Unlike the Verbena, the Dreamspeakers represent the "nicer" side of natural magic in Mage: The Ascension. Based off of more, quote-on-quote, tribal types of Magic, they listen keenly to the voice of the earth amidst the chatter of modern life. And they've been through a lot; slavery, ignorance, betrayal, oppresion, you name it. Hell, aside from the Verbena and Cult of Ecstasy, the majority of the council looks down on them in a very paternalistic way. Which is a shame, because their powers are really neat; they're spirit warriors that have to die first just to get their powers.

Members of the Council of Nine Mystic Traditions
Akashic Brotherhood.png
Akashic Brotherhood
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Celestial Chorus
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Cult of Ecstasy
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Order of Hermes
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Sons of Ether
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Virtual Adepts