Eeza Ugezod's Mother Crushers


Eeza Ugezod's Mother Crushers is a Regiments Of Renown faction for Warhammer Fantasy in 1985 for second edition, and is made up of the Black variant of Orcs. They were created by Nick Lund, who reused his character of Ugezod from Mighty Ugezods's Death Commandos which he had published for Chronicle Miniatures prior to their purchase by Citadel Miniatures.

Da LegendEdit

The Mother Crusher tribe of the mountains in the Old World is the single most hated and feared group of greenskins the Warhammer World has ever known. For 42 years they've rampaged, without ever once forming or joining a WAAAGH! They march and kill mainly when hungry, and destroy every enemy they come across.

Their success primarily stems both from their elite Juggernaut troops (unrelated to the Chaos Juggernaut) and the Tactical Genius of their leader Eeza who is both cunning and brutal in equal degree, not to mention physically massive on top of that. They also utilize Arrer Boyz and Wolf Riders, and rarely Wolf Chariots or mercenary Ogres to support the flanks of the large and slowly advancing column which ignores any artillery or magic until they reach close combat as one.

Like most greenskins they use individual battle cries as they charge into a fight, but instead of every Orc shouting whatever they feel like as they plunge into battle the Mother Crushers actually synchronize their voices into a single chant of "Stomp the stunties - stomp the stunties - stunty stompings fun!" when faced with a Dwarf foe.

The Mother Crushers are highly unusual for even the more intelligent and disciplined Black Orcs, as well as being large enough as individuals to be termed "Giant Black Orcs". Eeza's legend is known far and wide to greenskins, which are generally uninterested in the past other than for descriptions of battle to imagine participating in, or in the present unless the story is about a still-living Boss they can join. Eeza's deeds stand on their own merit without need for embellishment, causing greenskins to remember his name despite having never come across him or any under his command. This is partially due to the highly uncharacteristic trait of the Mother Crushers to read, write, and record information. The following excerpt comes from the story of the Mother Crushers, the "Volees Adgitz", about a battle at Great Crossing where the farmland of the Empire leads into the mountains between Eeza's Boyz and an army of Dwarfs and their Giant:

"We goes miles this day. Last dark we kills many wittering souls, poking and cutting them - but not having times to make it slow and get them good and screechy. We gets on the Great Crossing and suddenly all around there'. Stunty Long Beards (Dwarfs) -trapping us boys and making pain threats. Then they goes all grinning silent, and crashing through the crowd comes a Great One, all drunk up, with great iron boots sparking as it steps, and long spikes and jags hanging off them, all dressed up for Orc stomping. It comes roaring and swaying towards us, swinging its club and making us boys windy and tearful. And the stunties are laughing, saying at last they'll have our pretty fangs to make their stunty women grin and dance. And us bold boys - we bunch up close, but cannot help a little wimpering. But Eeza Ugezod's got no wimper. He waves his axe and swears he's going to cut Great One's feet off and pop them in its face. With this he goes off fast forward and sharp hacks the Great One. Its knees goes one way, its great screaming whiskers goes another. The stunties has one look and go all quiet and shuffly. Then Guted - our champion - he gives an honest war shout and we goes off at them cutting up their little bodies, this way and that, and we collects much headskin with hair on it and ties it to our belts. We paints their juices all over the Great Crossing and we calls it the Red Span. We push all the stunties off it, but keeping a few for screarnings later and food for the march. We leaves not too many boys deadstiff and continues our way to make our dearest war and raidings."

Some time later the Mother Crushers suffered their first real defeat with the loss of an unknown quantity of plural hundreds at the hands of a Chaos Necromancer named Edis Edis. Whether Eeza survived or not is unknown although the Mother Crushers remain active despite the dip in numbers.

On The TabletopEdit

  • +1 to Animosity for Mother Crushers
  • Eeza Ugezod, Black Orc Major Hero: M4 WS6 BS6 S5 T5 W3 I6 A3 LD9 INT7 CL9 WP9
  • Black Orc Champion: M4 WS4 BS4 S4 T4 W1 I4 A1 LD7 INT5 CL7 WP7
  • Black Orc Warrior: M4 WS3 BS3 S4 T4 W1 I3 A1 LD7 INT7 CL7 WP7