Dogs in the Vineyard


Hello, my name is Elder Fa/tg/uy, and I would like to share with you the most amazing game...

A fairly short indie RPG written by Vincent Baker, set in the "west that never quite was" a fictional, yet not unrealistic version of the Kingdom of Deseret (Utah under Mormon rule in the 19th century). The game is widely praised for its unique feeling and its intriguing system, which is a prime example of narrative mechanics.

The players create their characters by assigning values measured in height and number of dice (for example: a trait might have a d4 value or a 3d6 value and so on) to four primary attributes, possessions and various traits that players can invent themselves and describe who the character is (examples would include: "I fear the night.", "You should all listen to me!", "I was a horse-rustler with my brother.", "I'm a good shot." and so on). All these qualities are measured with the same values and can all be brought in to give the character advantages in a given conflict, which can always escalate either through the Game Master or other players.


Dogs wheel.gif

Divide your Stat Dice among the four stats: Acuity, Body, Heart, and Will. The minimum for each Stat is 2d6; there’s no maximum.

  • Acuity: More dice in Acuity means a character who’s perceptive, alert, educated, clever, savvy or well-read.
  • Body: More dice in Body means a character who’s big, healthy, strong, wiry, muscular, tall, graceful, quick, or steady.
  • Heart: More dice in Heart means a character who’s compassionate, attractive, charming, gentle, courageous, enduring, faithful, or likable.
  • Will: More dice in Will means a character who’s tenacious, aggressive, confident, unflinching, strong-willed, or unshakable.

You won’t usually roll any Stat alone. Usually you roll them in pairs:

  • If your character’s speaking, roll Acuity and Heart
  • If your character’s doing something physical but not fighting, roll Body and Heart
  • If your character’s fighting hand to hand, roll Body and Will
  • If your character’s gun fighting, roll Acuity and Will
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