It all started as a anon's fantasied version of finding out his crush was a lesbian it quickly evolved into a setting, in which Monsters lived among humans in modern times, with magic, pallitards, and bums that are the heroes of the setting.


Note: most, if not all races are present in this setting, feel free to put them down along with their place in the world


Drow: can be assholes, usually get angry when you fuck with their tradition, will ruin your life

Elves: often snobbish, may live in trees, have several sub groups, often assholes

High elves: fascists

Kender: extinct, due to every other race Getting Shit Done.


Angels: forces of righteousness, usually appear when shit gets bad

Demons: opposite of angels, will fuck shit up

Fae: strange creatures, with no set form, live away from humans and most creatures maybe in their own world, change with the seasons, experience emotions and life in general differently from others, can slowly convert other races into fae, often plant like, well versed in nature magic

Timekeeper: not much known bout them besides the fact they appear when time shenanigans are involved

Incubus: not as popular as their female counterpart

Succubi: lust demons, live off semen, can be bitches

Dark Ones: mysterious beings that live in the deeper sewers. They seem to use a black goo to control living creatures.

Old ones : not to be confused with dark ones. They are hobos driven past madness from age and whiskey. Exiled to the slightly deeper sewers by other hobos because they make the hobos look less badass


Liches: may be evil but may also be trying to fix all the wrongs in the world

Vampires: also known as bloodsuckers or leeches, hate by pallitards, can be massive dick but so can everyone else

Zombies: created via pop culture or necromancer, there is a cure


Aboleths: nicer than most settings aboleths, may deskin and enslave people when drunk

Ice Giants: may be extinct

Ogres: big, rough, strong, prone to creating mafias, sex with them is painful

Dwarves: Short, bearded, usually live in holds under human cities, may live above ground, prized for their master craftsmanship

Dryads: plant people, their pubes get you high as fuck, can be mistaken for trees

Gods: all powerful beings, can be killed for ichor, which may or may not be a drug

Goblins: A fast breeding race with short life spans. They fear no punishment due to their short lives.

Harpies: suspected by one pallitard to be an all male species, this is false, they are prone to accidentally clawing lovers

Leprechauns: short creatures of Irish origins. Known to form mafias and are usually enemies of Ogres.

Lamia: half human half snake, some are venomous, special air tanks designed for safe reproduction with them

Golems: constructs, can be made of a variety of materials, may be able to get emotions

Driders: half human half spider, can shoot web, deterred by bug spray

Lycanthrops: werewolves and the like, go into heat and rut, May eat your face during the full moon

Humans: you should know what these are

Halflings: good at hiding, apparently delicious and good with ketchup

Tieflings: what happens when a human and demon bang, often targets of pallitards

Slime: may be in cube or humanoid varieties


Some of the many groups in the world, feel free to add to it

Bards: users of magical music, looked down upon due to suspect connection to children of madness

Inquisition: they are purging spain of creatures and magic, worse that pallitards,

Anti-paladins: either upholders of chaos or evil, they can be bros or douchebags

Children of madness: people who are basically chaos personified, often send people to the Trumpet Dimension, insane

Pallitards: people who claim to be righteous and just, hate most creatures especially vampires, can range from angry drunks to full on terrorists, hated by all, may or may not be considered alive, can detect evil and plants, but not lycanthrops

Paladins: actual defenders of law, will protect the rights of creatures, and are usually backed by a god, usually Torm

Sewer Bums: live in the most dangerous place in the world, sewers, which are filled with horrors and monsters that would make a normals men shit themselves, they are feared and respected for their martial prowess and survivability, main food sources are hydras and sewer grown plants, have minor regeneration, will not fight unless attacked first, protectors of those who can't protect themselves, all around badasses. the thing most people don't notice is that all the Sewer Bums are the same race, although that race isn't any of the ones you find outside the sewers. Like any race that goes into the sewers eventually... evolves into a Sewer Bum. Probably from eating all the weird monster meat that turns up there.

Magic girls: very rarely seen out of japan, may be some kind of police force

wizards: magic users, often bros

Humans held highests: also called the H.H.H. one of the biggest human supremacist groups out there. they appear to wear bedsheets and dunce caps


Different kinds of magic feel free to add to this

Principiamancy: Magic of controlling the elements (Fire, Water, etc.)

  • Pyromancy: Fire
  • Hydromancy: Water
  • Terromancy: Earth
  • Aeromancy: Air
  • Cryomancy: Ice (Prerequisite is mastery of Hydromancy, Aeromancy, and Pyromancy)
  • Gravimancy: Gravity
  • Lumenmancy: Light and Darkness

Botanomancy: Magic of controlling plant life

Necromancy: Magic of raising the dead, users often hate vampires for being hipsters

Biomancy: Magic over biological functions. There are many different sub-classes of Biomancy, however all revolve around the cells of the body and biological functions. Carcinomancy (Cancer), Morbimancy (Disease), and so forth.

Alchemy: While technically containing magical elements; sorcerer's stone and the creation of chimeras ad homunculi, mostly they work at apothacaries and pharmacies compounding the drugs that help make your life more comfortable. Palitards call them Alchemancers.


Places in the world feel free to add to this

America: filled to the fucking brim with creatures from all over the world

Florida: may be devoid of life besides pallitards, filled with vampires

Chicago: Currently on fire due to children of madness, Bums and pallitards are trying to fix it

Denmark: no creatures, only humans after King Christian IV set them all on fire

Spain: currently getting fucked by another Inquisition

England : mostly forest land. With vast mountainous regions in Scotland. Home mostly to elf races and fae. Dwarves inhabit most of Wales and Scotland

Japan:Tentacle monsters FUCKING everywhere, porn industry booming, magical girls seem to keep order

Trumpet Dimension: A place reported to be made out of 98% trumpets. The other two percent are the people trapped in the dimension, and the device they use to communicate with the outside world (one anon reported the device to be the asshole of a neo-nazi elephant or cow, it changes). People trapped here have a single song playing through their calves for all eternity, or until they somehow escape.

Sewers: The most dangerous place on Earth, home to Sewer Bums and the most dangerous and strange monsters, everywhere. As for why there are sewers all over the place, they're laid out into massive seals between the surface and the Other Places.

Deeper Sewers: The most dangerous place connected to Earth, where only the most badass "Sewer Bums" can tread without getting instantly... taken. Connected to all sewers everywhere and filled with impossibly dangerous and strange monsters due to contact with the Other Places.
Luckily, this lets the "Sewer Bum" civilization keep connected and provides them with the body parts of legendary creatures they can turn into amazing armour and weaponry. Home of the Dark Ones.


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