brotherhood is known as the forge lord, his retinue will include the several apothecaries, a chaplain referred to as a smelter and a full five tech marines other members will include a master of recruits who dealt with conscripting members for the process to become space marines. the presence of a librarian is common but have a different role in comparison with other legions or chapters as they use their abilities in the creation of warmachines rather than on the battlefield. veterans are silent watchers within the retinue covered by modifications and bionic parts designed to make these aged warriors presence felt and intimidate the enemy.squads are ten man strike teams referred to by the fists as fraternitas. they often share great bonds and the fraternitas is never changed due to this. devastators are far more common place and frequently are accompanied by a land raider to bolster fire support and give them cover as they slog towards a point at which to fire upon the enemy.

Legion RelationshipsEdit

Primarch Legion Opinion
Raydon Neratos Crimson Warhawks After Marcus is uplifted and given his legion Raydon helps him come to terms with his new life as a primarch and the two become friends of a kind. Busy life during the crusades keeps them far apart but Marcus thinks of them as close. after the herasy the Sinister Prophets have a number of times concluded that the will of Marcus is to assist the Crimson Warhawks.
Graha'nak Void Lords ?
Samson Hekatonkires ?
Xun Tohilcoatl Sky Serpents ?
Alexios the White Angels of Light ?
Sarco Funerus Undying Scions ?
Engerand Storm Hammers ?
Klaus Staffel Knights Exemplar ?
REDACTED Eyes of the Warmaster Traitor to all men
Enoch the Relentless Judgement Bringers ?
Rubinek Iron Hearts Before the fall of the primarchs, Rubinek and Marcus bared great admiration for each others fine works and great innovations making them friendly rivals, who were close up until the betrayal and even then both despised the thought of one day fighting each other on some apocalyptic world.
Balthasar the Bloody Bloodhounds ?
Kashaln Silver Spears ?
Saul Sheridan Second Sons ?
Gengrat Vannevar Behemoth Guard ?
Oramar Warp Raiders ?
Anders Kor Paladins of Kor ?
Faustus Ascelpious Oathsworn ?


Loyalties Summary Description
Crusader States Desperate Allies ?

History of MarcusEdit

Taris Sinister – Formerly a Feral World located near the Ghoul Stars this planet was formerly a Martian Outpost during the Age of Strife. Mad Machine-Forms still prowl the long winters, seeking to exterminate all ‘intruders.’ The people for their part have just recently pulled themselves into the era of electronic communication – Radios, telephones, and telegraphs allow communication for businesses and pleasure. The planet, politically, is split into ten major City-Forge, each of which is driven to outperform the others in technological wizardry. Onto this world landed the Incubation Pod of Marcus Sinister, then merely Marcus.

He landed near the outskirts of the City-Forge Nou. Taken in and raised to adulthood by a kindly couple and their children he was trained in the art of repair and upkeep for the trains and radios that kept the City-Forges connected. All the while he was witness to the viciousness of winter and the Hunter-Programs that hunted under its cover. Before he had matured his mother had been taken by their cruelty. It was with this wisdom that he sought to gather men from within the city in order to help quell the beasts outside their massive walls.

However once he was in the city he despaired – its men and women were just as terrified of the frozen winters and the pitiless machines in the darkness. He pled his case on the streets but none would answer he calls, preferring to ignore the rag clad giant. During an altercation in the street with another young man he was dragged in by no less than sixty of the city’s guards and taken to the Mayor’s Palace. Once there he demanded aid be delivered to those outside the wall and was in turn offered a challenge: Should he, Marcus find the source of the Hunter-Machines he would be free to ask whatever of the city of Nou he desired and in addition receive the title of ‘Sinister.’

Galvanized by this Marcus sets off into the Farplains – the distant tracts of land too far from any city. He wandered for years, studying the remains of vast, ancient machines that dotted the landscape. He began preying on and dissecting the Hunter-Machines, teaching his methods to the isolated people he met in his travels. As time passed he began to find references to something called ‘Mars.’ Before five years had passed he had managed to trace the machines to one central hub in the planet’s southern pole; if not their origin it was as solid a lead as any. As he made his descent to the bottom of the world he quickly realized that under the permafrost the entire Southern Pole was one vast artificial structure. As he began his final attempt he was ambushed; the Hunter-Programs he had evaded for so long had finally recognized him and marshalled their forces to stop him.

Dozens of ancient machines threw themselves as the Primach and in the melee his right hand was severed from the elbow down. Before the weight of numbers could drag him down he was saved by a ragtag collection of Frontier tribes – the ones whom he had taught to ways of Machine hunting. Rescued and taken to their lonesome villages he immediately began planning a second attempt on the ‘Fortress of Steel.” The tribes of the wastes had all but deified Marcus for delivering the knowledge of how to fight back against the machine; in addition to saving him his arm stump was cleaned and a crude replica made of iron but with a crossbow was affixed to the stump. The tribes’ men and women followed him and moving as silently as night they advanced into desolate plains surrounding the polar ice. Hunter-Programs were cut down by shorn coolant tubes or bent pistons. So well did the culling of them go that the hunting party was caught completely by surprise when the fortress rumbled to life and produced a near endless litany of destruction with its long dormant defenses. The majority of the tribes was scythed down ruthlessly to buy Marcus the opportunity into the vast fortress. However once he had entered the vast structure Marcus found that it was empty and dead; he had long thought that some malign force was seeking the destruction of his fellow man.

Now he knew better. As he slowly deciphered the workings of the massive structure, first deactivating the guns, when recalling the Hunters, and finally uncovering a heavily battered data log he discovered that Taris was not alone in the universe. Mankind had spread out over the stars and this structure was nothing more than a downed supply ship. Marcus spent many nights inspecting the various technologies of the vast transport before finally making the long journey to Nou. His companions accompany him – their world has been upturned and everything they thought they knew about life has been cast aside. Now the teachings of Marcus the Steel Hunter are all they know. However Marcus dallies before leaving, repairing its ancient code and finally laying the Hunter-Machines to rest and fashions himself an augmented hand. His mind alight with wisdom he returns to Nou to find the city in ruins and his hometown burned to the ground. As he questions the survivors he discovers that war has broken out amongst the City-Forges. Competition between forges over who made the best locomotive or whose radio replicated sound the best had erupted into outright military activity. The neighboring city-forge of Zied had launched massive rains of artillery and vaporized his home city.

Marcus takes his title and plots his cold vengeance. During the winter the trains will dock and the radios would be the only method of communication. With only his tribesman allies Marcus begins gathering fellow mechanics in the hope of usurping the rail lines before the spring thaw and taking over the planet by holding its life-blood hostage. 

When spring came and the tracks across the planet were being patrolled by bitter villagers, ready and willing with explosive designed to ruin the tracks and deform the land under them, the remaining nine city-forges swore loyalty to Marcus who established his capital in the ruins of Nou, excavating technology from the ship and using it to create an imitation of the glories of Mars. Cities were lit anew by streams of lumen paper and buildings were built ever higher to the sky. - Unlike the majority of his people, who were just beginning to turn their eyes skyward, Marcus knew mankind had spread across the stars. He knew, in limited terms, the horrors that awaited his people. He also knew that other worlds nearby were inhabited. With a quiet eagerness he anticipated meeting his brothers across the stars. With those thoughts foremost in his mind he began building great radio towers, designed to broadcast messages of unity to the neighboring systems. - These fell on deaf ears. Unknown to Marcus the Marcus the surrounding planets of the Sinister System had all been corrupted in one way or another. Albeit by greed, not the warp. All four saw the fragile world of Taris Sinister and began a single-minded campaign to take it over and drain it for its resources. The war was swift, brutal, and virtually without quarter. Marcus was driven from his capital and he and the isolated tribes of his world were forced to take shelter in the Fortress of Steel. Once within Marcus sought to take back his world though subterfuge and misdirection. Radio towers soon broadcast every sort of conflicting order imaginable and soon the land forces were fighting one another. Before this nightmare could escalate the Second Legion arrived in system and sought to figure out what was going on. The 104th Expeditionary Fleet was a joint Cult Mechanicus and Crimson Warhawk force with the Mechanicus there ostensibly to provide tech support to the recently recruited marines and their piratical Primarch Raydon; in reality they were a blatant leash around II Legion’s neck; consequently the two sides hated one another and as a result the Taris System Conflict became a virtual quagmire; the Mechanicus vessels wanted to open negotiations while Raydon simply began issuing threats, taking ships, and generally raiding.

In the confusion no one really knew how to deal with the situation; Arch Magos Symbron Fed sought to gather information and traveled to speak with the other planets individually while leaving Raydon to investigate the fourth planet of Taris Sinister with a lowly Enginseer named Kallez Haller as an adjutant. The humble Tech-Priest followed the Space Marines onto the surface and straight into an ambush; Marcus had seen their landing and advanced on their position from a wall of rejuvenated Servitors.

To say the II Legion made short work of them would be generous. However the rag clad giant whose followers kept sniping them was a different story. He fought like a lion in spite of being clad in only rags was seemingly imperious to harm and despite his size was unnaturally quick. Bolt rounds seemed to never touch him and when blades cut him they remained lodged in his body, seemingly to no effect. He brutalized over a dozen marines before Raydon’s shot him in the chest. He fell but did not die and Raydon ordered his men to collect the giant as he had deduced that the man was a fellow Primarch.

With the loss of the leader the Tribesmen surrendered and began to shrewdly negotiate terms. Raydon left the talks to Kallaz Haller. He sought to take his battered brother aboard his flagship and sought to reawaken him as soon as possible. Once onboard his Stormbird he got half his wish as Marcus awoke and decked him, after which the erratic giant was calmed by the diplomatic Haller, who reported that his men were fine and that he was amongst friends now. Marcus, serious injured by Primarch standards and relieved to find that his remaining people had not been slaughtered immediately gravitates to the humble Enginseer.

Marcus was taken onboard Raydon’s flagship and all but usurped the communications station, and immediately began breaking codes, sending false orders, and reporting the deployment of ships. Raydon considered trying to haul him out of the station but was persuaded by the comedy of seeing a ten foot tall superhuman carefully decoding ship transmissions. Within hours the once unified enemy fleet is little more than scavenger fodder for the II Legion… just in time for Arch Magos Symbron to call and ask what’s going on. Peace talks were about to finish when Marcus and Raydon launched their war of signals.

This did not please Marcus; however he noted that should the Arch Mago want to hand an ancient supply ship and antique servitors to the other planets in the system he was free to. After a few hours of saving face Marcus simply offered to make his planet into a Forge-World as long as Mars repaired the damages done by the war. Symbron, relieved to find that he hadn’t handed Archeotech with possible STCs over to an upstart Forge System gratefully accepted and granted Marcus free pass amongst the Mechanicus fleet until they rejoined with the III Legion.

Legion HistoryEdit


Great CrusadeEdit

third Legion found.


•The rust canyon

• the attack on the eyes of the warmasters fleet (the obsidian slaughter as it was referred to by the fists and the mechanicum)

The Eastern ImperiumEdit



From this land of ice and darkness, I shall craft for us a city of. Light and warmth, for us father, for us!

-Marcus sinistrum

No, why would I fund an expedition to retrieve our holy emperors corpse, so some madman can take it apart for a hair brained experiment.

-Captain Ceaser boron on Belasarius Cawl proposel of venturing to terra for his secret project. 349 M36

To you my sons, I remind you we are not immortal. Let our right hands remind us of that but like our legions defect we replace it, we improve it and build upon its beauty and simplicity. like our hands we create the ideas and we hold them, triumphantly for we know that with our fist we moulded our creations. -Marcus Sinistrum

=Bits to be sortedEdit

>What is your legion's command structure? What are the highest ranking officers called? Does your primarch have some sort of war council like the Mournival or the Tetrarchs? Who are your Primarch's Equerry and what are their major deeds?

After the loss of mars in the heresy the Fists of Mars fully integrated into the admech structure. Now the Admech and the Fists are impossible to distinguish as two separate groups. At the highest rank sits the Master of Mars, warlord of the Fists who ultimately makes all decisions for the Forgespace however all his actions are watched and advised on by the high tech priests of ???

>How is your Legion's Crusader State or Chaos March run? Is it a wasteland of dead worlds with weeping mothers, or a thriving metropolis of glowing worlds? What is your region of space called, and why? What are your relationships with your neighbors?

The resources of planets within the Forgespace have been fed to the war machine that is the fist of mars, They float as only dead rocks now. Most live on a number of forge worlds or within great fleets of ships and space stations.

>What does your legion do during the Warmaster's Heresy? We fight on the battlefields of mars against the heresy however in the fighting Primarch Marcus Sinistrum is heavily wounded. After the death of the emperor we retreat to what is now the forgespace. many die and the Admech is heavily weakened, mars is lost. Dieing Marcus orders his best men to save his mind.

>Where is your Primarch at the end of the heresy? Does he rule a crusader state/chaos march? Is he dead? Is he lost somewhere in the Eye of Terror? Is he a Daemon Prince?

The great forge world of ??? houses a great coffin that protects the brain of Marcus Sinistrum, Plugged into a thousand computers he still lives in a fashion and the highest ranking techpriests spend their days doing their best to interpret his wishes through binary chatter

>Agree on anything, the legion is full of shifting alliances between the mechanicus and the fists >Go fast, the amount of red tape and bureaucracy in doing almost anything within the forge space is ridiculous which has lead to failing to mobilise til far too late. As Well as army tactics that rely entirely on heavy weapons and massive war fleets, all slow but powerful >Psykers, The fists do not like psykers at all. Some still cling to the idea that when they bring marcus back he will be able to create a now almost mythical construction that he promised could replace the need for psykers to travel the warp and then purge them from the imperium

not so much something they can't do but

>Low troop count, the fists lost a huge amount of marines in the heresy and supplement their numbers with war machines and Skitarii,

>describe your talents as a primarch A scholarly school of talents mostly helpful off the battlefield yet built large and strong >what is the name of your legion? Fist of mars >what are its main tactics/characteristics? Mechanized warfare >as a primarch, where do you land on the whole Council of Nikaea issue? ??? >at the time of the heresy, who do you side with ??? >Describe any special friendships/rivalries your legion has with any of the others ???

>What is the name of your primarch and legion? What is their number, and what are their heraldic symbols? What colors do your marines paint their armor?

Legio IX: The Fists of Mars, Mechanized warfare and tech specialists. lead by Primarch Marcus Sinistrum, Our symbol is of a clenched fist In the mechanicus cog.

>What are your legion's tactics? Do they fight with cunning or strength? What sort of equipment do they favor? What sort of enemy would you call them for?

Mechanized warfare and tech specialists. All our battle brothers make heavy use of implants and bionics as well as chapter modified equipment, much of our equipment is best used as artillery although some of our brothers take to melee combat with mechadendrites and force fields

likely to be removed

>what's the major defect in your chapter's geneseed or traditions? My right hand is crippled from weakened nerves and so to are my chapter's sons weakened in kind >what is your signature weapon, vehicle, or other wargear, and why? The right hand is removed and replaced with a custom integrated weapon or tool different for each marine >after the Heresy, what is your former Legion's major deviation from the Codex - or what unique gift does your dark god give your Legion, now? We look to the machine to much to fully fall within the Codex as exemplified in the machine right hand


Sinistrum's tombEdit

A giant cold metal room, the low hum of fans that circulates the freezing cold. Hanging from the walls and vaulted ceiling are lengths of thick wires running from consoles and machines all over. All coming back to the center of the room, connecting to a large metal cylinder. A thick glass panel in the metal shows, floating in blue liquid, the brain of the primarch. Thin wires make a nest in the water and connect all over the brain. Coming back from this to the right is a strange skeletal structure, held up by wires to make the shape of a man with his arms outstretched. Notably, the right arm is large and thick, creating a distinct shape, as opposed to the skeletal web of wires and machines that are the collection of enhancements that once housed themselves within the skeleton's flesh. It ends in a large red fist. To the left of the tank is a large display case, beautifully crafted with striking red velvet inlay. The edges perfectly conform to the shape of the resplendent, full suit of power armour, beautifully preserved, yet still bearing the marks of it's last battle and to the shape of the huge heavy bolter sitting beside it.

This is the tomb of Marcus Sinistrum, beyond its walls lies the Sinister Council and the thousands of computers dedicated to sustaining Marcus's unlife and interpreting his will. Beyond that, the heavy, thick, steel walls and heavy auto turrets. Defences strong enough to hold back an army, all the way to the surface, where a great temple to the Omnissiah sits with a grand statue of the Fist of Mars himself, Marcus Sinistrum. The forge world of Taris Sinister and its armies defend this place from the everlasting war of the 41st Millenium.

Exodus of marsEdit

"Belisarius Cawl is a madman and a weasel of an Astartes who got to his position through his cunning determination, but he is in some ways the most ingenious and resourceful man in forge space and he has a plan that may just save whats left of the imperium he once knew."- battle brother Cazian, titan squad.

Belsarius Cawl had predicted the times at which terras roil would calm and allow access to the planet Captain Aeon of the fists of mars and several squads of the finest marines at their disposal, each had been an itching for some revenge. Forming an elite strike team along with a contingent of several they journey to terra aboard an experimental stealth ship named the domum vinctum. after several months they reach terra, more of a blister than a planet, scared by rifts that distorted the planet's very makeup creating a vast roil which enveloped the planet , despite this they laboured onward through the roil and to the centre of terra's warp storms. upon landing the squad would make their way towards the quickly became apparent this was not the gleaming world the elder magos would speak of, the jewel as it was once called, was cracked and its surface barren save for the rare daemon who would swell with balefire before imploding with pure power, the daemons on had a swollen appearance,growing fat on the sorrow of others and horns held aloft many skulls held by tassels of red string. the warp however was the fist smallest concern as they reached the great boulevards leading directly for the palace they encounter a chaos hellbrute stalking the ruins and barring there way forward, with time running out they were forced to confront it head on in which full quarter of their depleted forces were lost. upon the palaces great steps stood a band of Arms of Asura who's intentions were made clear, they were here also on business with the divines corpse but rather their mad sorcerer wished to have a demon inhabit the cadavers body and simply to defile the grandfather of the legions. the fist in typical manner marched up the steps with breacher shield and heavy weapons that would absorb the bulk of the fire with only two casualties. within they were stalked by summoned plague bearers and horrors from tears in reality, after being separated by the traitors several marines and Cawl would wander through the eerie palace of the one supreme master of mankind, along the way the astartes are presumably killed while Cawl escapes, he is now alone as a ghoul of some other realm stalks him one which bared resemblance to Cawl, who saw himself decrepit and fused with robotics that helped the ghost wheeze along, seeing this Cawl ran as far from this horror as possible until running straight into a roving band of traitor, assuming this ghost was him in years from now and that he would become withered and old no longer useful, because of this he betrays his brothers for the traitors and aids in the arms ambush of the fists of mars. (work in progress)


Belsarius CawlEdit

A techmarine from the fifteenth brotherhood he was one of a few among the fists of mars who bizarrely despised augmentations as he believed the body itself was a machine and to build upon it would be an affront to the omnisiah. Due to this he stood out among the retinue of the brotherhood as a wholly pure space marine who draped himself in holy litanies proffesing his love for the the pure space marine.

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