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Eurogames are /tg/s made by continen/t g/uys or continen/t g/als.

These games tend to have an unnatural interest in the subject of buying and selling beans. The rules are almost without exception based on a non-simulationist paradigm, meaning they have not attempted to be a realistic reflection of reality. In a Eurogame, the mechanics that apply to the Conquest of Feudal Japan could also be used for a Hungry Wolverine Feeding Game. These games tend to follow a rather strict formula that can get old very, very quickly.

These games tend to suffer from being considered either awesome or unholy pieces of toxic human waste, depending on who's playing them. This means you must get people together who you know will like what you're about to play, which can be hard to do. In contrast, a typical Ameritrash often suffers for its failure to meet hyped expectations when played, but won't get you lynched by several of your "friends" when you suggest playing it.

Eurogames are highly strategic, with very limited use of random chance, and an emphasis on player-versus-player play. Eurogame rules are often easy to learn but difficult to master, leaving many players asking "why bother". Some can be fun, but Settlers of Catan should be burnt, because while competently put-together it is terribly overrated.

List of EurogamesEdit