Durann's symbol.jpg
Aliases The True Guide
Alignment Lawful Good
Divine Rank Lesser Goddess
Pantheon Manifest
Portfolio Honor, righteousness, truth
Domains Good, Healing, Law
Home Plane Unknown
Worshippers Dwarves, fighters, paladins
Favoured Weapon Warhammer

Durann is the Ghostwalk goddess of truth, righteousness, and honor. She's the sister of Chaniud.


Durann's faith is centered in Salkiria's capital of Donaree. The hierarchy is based on the amount of good deeds done, so the higher ranks tend to be volatile and filled with adventurers. Household shrines are common in places with no formal temples. The clerics of Durann act as teachers, healers, legal advocates, and general champions of good. Every fourth day of the month is called the Day of Truths, when clerics of Durann are forbidden from telling even small, or white, lies and fiction.


Durann is depicted as a woman with black hair, wearing long robes of gold and brown thread, carrying a hammer that shines like a lighthouse lamp. Dwarves depict her as a dwarven woman.


Strive to hold to the truth and use your honor as your shield. If your honor is infallible and your heart is true, you will prevail against all adversity. The hammer of Durann seals oaths, shatters bonds, and crushes lies—its light shines forth to inspire all to greatness, glory, and good. Be calm and uncompromising in the face of great injustice, for the righteous hand will strike down evil in all its forms.

The deities of Ghostwalk
Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Good Durann Aluvan - Eanius Soggelos - Wyst
Neutral Chaniud
Galaedros - Nessek Tephaneron
Evil Phaant Khostren Orcus