Dreamland d6

Dreamland d6 is an unfinished Homebrew RPG based on the Kirby video game franchise. It is meant to be simple and easy enough to pick up and play that, with a competent GM, even a small child can play.



Each character has a basic set of qualities, with a base of 1 and capped off at 6. Players have 12 points to distribute among each quality at character creation. Each quality determines how many d6 you roll when performing an action tied to that quality. There are also derived stats, and Abilities and Traits. The qualities are:

  • Courage: Standing up for yourself and fighting.
  • Roundness: Flexibility, movement, and Dexterity
  • Toughness: Enduring, persisting, defending.
  • Friendship: Cooperation and Kindness.
  • Dreaminess: Magical powers and other mysteries
  • Exam Score: Intelligence, Wisdom, and Cleverness

The Derived Qualities are:

  • Vitality: How many hits you can take before you are knocked out. Equal to Toughness for generic enemies, toughness times two for PCs and Minibosses, a multiple of Toughness based on the number of PCs for Bosses
  • Speed: The number of blocks you can move in a single turn. Equal to Roundness minus Toughness, minimum 1.
  • Jump: The number of blocks you can move upward in a single turn. Equal to Roundness.
  • Weight: The number of blocks you fall each turn you're in the air. Equal to Toughness.

Traits and AbilitiesEdit

Simply put, Traits determine what you are, and Abilities determine what you do. Characters gain two Traits at character creation; they gain one from their Creature Type, and one of the player's choice. Traits can represent anything from a character being able to fly or hover to being larger or smaller than the norm to being made out of rock or metal to being an adept swimmer. Abilities are analogous to Character Classes. Abilities are divided into 5 levels, and characters gain one or two new combat skills each level. Some Abilities provide an extra trait.


One of the unique features of this system is that it aims to emulate side-scrolling platforming gameplay in a turn-based system. Characters can move up to their Speed left or right in a single turn. When in the air, characters fall a distance equal to their weight value, and may maneuver left or right a distance equal to or less than their Speed value. There are four separate movement modes:

  • Jumping - The default movement mode. Characters with this movement mode walk, roll, hop or propel themselves along the ground by some other means. They may propel themselves into the air a distance equal to or less than their Jump value. They may move up to their Speed value while in the air. While in the air, they will fall a distance equal to their weight value each turn until they land on solid ground.
  • Flying - Characters with this movement mode may stay aloft while in the air, but must exert effort to do so. They may maintain constant altitude or propel themselves an upward distance equal to or less than their Jump value, and may maneuver horizontally equal to their movement speed. If they try to attack or perform some other action that would distract them from flying, they fall a distance equal to their movement speed.
  • Hovering - Characters with this movement mode may maneuver freely through the air in any direction. They may move a distance up to their Speed value. While they may hover along the ground, if they are grounded by some means, they are rendered immobile until they can get back up into the air.
  • Climbing - Characters with this movement mode may not propel themselves into the air. However, they may move at normal Speed along walls and ceilings as if they were walking.

Underwater MovementEdit

Movement while underwater works a bit different than movement on land. Characters' Speed, Jump and Weight are reduced while underwater, and characters with Jumping and Hovering as their movement modes default to Flying while underwater. Flying and Climbing characters keep their default movement modes, but retain the movement penalties. Characters may float on top of water and move at their reduced speed. Additionally, with the exception of a handful of Abilities, characters are limited to a simple melee attack. The Aquatic trait negates the movement penalties and attack limitation and sets a character's movement mode to Hover while underwater, but it causes characters to take a hit to Speed while on dry land, and restricts their land movement mode to Jump.

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