Dragon Hunters

Dragon Hunters.

A Fantasy Heartbreaker written by an anon when he was 8. It combines elements of Warhammer 2nd edition, the D&D red box set, and Dragon Warriors.




As far as I can tell, you roll under the relevant attribute. I'm not sure what on, possibly 5d6, or 1d20, or d100. The attributes are:

  • WD: Weapon Damage
  • S: Stamina
  • Int: Intelligence
  • I: Inishu- Inituv- Init- Initiative
  • E: Experience
  • SL: Skill
  • Str: Strength
  • Lks: Looks
  • MP: Magic Power
  • MA: Magic Attack
  • MD: Magic Defense
  • WS: Weapon Stamina

Character GenerationEdit

Select a class from the following:

Each class has a rating for each attribute ranging from Low - the minimum, to Doom - the maximum. Roll your stats on the following table:

  • Low: 1d6
  • Av Low: 2d6+3
  • Av Medium: 4d6-5
  • High: 4d6+1
  • Brilliant: 5d6
  • Amazing: 6d6
  • Great: 7d6
  • Deadly: 8d6
  • Doom: 2d6x20

Select a weapon from those pictured under your class, and roll on the background table to determine whether you're a tradesman, noble, cotter or serf.


What setting?

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