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Dive into the Sky (AKA Lesbo Jet Fighters) is a homebrew RPG based on the Ace Combat series of video games and the Mecha Musume (anthropomorphic military vehicles) genre, specifically the anime Strike Witches. It is a rules-light system, mainly designed for handling dogfights, which also rewards players for character interaction during downtime. If Strike Witches is any indication, this will mainly involve grabbing your wingman's tits and being ambiguously gay.

The game's older versions (Old System links below) use a dicepool mechanic where a player justifies the use of a particular stat for whatever action is being performed, and then rolls that in d6. A character's health is measured by Stamina and Hits - when a character's stamina is depleted, they take an actual hit and refill their stamina pool. A character that has taken their maximum number of hits is downed. Characters can also earn Ace points by pulling off impressive feats in combat and Friendship points by interaction with other characters, which can then be spent to improve a dice pool or achieve various other effects at the GM's discretion. Also the page of suggested traits annoys people who have drill sergeants inside their heads.

The current, crunchier version (0.5) drops the dicepool mechanic in favor of a skill-based system on a d100 percentile mechanic (with other assorted dice for other rolls such as damage, character generation and random tables). Ace Points are kept in this edition and are integrated with the Ace Styles (recategorized as Archetypes) of previous version while Friendship points (and associated Character Archetypes of the old version) are taken out altogether (though it's not stopping anyone from putting them back in). Characters are also able to perform strategic maneuvers which will give them various advantages in combat. Other notable mechanics are the Injury table, shootdown tables and equipment list full of functional items and weapons. This version was written by the military police, who took away the page of suggested traits as "evidence" of inappropriate "fun" being had.

Did we mention that none of the women wear pants?

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