Dogs of War

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The mercenaries of the Warhammer Fantasy world. Used to have their own codex and models yet have been sadly discontinued. Comes in three flavors; regular mercs, special characters, and Regiments of Renown.

Regiments of Renown units have their own backstory and special models. This used to be the only way you could get Witch Hunters onto the table before the new Empire army book.

Most mercs come mainly from Tilea which is the Warhammer Fantasy version of Italy during its city state period.


Games Workshop still sells some of the regiment of renown models although the prices are worse than Forge World


  • Old GW rules for Dogs of War [1]
  • Dogs of War fandex [2] (LINK BROKEN!)
  • Regiments of renown fandex [3] (LINK BROKEN!)
  • Classic Regiments of Renown (basically older ones from past editions updated) [4]
  • Models for sale [5]