Duncan Rhodes

Duncan Rhodes
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Battle Cry "THIN YOUR PAINTS" or “Paint for the Paint God, Brush for the Brush Throne”
Primarch Himself
Homeworld Holy Terra
Strength 1000 thin coats
Specialty Paint thinning, applying multiple thin layers, creating results that are absolutely worff it
Allegiance Imperium of Man
Colours Everything in the Citadel range, but preferably Mephiston Red, washed with Agrax Earthshade, highlighted with Evil Sunz Scarlet, with a very fine highlight of Wild Rider Red, just on the sharpest corners of the model.
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"Societies grow great when old men apply Agrax Earthshade to rivets that they themselves will never see dried."

– A Techpriest teaches a young Cadian.

"I'm a meme, I am! Two thin coats baby!"

– Duncan Rhodes himself

Duncan Rhodes, full title St. Duncan of the Many Layers, also known as "the Paint God", "The Prince of Paints", "Der Kaiser von Kreativity", "The Sultan of Shades", or the "Lord of Layers" is (was [1]) Games Workshop's resident builder and painter, which means he is going to use exclusively Citadel stuff. But at least he actually teaches you how to invest your expensive paints and tools for maximum effect.

Duncan is easily recognizable for his hot accent, using every possible paint from the Citadel's ranges while actually making it look reasonable, his firm belief in THIN YOUR PAINTS and making overall beautiful models in Games Workshop tutorials. Sadly these tutorials are, as most videos on the Warhammer TV channel, blocked from having comments, which limits the possibility to make questions and bring suggestions. Of course, you can always ask some other professional but you know it's cool to ask the official guy.

Being the official guy also means that he's probably the only painter in all of Youtube who knows for sure how to properly pronounce all the names of the various tools and colours. No "Gillman" Blue, "Layman" Medium or "Ray Cart" Flesh in any of Uncle Duncan's videos, that's for sure!

The man needs to get his own personal channel, where he paints his own stuff and can interact with viewers, but unfortunately that is as unlikely, as it would be awesome. (Technically, you can ask him to paint certain things on Facebook. From January 2017, he has blessed us humble worshipers with his own Twitter page, from which we may humbly beg for his godly attention.)

He's gained such popularity, there have been people who have made shrines to him and made masks of him (really!). His face is also now an emote on the Warhammer Community Twitch feed.

He has also hosted an AMA on meme subreddit Grimdank which can be found here.

Duncan recently appeared on the Voxcast podcast, the video can be found here.

Duncan has just announced (Christmas 2019) that he will be leaving GW at the end of the year. He hasn't revealed his new plans as of yet, however he has shown he owns a box of Warmachine models on Twitter.


Friend to All NewcomersEdit

With the release of the Battle for Vedros starter set primarily aimed to youngsters, GW has posted some new introductory videos where Duncan shows the newcomers how to cut, paste and paint their brand new minis. This potentially saved thousands of minis from getting THIN YOUR PAINTS-ed while showing the more humane face of the corporation (bonus points as the tutorials don't require you to buy half of the entire Citadel range to get your models a decent look). Many old neckbeards feel envious of kids who nowadays have access to these kind of tutorials so they won't ruin their starter sets, progress always comes too late.

Tips from DuncanEdit

And here are some points good Duncan would like to remark:

  • THIN YOUR PAINTS, by submerging your brush in water and then testing it over some tissue or your palette.
  • Always give your paints a good shake.
  • Make use of a palette, doing so allows you to control your paint very easily.
  • Clean your brushes, particularly after using metallic paints (and reds) BUT ESPECIALLY BEFORE LAHMIAN MEDIUM.
  • Multiple thin coats are always better than one thick coat.
  • Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade (this is his favorite, Nuln Oil is second) are good, buy lots of them, and use a large brush.
  • Use detail brushes for highlighting.
  • Always base your miniatures the same way you base the rest of your army. (No shit)
  • Use your left hand (less you are left-handed, if you are, use the right one instead)

Despite the northern accent bants, he is truly, a pretty cool guy and will encourage you to THIN YOUR PAINTS, coz moltipl thin layers ur far betta than a single thick un!

The Fall of DuncanEdit

In recent months Duncan, while appearing for his tutorials every now and again, is now sharing his spot of painting with Emma Durrant. Truly it is only a matter of time before either fa/tg/uys lose their shit or Duncan, loyal servant of Slaanesh, sacrifices her skilled soul as a tribute for him to become the ultimate painter.

Duncan Strikes BackEdit

In defiance of all expectations and trends, Duncan has as of late August 2016 started a series called "Warhammer TV Tip of the Day". In these minute long videos he teaches more general miniature painting methods such as painting fire and skeleton bones. This likely is due to either that, despite his videos thus far, many chucklefucks cannot grasp how to THIN THEIR DAMN, DIRTY PAINTS, GW continuing its trend of showing its more human side, or Duncan being unable to respond to any of the memes constantly made about him on social media with no way to say "Thanks lhadz" or "Phek off". Regardless, this daily dose of Rhodes will continue to please the fanbase and, in turn, this pleases him.

The Paint GodEdit

October 2017's 'White Dwarf' saw a letter to Grombrindal asking the sacred number of the 'Paint God', Grombrindal answered that "His sacred number is two (two thin coats) and his name, though spoken in hushed tones, is Duncan."

Fall from GraceEdit

As of June 2019, Duncan has clearly lost much of his power and sway at GW Headquarters, as can be seen with the release of the new Contrast line, which encourages players to use a thick coat.

Leaving GWEdit

Several days before Christmas, rumors began to circulate about Duncan leaving GW. On Christmas Eve, Duncan took to his twitter account to confirm the rumors stating that he was leaving GW at the end of 2019. Many manly tears were shed for this glorious man, all shed in two thin coats. His departure from GW was immediately followed by a spike in twitter activity, showing that he's been a true man of culture painting all manner of models from different games all along, including historicals

"True" Facts about DuncanEdit

  • If it's cold, he wears two thin coats in the winter. Two thin coats are better than one thick one. Myth busted by himself on his AMA. Our saviour is falling in dark depths...
  • Duncan spent a year in prison, because he had a brush with the law.
  • Duncan has an army of Bretonnia. (That's true, but it's not funny)
  • Every time someone doesn't thin their paints, Duncan cries a single tear of Agrax Earthshade.
    • The Workshoptes Custodes bottle these sacred tears in small vials and sell them for a princely sum to desperate pilgrims and painters.
      • You don't want to know what Agrax Earthshade gloss is made out of...
  • Duncan's first model was a plastic sphess muhrine from his own chapter called the Void Bringers. This was before Duncan knew how to thin his paints, and he keeps it on his lamp at work as a constant reminder of his follies as a young painter.
  • Duncan was once accused of thievery, luckily the allegations were easy to brush off.
  • Duncan's models are prime(d) material for examples of well painted models.
  • Duncan met Picasso once, and told him to thin his paints.
  • Duncan is a master poet; he showed off a portion of his lyrical genius on the 14th of February. "Roses are Khorne Red, Violets are Hoeth Blue. Always thin your paints, and two coats will do." We are truly blessed.
  • Duncan once won best painted at a Lord of the Rings tournament. Many participants called it favoritism on the part of the judges. The Judges pointed out that Duncan was the only one to have a fully painted army.
  • Duncan is the reincarnation of Bob Ross.
  • Duncan is on the track to becoming a chaos god, so long as his devoted apostles continue to preach his message.
    • It is unclear when his line of daemons and chaos Void Bringers will release. If we are lucky, it will be well before the fall of mankind.
  • Duncan has recently denounced the development of the new chaos knights, as he expected the new release to be new loyalist knight models.
    • If GW is not careful, they may incur his wrath. And you don’t want to know what Duncan does to people that incur his wrath.

Duncan's TutorialsEdit