Fight Fighters

Fight Fighters is a game created by a fores/tg/oblin who often uses the dice command incorrectly; the irony is he would come up with a dice game. The game simply requires you have a handful of dice and a tape measurer and is incredibly easy to understand and play. Some good figures to use would be Lego men and those little animal toys with the hologram chests.


Each figure may move up to six inches a turn.


Each figure has a dice pool of three regular d6s and can never use more than five in a turn. To do anything other than move you must spend any number of d6s; you can do as much as you want until you run out of dice. Here's a list of basic abilities, the rest would be made up by you and your friends, if you have any, to properly represent features that exist on the figure or fit in with what it is. These dice on each figure replenish up to or down to 3 at the beginning of each player's turn. If a figure ever takes a 'hit' and has no dice in its pool the figure is removed.

Basics: These are abilities that all figures have.

  • Attack!: You attack the enemy, you hit on a 4+.
  • Shoot: Hit any enemy within 12" on a 4+.
  • Defend: You negate the hit on a 4+.

Advanced: These are examples of abilities given to figures and made up by players.

  • Teleport: Move up to 18 inches instead of 6, ignoring any obstructing terrain, on a 4+.
  • MOAR DICE: Gain 2 dice on a 4+, you may never spend more than 5 in a turn.
  • Pistol: Hit up to two enemies within 6 on a 4+.
  • Cage Fighter: Hit every enemy the figure is in contact with on a 4+.
  • Big Guns: Hit any enemy within 8" twice on a 4+.
  • Drain: All figures within 18" take one hit 4+.


These are more examples. Feel free to make up your own.

  • Veteran: The figure has 4 dice instead of three.
  • Savage: The figure deals an additional hit when it uses any attack when it's in contact with the target.
  • Relentless: If the figure makes a successful undefended hit it gains another d6.
  • Penny Pincher: The figure may have its remaining dice carry over to the opponents turn to defend with.
  • Offense: The figure may have its remaining dice carry over from its opponent's turn to attack with.
  • Space Marine: The figure may Defend on a 3+.
  • Combat Style: The figure may Attack! on a 3+.
  • Fast: The figure may move up to 12" inches a turn instead of 6".