Dragon Warriors

Dragon Warriors
File under 'Pauldrons LUCKY NUMBER EIGHT!'
Battle Cry Unknown
Origin Unknown
Warband Leader Unknown
Base of Operations Unknown
Strength Unknown
Specialty Close quarters firefights
Allegiance Unknown
Colours Dark red with black trims
Good luck painting scales on minis.

The Dragon Warriors are a Chaos Space Marine warband specialized in short-range firefights, using melta and flame weapons (OF COURSE THEY WOULD.THE NAME SAYS IT ALL!). They are among the archenemies of Salamanders, wanting to see who are the best dragons in the galaxy, they even tried to capture the Salamanders homeworld, but failed... obviously. Just like many chapters created by GW, they are basically unused and lost to the lore. They got the potential to be a great warband, but with no fluff about them, kinda sucks ass.


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