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- Emulsiworld -Edit


Yo /tg/ - the last two days I have been up at my inlaws farm, chopping down trees and doing handiwork to help before autumn/winter well and truly hits. In the course of this - I exhausted myself and went into a 14 hour sleep, uninterrupted until I woke up this afternoon.

The course of this dream is pure /tg/ bonerfuel in my opinion - and I want to see/hear what else could be done to this "dream"/setting to turn it into some form of tabletop wargame or RPG.

So - here is my 14 hour dream of doom, do with it as you will.

  • The world is set in the very near future
  • Mankind suffers some kind of (nuclear?) apocalypse
  • World is in apparent ruins
  • Next few years spent trying to rebuild broken Earth as food and water fail
  • Then – massive shimmering/glowing portals appear around the world at various civilian and military outposts and towns
  • Survivors compelled to travel through portals in their droves by some kind of unseen force, taking as many tools with them to survive whatever lies on other side, civilians taking things like luxury goods – the British and French taking as much foodstuffs and farming tools as they can, the Russians and Indians loaded up on as much military kit as they could drag through the portals. The Chinese take as many bulldozers and construction related vehicles/tools/materials as they can gather in one go.
  • World on other side is a massive, alien plains filled with plants akin to wheat – sky above is alien, with three moons visible in daylight sky and two distant suns.
  • In horizon is a massive (1km tall, .5km wide) white, shining tower – immediately visible from arrival point.
  • Newcomers head to tower – taking 2/3 days to reach the massive construction.
  • Tower is in fact, a massive – living, alien tree – hollow on the inside.
  • Tree is capable of pure photosynthesis – and naturally transmits energy (electricity, radio and microwaves) from itself – charging Earth-brought technology. Tree is capable of massive, triggered growth and changes to its internal structure – the entire thing seems to have been designed as a biological Arcology, ready for humans to move into.
  • Humans move into Acology, setting out residential, industrial, military and scientific zones and begin irrigation and agricultural operations for a permanent city within the Arcolo-tree.
  • World is named “Hope”
  • 5 years later, Human population is booming and successful – new biological technologies from the “tree” worked into almost all human technologies – living computers with biological wireless transmission – perfect solar power, living LADAR cells and laser transmission/receivers for long range communications – first hover vehicles and quantum computers are developed.
  • Explorers on Hope discover first signs of life beyond humans – remains of another bipedal civilisation, long fossilized in the soil – no visible signs of technology with them, no visible cues as to their deaths.
  • Evidence leans towards the theory that the Arcolo-tree was genetically designed by the race of whom the skeletal remains where found – no evidence can be found to prove this however.
  • Explorers build first townships beyond the Arcolo-tree, despite having enough room within to comfortably house a good couple of million people – plans for long term colonisation demand expansion beyond their original city.
  • A year later – the first of the developed townships is attacked during the night – the few reports that are made are vague, the entire population seem to have been ripped to shreds by machines of unknown manufacture during the night.
  • By the time a military force arrives, no sign of the remains or the attackers can be found, and half the camp seems to have been scavenged by an unseen force.
  • Within a week the same happens to another township – far closer to the Arcolo-tree – military forces manage to fight back and down some of the alien machines, armed with multiple ripping, shredding and tearing weapons – they are utterly unknown and designed for close and bloody warfare.
  • The citizens of Hope gear themselves for warfare against the machines.
  • Limited success is had in hacking into the machines memory – mostly corrupted systems lead back to a base within 50km of the Arcolo-tree, and a force is put together to scout out and assault what is assumed to be the machines base.
  • The assault is made, and after a long and bloody fight the machines are beaten back to what seems to be a massive underground entrance to their base – human troops head inside.
  • Human troops hit what seems to look like the central cpu and downloaded its contents, before abandoning the base and detonating one of the five nuclear warheads the Chinese military had brought with them, utterly destroying the base.
  • Days later – the machine code is cracked – and its contents divulged.
  • The planet is a testing grounds, and is roughly the size of Jupiter, it is also partially artificial in nature, it is covered in hundreds, if not – thousands of these “Arcolo-trees” each with an opposing nearby machine base – not only this – but the events that had brought them to this point have been repeating for thousands of years.
  • Thousands of HUMAN occupied planets have been destroyed and sampled in this way – each time humans from planets across the galaxy had been seeded, evolved and targeted by the machines, brought to this world by portals and then directed towards a waiting Arcolo-tree, allowed to grow and spread, before their “challengers” – the machines awoke to wipe them out.
  • Thousands of these records, civilisations of humans from across known and unknown spaces, divergent evolutions and technologies, all stored and catalogued by the machines after the civilisations destruction.
  • And mankind from Earth was the first to ever find this out.
  • There are also other groups – still active and either building towards their destruction, or in the midst of their war against the machine on the planet right now – cut off from communications by either extreme distance or deliberate and advanced jamming techniques.

- AT THIS POINT, I woke up . . . my head filled to the brim with fuck.

SO /TG/ What the hell do I do with this fuck?Edit

The fluff was rather obvious - a fair few Anons wanted to explore this brave new world, a few wanted to see what else I could remember, and a few wanted to pull this stuff into some form of combat campaign - so my solution was, why not both?

My own preferred system is FUDGE, due to the fact I have been using it for years, but it should be more than playable with FATE, GURPS or Savage worlds - but I have little to know experience with these systems, so if another Anon wishes to take up that chalice of justice then please do so.

Stats for this should be hitting the wiki before too long - as per usual /tg/ style it takes me a little while to get shit done.

In the mean time, enjoy the basic setting - the thread link and a little drawfagging.

Troops and bulldozers approach the "Arcolo-tree"
One of the combat robots, basically my mind spawned what looks like the love child of a Necron and a zergling