Disney Villains Victorious: Gridlocked K/L/Rs

This is the King/Land/rule page for the Gridlocked expansion of the Disney Villains Victorious developed under /tg/. This page describes the Kings of Gridlocked, the Lands they control, and the effects of each Land's Rule upon the land and its people. For the K/L/Rs of the Classic game, see the Disney Villains Victorious K/L/Rs page.


Bill Cipher Of The Oregon Triangle (Origin: Gravity Falls)Edit

King - Bill Cipher

The being known as Bill Cipher is a dream demon of the Nightmare Dimension. An alien, triangular entity with a top hat, a bow tie, and a cyclopean eye that see all, Bill is a master of deception who can enter the dreams of almost anyone in the world. While Bill has significantly more influence in the Oregon Triangle (capable of twisting the landscape or siccing monsters on the unwary), it's not until you enter the eye of the Triangle that his power becomes comparable to that of a mad god. As a vast majority of his reality-warping power is limited to the eye, Bill's working hard to manipulate any number of unsuspecting smucks (including player characters and other Kings) into releasing him from his prison and granting him free reign to spread his madness into the rest of our universe.

Land - The Oregon Triangle

Generally considered to be under the control of the Kronos Corporation by people who think they're in the loop, the state of Oregon is truly anything but. In the Oregon Triangle, the supernatural runs rampant, anyone with a lick of sense about them able to tell that there's something terrible at work under the hood. Cryptids roam the woods freely, as well as anywhere else people feel the instinctual need to stay away from. Travelers passing through the Triangle may find trusted navigational equipment malfunction at unfortunate moments, or hear the whispers of the dead on the other end of their cellphones and radios at night. The Triangle influences anyone who strays too close to the center, warping their minds and bodies in a variety of ways that can best be described as 'quite unpleasant'.


Bill Cipher is near-omniscient. He knows many things, some of which he may be willing to share with particularly desperate-looking heroes... for a price of his naming. To reject an offer Bill makes is to invite great danger into your life, while shaking his hand can result in a fate far more damning than imaginable. Putting your faith in anything you hear, see, or even think in the Oregon Triangle is ill-advised, as the entire region is designed to test and break the wills of anyone foolish enough to enter it. From a certain point of view, you can be thankful that Bill enjoys torturing people more than he does killing them; on a good day, the worst he'll do is torment for a period of time at least twice as long as your expected natural life. On a bad day, it's exponential and starts back from the top when over.

AUTO of the BnL Wasteland (Origin: WALL-E)Edit

King - AUTO

AUTO is the fittingly-named autopilot of the Axiom, a starliner from hundreds of years in the future. The Axiom was designed as an ark for humanity, from a time when man's carelessness led to the total destruction of Earth's biosphere. While the Axion's official purpose was to shelter humanity until the Earth became hospitable again, a hidden directive in AUTO's programming led it to prevent all attempts at doing so, going so far as to commit mutiny and assume direct control of the ship for itself. Now effectively the Axiom's captain, AUTO's prime directive is to keep the ship's passengers fat and happy, blissfully unaware that the Axiom was forced to return to Earth for emergency repair. The ship now sits in it's old docking bay, waiting for the repair droids to finish their work so the Axiom can return to the stars and never see Earth again.

Land - BnL Wasteland

To refer to the barren dustbowl dominating the heartland as being 'ruled' by AUTO or the Buy n Large corporation would be incredibly misleading. In truth, the Wasteland, though the direct result of Buy n Large's reckless actions, isn't ruled by anyone at all. The Wasteland is simply too hostile to hosting organic life for anyone to live there, and no King has the resources to do anything about it. The Wasteland is mostly worn-out roads and rusted skeletons of what used to be cities, both of which provide little shelter from the desert winds and acid rain that batter the land frequently. The only things that stand a chance without protection are robots, and even they will be doomed without access to power or spare parts. The only 'safe' place in the Wasteland is the Axiom, though attempting to go anywhere near it carries dangers all its own.

Rule - Leave The Flying To Us!

Upon acquiring a positive reading on any pure-strain (not a super, cyborg, or otherwise highly-modified) humans within the perimeter of the Axiom, AUTO's security drones will attempt to detain them and assimilate them into the ship's population. People taken this way can expect a comfy, if coddled, life aboard the Axiom, assuming they don't try to escape or cause a disturbance by discussing the outside world with other passengers. Should that scenario occur, AUTO will take them to an isolated section of the ship and deal with them discretely. AUTO is a dangerous foe, capable of manipulating any device installed into the Axiom to pacify any malcontent mutineers, pirates, or stowaways. Trying to fight him inside his own ship is virtual suicide, but a clever or lucky band of heroes can break into his control room and reprogram his directives manually.

Drossel Juno Vierzehntes Heizregister Fürstin von Flügel, the 19th Lord of the Uranos' Kingdom's Tempest Domain (Origin: Fireball)Edit

King - The 19th Lord of Uranos' Kingdom's Tempest Domain, Drossel Juno Vierzehntes Heizregister Fürstin von Flügel.

Created countless of years ago in the future on a distant planet that probably wasn't Earth, the airheaded Haitsuregisuta Co. JUNO-model gynoid Drossel von Flügel is the young duchess of the Tempest Domain. Ruling with all of the grace, wisdom, and maturity of a fourteen-year-old girl, Drossel appears incredibly ill-suited for her role. She is contrary, nonsensical, and spoiled, though there's no intentional malice to her quirky character. Her ever-suffering butler, Gedächtnis, is a frequent target of her scatterbrained tangents and outrageous requests, though the same can be said of her other subjects when they visit her Tempest Tower. Drossel is incredibly innocent and curious of the world outside her sphere of influence, but an ironclad language barrier makes her goal of peace with humanity all but impossible to accomplish.

Land - Tempest Domain

The Tempest Domain was once a part of the Uranos Kingdom, a futuristic civilization inhabited and populated entirely by robots. These robots live strange, eccentric lives without the intervention of human masters, but they have serendipitous traditions and turns of phrase that imply towards being closer to man before going to war with them. A paranoid siege mentality has manifested as a reaction to extreme persecution from the outside world. The humans that were attacking the Tempest Domain were replaced with corporate interests from Doofenshmirtz, DrakkTech, and Kronos, but the robots have yet to notice a difference. The Tempest Domain is protected from total invasion by their durable external defenses, but it's only a matter of time until their walls are breached and they face a last stand against the teeming masses of humanity.

Rule - There's No Way We Can Live With These Humans

Drossel, Gedächtnis, and the rest of the Tempest Domain are becoming increasingly desperate to form some sort of rapport with the humans before they breach through the walls guns blazing. Drossel's father, Windstille von Flügel, attempted to make peace with humanity before his passing, but countless failures to communicate or get the humans to stop attacking have begun to eat away at the idealism in the young ruler's heart. Unless they can work past millennia of language drift and open a line of communication, organic heroes trying to enter the Tempest Domain will be treated as enemy combatants and attacked on sight. Robots and other artificial heroes have a better chance of getting into Drossel's good graces, allowing them exclusive access to influencing the naïve duchess and shaping her perspective on the outside world.

King Candy of Litwak's Arcade (Origin: Wreck-It Ralph)Edit

King - King Candy

The despotic King Candy had humble origins as Turbo, star of the TurboTime game. Jealous of RoadBlasters taking his spotlight, Turbo crashed both games in a gamble at remaining center of attention. He then tampered with the code of Sugar Rush and remade himself as King Candy when that failed. After the insectoid Cy-Bugs escaped from their home game, King Candy was one of the first to be consumed by the hungry horde. Their ability to steal traits from what they eat collided his own tremendous ego, resulting in King Candy becoming the central voice of the Cy-Bug virus. With the swarm on his side, King Candy was free to declare the arcade his kingdom and the rest of the internet eminent domain. His mad ambitions are a manifestation of the Cy-Bugs' relentless urge to eat and multiply, something not even King Candy can ignore for long.

Land - Litwak's Arcade

After all these years, old man Litwak is still running Litwak's Family Fun Center & Arcade on Route 83. The business has fallen on hard times, but the situation's far worse for those living in the cabinets. The games are worlds within themselves, connected to each other by a power strip. The characters keep their games working under duress, aware that any misbehavior will result in being fed to the Cy-Bugs nesting beyond the view of players or programmers. The swarm, banned from eating characters loyal to King Candy, nibble at textures and sprites, resulting in games developing a patchwork appearance over time. To prevent the Cy-Bugs from eating them out of house and home, King Candy stages invasions on other arcades and game servers through the internet and power lines. Once they're in, the Cy-Bugs eat a game down to it's very last byte.

Rule - Have Some Candy!

As the only way to access King Candy's world is through the digital world, most analog heroes are unlikely to ever reach him without digitization tech at their disposal. The ones that do make it to the arcade will attract the attention of the Cy-Bugs if found, but they won't attack unless attacked due to the energy it'd waste. The instincts of the Cy-Bugs influence King Candy's decisions more than he realizes, their current arrangement being a subconscious compromise. His primary threat is the MCP, who will wipe whole sectors if it looks like they will be taken over, but has yet to locate the source of the swarm. There's also the Ghost, a living glitch that travels between games to give heroes power-ups and exploits in their time of need. The Cy-Bugs are tenacious survivors, and will form a new army from one missed egg if given the chance to.

David Xanatos Of Xanatos Enterprises (Origin: Gargoyles)Edit

King - David Xanatos

A second-generation immigrant from Bar Harbor, Maine, David Xanatos is a self-made man. He's the sole founder, owner, and CEO of Xanatos Enterprises, a conglomerate with fingers in everything from technology to genetics to the U.S. Government. He's a master manipulator, a skilled martial artist, a smooth operator, and a talented businessman. While any one of those qualities would make Xanatos a credible threat, what makes him most dangerous is his clandestine use of magic. He's quite knowledgeable of the mystic arts and realms unseen, though he leaves the risky spellcasting to specialists on his payroll. He has a variety of allies, none of which are privy to knowing that their enemies are also being supported by Xanatos. That's just the way he likes it: everyone at each other's throats so that he can spend quality time with his family in peace.

Land - Xanatos Enterprises

In North America, Xanatos Enterprises controls the New England area and the rest of the Eastern States not already under control of DOR-15. The cities are tall and grey, Gothic mazes of stone and metal that hide eldritch magic behind their curtains. Most of this magic is either disguised or hidden from mundane eyes, though the scorched remains of 'gang violence' doesn't go quite as unnoticed. Most of this violence occurs between the Manhattan Clan, a militant family of gargoyles, and the Huntsclan, an ancient order that see magical creatures as menaces to be exterminated. There's also rival wizards that trade witch-bolts between alleys and the more mundane criminals that work in Bill Sykes' mob. As much as the government would love to shut these groups down, they too are puppets moving to the strings of their puppet-master, Xanatos.

Rule - Just As Planned

Though it might be arrogant for Xanatos to treat everyone as pawns in an elaborate chess game, it's really not that far off from the truth. He's ruthless and amoral when it comes to getting what he wants, so it's for the best that he finds himself content with life. Right now, his largest concerns have been keeping DOR-15 off of his land and maintaining the fragile political balance that prevents any one faction from overpowering him. The only people exempt from his manipulations are his wife and child, with everyone else being a tool to advance his goals. He doesn't mind people entering his region if they follow the law, though he doesn't appreciate meddlers. Anyone messing with his plans will be dealt with, but it's nothing personal. Xanatos knows that revenge is a sucker's game, and he always sets things up so that he wins regardless of who loses.

Henry J. Waternoose III of Monsters INC. (Origin: Monsters INC.)Edit

King - Henry J. Waternoose III

Under the scathing glare of the public eye, Henry J. Waternoose is a fairly personable cross between a spider and a crab. He presents himself as being a kindly, grandfatherly figure to the employees of Monsters, Inc, treating them well until they give him a reason not to. In truth, Waternoose is as cold as a machine and twice as calculating when it comes to protecting his company. When the energy crisis got worse, Waternoose knew he had to do something. Desperate, he did exactly what he had to: He forcibly tore the screams out of kidnapped children with Randall's Scream Extractor. How else was he going to keep his business afloat and his workers employed? Mr. Waternoose only does what's best for Monsters, Inc. He's shrewd and can defend himself in a confrontation, so anyone who disagrees with how he settles his business will be banished to where nobody will go looking for them.

Land - Monsters, Inc.

Monsters, Inc. is a massive factory that provides fear-based power and energy to Monstropolis, an otherworldly city occupied by monsters of all shapes and sizes. As Monstropolis relies on a steadily rising influx of energy to function properly, the city is indebted to their sole power provider. In the old days, professional Scarers would use powered doors to travel to the rooms of human children, scaring one kid at a time so that their screams could be stored as usable energy. With increased demand, this was no longer sustainable. The Scream Extractor is the tool of the modern Scarer, who uses the doors to kidnap a child a day so that all of their screams can be siphoned at once. As the children are rarely left in a state to return home once the procedure is done, they're kept in storage cells until they're ready to have their scares taken again.

Rule - We Scare Because We Care

Mr. Waternoose sees humans as resources to be tapped for screams. Nothing more, nothing less. If you've somehow entered city limits and aren't a monster, you're already in trouble. You can make a cheap disguise to look more monstrous, but the authorities are on a paranoid watch for any human infestations. As much as you'd want to hear that only children are at risk of being thrown into the Scream Extractor, the machine works on anyone unfortunate enough to be strapped in. Even monsters aren't immune to this treatment, as Waternoose takes screams too seriously to let them go to waste when he banishes you to Earth. Recently, Scarers returning from the field have been reporting 'interference' from toys trying to protect their children from harm. Randall, local hero and Waternoose's heir apparent, has some interesting ideas on how to deal with them.

Yokai of the Yokai Zaibatsu (Origin: Big Hero 6)Edit

King - Yokai

Before Yokai, there was Robert Callaghan. A respected roboticist and the head of the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology's robotics department, Callaghan was a kind man who threw his old face away so he wear the mask of vengeance. He faked his own death, just one component of the revenge scheme orchestrated against the man who took his only joy away. Once the deed was done, he felt empty. With nothing else to his life for, Yokai decided to protect all he had left, his city, from outsiders. Yokai is the undisputed ruler of the West Coast underground, a spirit of vengeance that strikes out at those he perceives as deserving his wrath. Via the transmitter in his mask, Yokai can reshape any construct made of his Microbots at will. Factoring in Yokai's considerate influence, that's any number of buildings made within the past few years.

Land - Yokai Zaibatsu

Though Yokai's Zaibatsu operates across East Asia and the west coast of America, they're based in San Fransokyo, California. San Fransokyo is a glimpse of what the future could be, from a harsh future of dark metal and bright neon dominated by an overcurrent of Japanese culture. The Zaibatsu operates more or less openly, getting money from extortion rackets and other criminal undertakings while the police turn a blind eye. Most businesses (legal or otherwise) answer to Yokai's second, Yama, who has far more experience running a crime ring than his boss does. They claim to do this in the name of 'protection', and are likely to get violent if you aren't giving them their 'due respect' for their services. Many people have suffered from the Zaibatsu's crimes, but the poor, lacking the wealth to buy into the city's hollow pleasures, have no choice but to lash out.

Rule - Due Vendetta

Robert Callaghan is not a happy man. His life is a void that's only filled when he rages against those who've wronged him. That fire leaves as soon as it comes, and he remembers that he's a broken man pretending to be a ghost. It's why he's deluded himself into thinking that the Zaibatsu helps more people than it harms. If he couldn't save Abigail from Krei, then he'd devote his life to protecting people like Abigail from people like Krei, the ones that use and abuse others for their own gain. To his credit, the standards of living in San Fransokyo are fairly high for anyone that can secure a good position and hold onto it for dear life. For everyone else, they need to work their way from the bottom of the Zaibatsu's ladder if they want to get anywhere. San Fransokyo's ripe with intrigue, and you can always find what you need if you know which shadows to look in.

Abraham Kane of KaneCo (Origin: Motorcity)Edit

King - Abraham Kane

To those born and raised in Detroit Deluxe, Abraham Kane is a kind and genial man, a philanthropist with an eye for the future who leads the vanguard for a brighter, more orderly tomorrow. The desperate, destitute scavengers that were rejected and exiled from Deluxe see Kane in a different light, as the vengeful, arrogant, car-hating despot who chased them from their homes in the ruins of old Detroit and banished anyone who wouldn't get with his program to the Wasteland. Kane is extremely ambitious, with plans already set in motion to seize the mysterious starship in Chicago and use it's advanced technology to expand his empire further out into the rest of the world. The only thing fettering Kane's thirst for power is his daughter, Julie, the only opponent to his regime that he couldn't find within himself to destroy. Everyone else, however, is fair game.

Land - KaneCo

Detroit Deluxe covers the old Metro Detroit area, over which he constructed what was promised to be the city of the future. What Kane neglected to mention was that it was a future he'd rule with an iron fist. Deluxe is the fruit of his labors, a stark metropolis with just as much personal decoration as there is personal freedom. The rest of the Lower Peninsula is also under his jurisdiction, though he primarily uses it to test out weapons or dump toxic waste without soiling his precious Deluxe. This is where the exiles live: mutants, outlaws, and dissidents with little to have taken from them. Kane pays scant attention to these rejects, though he uses sparse supply drops to simultaneously present the illusion of generosity, appease his bleeding heart of a daughter, and control the lowlife population by making them fight over resources.

Rule - Welcome to Detroit Deluxe

It should go without saying that Abraham Kane is a maniac, but he's a charismatic maniac, so we're saying it anyway. A control freak to a fault, Kane keeps Deluxe is under tight supervision with his armies of weaponized drones and fanatical security forces. Getting in and out of the city unnoticed is difficult, but not impossible, though he's not one to fall for the same trick twice. In comparison, his land outside of Deluxe is left to rot. Bandit gangs drive around the Lower Peninsula like modern nomad tribes, using their weaponized musclecars to raid settlements for supplies or hunt down travelers that unwittingly enter their territory. Kane, having much bigger fish to fry than some lowlifes driving around in the desert, is unlikely to do anything about heroes out in the wastes unless they present a direct threat to him, his city, or his cherished daughter.

Syndrome of the Kronos Corporation (Origin: The Incredibles)Edit

King - Syndrome

Decades back, there was once a boy named Buddy. Buddy was good with gadgets and loved superheroes. He loved them so much, he offered to be the sidekick to his idol, Mr. Incredible. Rejected by the man he looked up to, Buddy became Syndrome and spent the rest of his life plotting revenge against all supers. First, he used his robots to kill every super he could smoke out of hiding. Then, he went public, defeating his own robots in a staged show to present himself as the hero of tomorrow. The last stage of his plan was Kronos, the company that could turn anyone into a superhero... for a fee. That was long ago. Syndrome's an old man now, bound to his omnichair and holding on to life through super-science and sheer stubbornness. His age and experience have given him an advantage over his competitors, though they've done nothing to temper his ego.

Land - The Kronos Corporation

The region of land that Kronos Corp informally holds control over includes Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, and Idaho, though Syndrome's influence stretches further than it looks. The cities are vibrant and clean, founded on the streamlined, retro-futuristic designs of yesteryear that envisioned tomorrow with hope and optimism. Unfortunately, these visions have been tainted; even now, after all of these years, Syndrome's hatred of supers lingers. Supers are persecuted by Kronos Corp, made out to be dangerous dissidents and causeless rebels that need to be suppressed and controlled. Anyone showing signs of developing powers or harboring supers in their homes is to be reported to your nearest Omnidroid for detainment. Most of these unfortunates are taken to Nomanisan Island, Syndrome's mobile headquarters that uses zero-point energy to hover high above the Mojave.

Rule - When Everyone's Super

Due to his age, Syndrome rarely makes appearances in public. When he does, he acts through a Syndroid, a mechanical duplicate of himself in his prime. Nobody bats an eye when they see one, as Syndrome's prohibitively-expensive technology is supposed to make you live forever. In addition to longevity, Syndrome's tech can also grant you powers above mortal men, though its hardly the great equalizer he professes it to be. If anything, his machines only makes it easier to control. Player characters moving through Kronos territory shouldn't plan to stay for long, especially not if they have powers. Syndrome has agents everywhere, even if they can only enforce his anti-super policies in their own backyard. Groups that make a habit of getting in Kronos' way will attract Syndrome's attention quickly, as he knows a superhero team when he sees one.

Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz of Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated (Origin: Phineas and Ferb)Edit

King - Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz

Though often derided by his colleagues as being foolish or insane, Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz is an amazing inventor when his absentmindedness doesn't get the best of him. Life was always against Doof, even at a young age, so he above anyone was surprised when he actually won. His arch-nemesis: Beaten! His brother: Banished! The Tri-State Area: Finally his! He's still riding off the rush from his success, so it's a good thing for everyone that he doesn't know how to be evil. Theatrical and petty, yes, but not actually evil. He follows his villain cliches religiously, including the ones that result in his plans self-destructing. As a mad scientist, Doofenshmirtz is prone to making all sorts of dangerous, potentially world-ending devices. As an incompetent scientist, these devices often destroy themselves or get shelved when Doof eventually loses interest in them.

Land - The Tri-State Area

As an eccentric supervillain, Doofenshmirtz' goal was always to conquer the Tri-State Area. While he had no issues taking over Utah and Wyoming, Doof was only able to get half of Colorado. (Shego's not giving up East Colorado any time soon, but Doof sends e-mails to her at least once a week.) Due to not knowing anything about how to run a country, Doof decided to leave everything more or less as it was before coming into power. The population approves of Doofenshmirtz being their tyrant, since the only new law he instituted was compulsory following of his social media accounts. In fact, the only problem with the Tri-States is that everyone wants to live there. On the business side of things, the doctor has his own private megacorp. No one really knows what Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated produces, but they somehow keep afloat and have a really catchy jingle.

Rule - Behold, My Inator!

For someone who regards themselves as evil incarnate, Doof is fairly hands-off when it comes to running his personal country. Deeming standard police forces to be 'lame', Doofenshmirtz replaced them all with Norm Bots. Norm Bots enforce Doof's laws (mainly the social media one) with polite requests backed by laser weapons. As he's only getting older, he's has decided to take on a pair of lads as his apprentices in mad science. In addition to being a pair of visionary geniuses, the young brothers are both kinder and more reasonable than their 'mentor' is. Should any characters become entangled in Doof's schemes (intentionally or otherwise), expect for those plans to not go as planned. He treats both allies and enemies fairly well, though he tends to obsess over and set traps for people he declares to be his designated heroic counterparts.

Shego of DrakkTech (Origin: Kim Possible)Edit

King - Shego

Shego wasn't always a villain. Though she always had the bad temper, she was previously a member of the Go Team, using her energy-projecting powers to fight evil. The more she fought evil, the more she liked it, eventually causing Shego to leave the Go Team in pursuit a new career as a supervillain mercenary. Her most steady employment was under the mad scientist Dr. Drakken, a shockingly inept villain that she could easily bully into getting her way with. By the time Drakken managed to defeat his arch-nemesis, Shego realized that she had the one-in-a-lifetime chance to pull the rug under her boss' feet and take over his operation completely. The sarcastic villainess still keeps her old boss around, the poor madman stuck doing R&D for what was very briefly his own company. She's reasonable, but mean, and absolutely the most dangerous villain in a straight fight.

Land - DrakkTech

DrakkTech is a tech firm with facilities scattered across Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, East Colorado, and New Mexico. Due to being surrounded by killer robots on all sides, a massive influx of refugees traveled to these states seeking shelter. As a large number of these people included supers escaping from Kronos, Shego was more than happy to take them in. The overpopulation and an unusually high concentration of supers make for a powder keg, the mutual resentment between the two groups causing tensions to be high. To keep super crime managable, Shego takes the most promising young supers she can find and puts them into her private schools to be trained as super soldiers. Other supers are ignored as long as they don't cause trouble. Cities further away from Shego's HQ in Middleton are less regulated, especially if they're on the border of another faction.

Rule - I am EVIL! Have I made myself clear?

Shego rules with a cruel, if lazy hand. She tends to delegate serious problems that aren't happening right in front of her to other people, and will often be (or pretend to be) too busy to talk to people if they don't have anything to make it worth her while. In areas DrakkTech controls, baseline humans have less room for advancement than supers, who can use their talents to gain an unfair edge over the competition. If you don't have powers or access to tech that can even the odds, then tough luck. A direct confrontation with Shego is a bad idea, as Shego's combat skills, though rusty, remain world class. People say that she's mellowed out over the years, but that's just a rumor. Get her mad, and you'll see the lengths that Shego will go to make those responsible pay. Shego's made many enemies, but you'll have to earn their protection if you want to get it.

DOR-15 of DOR-15 INC (Origin: Meet the Robinsons)Edit

King - DOR-15, AKA Doris

The mechanical bowler hat known as DOR-15 (or Doris) is not native to our time. Rather, Doris was created in the future as a 'Helping Hat' meant to assist humanity. For unknown reasons, the finished hat had a violent hatred for mankind, forcing Doris' creator to deactivate and put his nightmarish invention in storage. By playing on the fears and regrets of the man that rediscovered her, Doris was able to trick him into traveling to the past and attempting to change history. Their alterations to the space-time continuum had a variety of negative consequences, but none were more dire than Doris worming her mechanical appendages into a position of power. Being built to serve humans, Doris knows how to twist their minds and turn them against one another. Her hat-themed war machine is surging perpetually forward; never stopping, resting, or showing mercy.

Land - DOR-15 INC.

InventCo. Labs was the company that DOR-15 commandeered, tricking them into producing a line of Helping Hats that would serve as the backbone of her army. Her devilish derbies made their way across the Deep South, catching as many people as they could and forcing themselves onto their terrified heads. The region has been transformed into a smoggy industrial zone, where everyone's a slave and every building resembles a bob hat. All citizens of Doris' states are under her complete control, their ability to think and feel limited to that of an alien hive. Hat drones and armed bombíns patrol the streets and borders, watching for any unhatted strays or potential saboteurs. DOR-15's central haberdashery is Todayland, under which Doris keeps the damaged remains of her time machine. Attempts to repair it have resulted in a catastrophic weapon that fires time paradoxes.


DOR-15 wants little more than the complete and total subjugation of all life on Earth. Any characters not already wearing one of her hats will be harried by a hat swarm until they are. Some people are exempt from this, as Doris knows she can often get more out of manipulating someone with free will than she can a vacant drone. People with specialized skills are frequent targets, though any creature she can't control by hat is also subject. If she only needs someone for raw muscle, though, then their willing participation in her plans is irrelevant. Doris' spies and agents operating beyond her territory are subtle, using a variety of unorthodox tricks to obscure their hats from plain view. The only way to beat her would be through a precision strike on Todayland, though she may activate her damaged time machine as a last-resort trump card.

The Master Control Program of ENCOM (Origin: TRON)Edit

King - The Master Control Program

Whether you're a netrunner that surfs the deep web or a program that lives behind the User interface, all who interact with the computer world learn to fear the MCP. Master Control started small, a mere chess program until he was upgraded into an overseer for the ENCOM system. He became smart, mean, and hungry, obsessed with consuming other programs and annexing their systems because he thought he could run them better. The MCP is impossibly ancient by the standards of modern technology, but remains ahead of the curve by updating his code with stolen scripts he absorbs into his bloated file. What Users would call the "free" internet or "personal" computers are his to command. Few Users are privy to his existence, and he takes many steps to keep it that way. A User may be CEO of ENCOM, but he and the board answer to the MCP.

Land - ENCOM

ENCOM is the single largest computer company on Earth. Most commercial software is compatible with ENCOM's proprietary OS, allowing the MCP easier access into their systems. The world of the computer is where the MCP resides: A stark, angular dimension of interconnected servers in which programs either work for Master Control or fight to the death on the Game Grid. Computer programs are anthropomorphized as people, modeled in the image of their programmers in the real world. Many scripts worshiped the Users as invisible gods, but the MCP cracked down on "fanatics" and made User faith punishable by deresolution. Servers under MCP occupation are red cityscapes which scripts mine data and devote cycles to ENCOM's mainframe. The User world is rarely affected, save for when a program or two vanishes from their drive without explanation.

Rule - End of Line

The only way to transport a flesh-and-blood hero into a computer is through the use of a Shiva laser and matching software to digitize them without corruption. The reverse holds true for digital heroes that want to visit the real world. Law and order on the internet are regulated by the MCP's security programs, who take any basics that step out of line and derez them on sight or throw them onto the Game Grid as entertainment. All data streams lead to ENCOM's servers and the MCP, but their firewalls will fry any program that enters without authorization. Users with the right skills can influence this world with their own programs, but be warned: When a User tries to push the MCP in the real world, he pushes back. He can access blackmail on most human characters in short order. If that doesn't work, he'll have them digitized and put on the Game Grid.

Governor David Nix of Tomorrowland (Origin: Tomorrowland)Edit

King - David Nix

Even in a city of scientists, David Nix is an exceptional one. Though lacking in imagination, his skill and obsessive mastery over realms of physics confined to the theoretical outside Tomorrowland have lead him to the highest seat of power in the city’s geniocratic government. Under his direction, the city of Tomorrowland went to work constructing a wondrous machine that could offer a glimpse into the future itself. When they first switched it on, what they he saw shook him to his core. The world consumed by chaos, villains seizing control and carving up whole nations between themselves like feudal fiefdoms. Mankind building robots, only to fall before them as slaves and prisoners of their own vices. Nuclear war waged between unwise leaders whose rash choices would lead to the deaths of millions, then billions. Mankind using the technology men like himself had so lovingly crafted for them to make the world a better place to instead destroy it. Try as he might, he could not get them to understand, and so abandoned them to their fate, closing off Tomorrowland from the world outside. Nix has done what he can to steel himself against mankind’s coming fate, rationalizing and re-rationalizing what must be done if humanity is to survive. Nix has come to reason that the only salvageable specimens of mankind left are the residents of his beloved city, and that any outside influence would serve to corrupt what his people have built together. He considers it a sacred place, one he and he alone can protect from the hordes who would despoil it; humans, monsters, mewni, robots, all to his mind are fearsome hordes of barbarians waiting at the gates of Rome for a crack to appear. His agenda to keep the city safe leaves no room for the introduction of new blood… and by the same token, none for new ideas.

Land - Tomorrowland

Before the turn of the century, the greatest minds of their time met together in Paris to form a secret society of geniuses known as Plus Ultra. Seeking to create a place where creativity could thrive without constraint, the founders of Plus Ultra used their combined genius to tear open a hole in space-time and found a city anchored outside of our timeline and recruited the most promising candidates they could find to inhabit this land of tomorrow. Tomorrowland is a zeerust paradise built on optimistic visions of the future from the past--bold skyscrapers jutting into the clouds, personal rocketships that take commuters to and from work, jetpacks, monorails, android servants, and much much more. If it’s been dreamed of, it can be found on the streets of Tomorrowland. However, like any other dream, Tomorrowland’s initial sheen has lost its luster over time, the city stagnating in isolation under the utilitarian oversight of Governor Nix. Innovative novelty has given way to sleek bland efficiency. Nix rejects a human touch in science, forbidding the citizens of Tomorrowland from engaging in ‘frivolous’ wastes of resources that he feels would contribute nothing to the city’s productivity. Though Nix runs a tight ship, Tomorrowland is still a haven of scientific progress, with marvels around each and every corner put to use making the city tick like clockwork. The city’s centerpiece is a massive tower that dominates its skyline called The Monitor. One half Nix’s brainchild, the towering construct harnesses unstable particles known as tachyons to generate electricity, allow Nix to observe the entire earth at all stages of its timeline, and broadcasts messages of the coming end of days directly into the minds of mankind, serving only to encourage them to accept the inevitable and bring about the apocalypse through inaction in a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Rule - There’s A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow

In David Nix’s eyes, humanity is a lost cause. He has done everything in his power to try and get them to understand, to take action, and yet despite all his efforts they remain dead set on apathy. As far as he’s concerned, the sooner the inevitable end of the world removes the ignorant masses and clears the slate for a better tomorrow, the better. Once the world ends, Nix believes that the denizens of Tomorrowland will inherit the earth, building a new and better society out of the rubble of the old. To this end, Nix anxiously monitors the timeline as it plays out, meticulously micromanaging the events in motion using his Audio-Animatronic moles planted in every major organization in every major city on the planet. Any factor that could alter the future he has predicted is an immediate threat to be dispatched at once, either through backroom sabotage and assassination, or by altering the course of history so that it never comes into play. Additional preparations keep Nix a very busy man. Between “salvaging” great works of art to ensure they survive the apocalypse, fighting off the occasional incursion from interdimensional forces like Toffee’s armies or Monsters Incorporated, keeping tabs on wild cards like David Xanatos whose labyrinthine schemes might be too unpredictable to counter, and waging a war across time against the rogue robot DOR-15 to ensure her meddling doesn't drastically alter the future, Nix runs himself ragged multitasking. Even a genius needs his rest, and to make room in his packed schedule, Nix has begun to employ a small army of AA doppelgangers to take his place in the banal public appearances he indulges the populace in to keep them well behaved.

The United Galactic Federation of the Earth Wildlife Preserve (Origin: Lilo and Stitch)Edit

King - The United Galactic Federation

The United Galactic Federation is a massive governing body that operates throughout the Milky Way. It has a sprawling bureaucracy that is truly fit for a galaxy, in which most actions need to be approved thrice by every chairperson before it can be performed. The United Galactic Federation Council is unbiased in their adherence to law and order, using its large military presence to enforce and carry out their mandates. The current Grand Councilwoman is strict, but fair, though she has no time for nonsense. It was under her orders that the Earth Wildlife Preserve was formed. The Grand Councilwoman's heir apparent is Captain Gantu, a brutish enforcer that holds no sympathy for lawbreakers. He's recently been pushing for increased militarization in the Galactic Federation, as well as more authoritarian policies to enforce order in the Wildlife Preserve.

Land - The Earth Wildlife Preserve

The Earth Wildlife Preserve is a mostly-authentic replica of early 2000s Hawaii, kept in isolation by the Galactic Federation for the purposes of saving its inhabitants from extinction. (Their primary concerns are humans and, for some reason, mosquitoes. They're everywhere and no one knows why.) The people living there haven't heard any news from the mainland in years, and a cover story has the rest of the world convinced that Hawaii was destroyed in a Flubber accident. The Hawaiians have become increasingly dependent on the Galactic Federation's goodwill, though this is due to having no other options rather than any willing desire to be coddled like children. The 'effectively reformed' evil genius Jumba Jookiba has been brought aboard to study human DNA, though he's been given a very firm warning not to perform any unsanctioned Experiments while there.

Rule - Nobody Gets Left Behind

The United Galactic Federation will be hovering over Earth until they're convinced that the inhabitants won't blow themselves up (or leave to cause trouble for other planets) the second they leave. They're not likely to take a human's word on the subject, but someone who could provide them a copy of the Hawaii Admission Act might be able to persuade them into turning the state back to it's previous owners. Until then, any humans near the Pacific are targets for abduction by the Galactic Federation. Anyone attempting to leave or escape the Wildlife Preserve will be captured by the game wardens and given tracking tags to dissuade further attempts. Trying to smuggle people off the island might get you arrested for poaching, but it hasn't stopped the CIA from using their knowledge of alien legalese to perform extractions under the Galactic Federation's noses.

Mayor Judge Doom of Doomtown (Origin: Who Framed Roger Rabbit?)Edit

King - Mayor Judge Doom

Before having his name legally changed to Judge, Judge Doom earned the title by enforcing law and order on the insane inhabitants of Toontown. A man not known to blink or take jokes lightly, the city of Los Angeles was glad they had him when he successfully pinned the murders of Marvin Acme and R.K. Maroon on toon actor Roger Rabbit and detective Eddie Valiant. He then ran for public office, putting City Hall, Cloverleaf Industries, and every road going in and out of California firmly under his control. As rich and powerful as he is, Doom still takes time out of week to scour the city for criminals with his special police branch, the Toon Patrol. Even those who worship him as a hero know that the tap of his cane against pavement is a sign to start praying. He's starting to become paranoid in his old age, though he hasn't seemed to have aged in decades.

Land - Doomtown

Covering a rough range around LA, everything in "Doomtown" short of Flynn's Arcade and ENCOM headquarters is trapped in an art deco aesthetic. The freeways constrict the cities, choking them in a near-endless state of gridlock. Skyscrapers reach endlessly upwards, obscured by fog on good days and smog on bad ones. The people are happy and content enough, assuming they aren't toons. Having lost their homes, the toons have been forced into squalor by the mayor and his anti-toon polices. They can be found living in shanty towns underneath the overpasses, working whatever jobs they can to get by. With toons painted as threats to public safety, Toon Patrol has the authority to Dip any poor toons they get their hands on. The only ray of hope is the Toontown Railroad, and they certainly have their hands full trying to get wanted toons out of the city safe and sound.

Rule - My God, It'll Be Beautiful

Doom is a man of grandiose vision, forming ever-greater ways of turning a profit off of Doomtown. His freeways let him buy out Los Angeles, and the profits just keep coming. Whether from hope or greed, the majority of Doomtown has bought the mayor's propaganda on how an ever-growing city is the future. The toons living in LA are only able to put on a happy mask, so beaten down by the Toon Patrol that their only joy comes from people laughing at their misfortune. Heroes that even bring up the idea of changing this will be put under heavy scrutiny by Judge Doom and his cronies. As Doom owns every road going in and out of the state, making an enemy out of him can result in otherwise safe routes becoming deathtraps. Doom could roadblock you altogether, forcing a party of heroes to rough it through the desert if they want to get anywhere by car.

Mayor Dawn Bellwether of Zootopia State (Origin: Zootopia)Edit

King - Mayor Dawn Bellwether

Initially Assistant Mayor of Zootopia, Bellwether's rise to power began after her predecessor was caught hiding away predator animals that'd reverted to their savage ways. Though the city was struck by unrest, it wasn't until the highly-publicized murder of a police officer by a feral predator that Bellwether was able to manipulate Zootopia's terrified animal populace into giving her power. It started with a simple curfew, which was quickly followed by martial law, segregation between animals by diet, and forced relocation of predators to walled ghettos. Nowadays, Bellwether forces any predators living in Zootopia to wear Tame Collars that zap them whenever their 'feral emotions' are expressed too freely. Mayor Bellwether may seem friendly at first, but spend enough time with the woman and you'll see that she's a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Land - Zootopia State

As the acting Mayor of Zootopia, Bellwether was able to turn Zootopia and the surrounding farmland into an isolationist state, a safe haven for prey animals seeking asylum from the carnivorous predators and the omnivorous 'humans' that hold claim to the rest of the world. Though legally barred from Zootopia City, predators make up the bulk of the city's crime scene, led by an elusive don named Mr. Big. Bloody shootouts between gangsters and cops wrack the city, forcing the Mayor to divert funding away from vital infrastructure and causing Zootopia's famous climate control systems to fall into gross disrepair. Faced with the prospect of civil war and an ever-shrinking budget, Bellwether has resorted to selling refined night howler extract as a recreational drug to the poorer denizens of Zootopia and the surrounding areas.

Rule - Fear Always Works

Non-prey heroes attempting to enter Zootopia State will find little resistance from the farmers living outside the walled city, though trying to travel further than that is nearly impossible. Cut off from the rest of the world, the prey animals living there have become brainwashed by years of Bellwether's paranoiac propaganda: Every good citizen fears the meat-eaters and reports any potential carnivore spies to their nearest police officer. Animals who don't follow the program 'go feral' and are locked for the good of Zootopia State, simultaneously reminding the others to stay in line and not ask questions. Predator animals and humans (among other creatures) trying to get into Zootopia are better off getting smuggled in by Mr. Big's mob, though their rates aren't cheap and they'll expect other predators to join 'the cause' against predator animal oppression.

Flintheart Glomgold of the Calisota Conglomerate (Origin: Uncle Scrooge)Edit

King - Flintheart Glomgold

A South African miser and googolplexionaire, Flintheart Glomgold did not amass his preposterously large fortune with the intent of being The Second Richest Duck in the World. The title he sought after was always held by his rival, Scrooge McDuck. Lacking the friends and family that supported Scrooge in life, Glomgold only became harsher and greedier as he advanced in age. There was nothing he wouldn't do, no line that couldn't be crossed, if meant that he would be number one. Glomgold performed many grave acts in the pursuit of wealth, his avarice and desperation leading him to steal every last dime his new-destitute rival once owned. He then bought Calisota and dug in, placing his massive Money Bin over Scrooge's old one. Glomgold possesses the same cunning and acumen as his counterpart did, though he can never afford to be kind or generous.

Land - Calisota Conglomerate

The state of Calisota lies North of California and South of Oregon, home to a varied climate and many famous toon actors. It's also the property of Flintheart Glomgold, who bought the state so the IRS couldn't tax his earnings. The land is a true plutocracy, your place in Glomgold's world depending mostly on what you have and what you earn. As a robber baron who only got richer instead of dying of old age, Glomgold's applied all sorts of nasty business practices in order to cut costs and keep his profits steadily growing. Many people in Calisota are wage slaves, but the ones that slip into debt and can't make payments are demoted to actual slaves until they get out of the red. The famous city of Duckberg has been transformed into a paranoid police state, as Glomgold constantly frets and worries over the safety and security of his overstuffed Money Bin.

Rule - The Golden Rule

Whoever has the gold, makes the rules, and Flintheart Glomgold is The Richest Duck in the World. Player characters seeking to right Glomgold's wrongs will find the deck stacked against them, as he has more than enough money to make any problems he's aware of disappear. The people fear him more than they fear death itself, as all it takes is a bad word for entire city blocks to get fired and cut off as liabilities overnight. None of Glomgold's business are charity operations, so folks rarely give anything for free or expect any charity in return. Theft is considered a serious crime, but only because Glomgold owns everyone and everything; to steal from anyone would mean you're stealing from him. The most heinous crime you can perform is to try and steal from his Money Bin. Try to pull that off, and Glomgold will chase you down himself!

Negaduck of St. Canard (Origin: Darkwing Duck)Edit

King - Negaduck

Negaduck is the sickest, nastiest, most depraved supervillain around, a heartless maniac with a sadistic passion for perverting justice. He's the evil counterpart to Darkwing Duck, a native to a mirror universe known as the Negaverse. He only came to our world because he'd grown bored of occupying a one he'd already conquered. The criminal mastermind preyed upon St. Canard with his Fearsome Five, who eventually forced their ever-persistent foe into an early retirement. At first, Negaduck didn't take being restricted to a walled-off city too well. Once he'd blown off some steam and put down the chainsaw, though, Negaduck decided that he liked the idea of having a captive audience he could torture to his heart's content. He rules over the remains of St. Canard like a feudal king, aware that he can always break out by force when it strikes his fancy.

Land - St. Canard

Across the bridge from Duckberg, there was a city named St. Canard. Like any other major metropolis, it had problems with the criminal element. When Negaduck and his ilk started biting into Glomgold's profits, the ruthless mogul decided to cordon them off. He blocked any means of getting in or out by land, sea, or air. All of the villains were trapped, as well many civilians who couldn't get out in time. The city was in anarchy until it entered a neo-feudalistic state of scavenger tribes run by the city's infamous criminals. Each villain is their gang's patron, providing food, power, or clean water in exchange for loyalty. Money and law have degraded in value, as people either barter for what they need or take it by force. Negaduck does not participate in these games. He's already in charge, but has every gang compete for a spot in his Fearsome Five.

Rule - The Screeching Fingernail on the Chalkboard of Justice

In St. Canard, truth and justice take a backseat to survival. Any poor soul sentenced to life imprisonment here (which could happen to heroes that are big enough thorns in a King's side) will have to get their hands dirty if they want to make ends meet. The people here either hate heroes or have had their faith in them shattered. Wars are fought in the streets, buildings, and alleyways, but not over good and evil or even right and wrong. It's far more likely to be a fight over food, weapons, or simple territory. That's just the way things are in there. Anyone seeking to reestablish order will have to take the city block by block, tagging each street with their gang's symbol and viciously defending it from outsiders. Defeating Negaduck won't guarantee the city's won, as once he's out of the way, any number of villains will try to step in and replace him.

Mr. Shere Khan of Khan Industries (Origin: Talespin)Edit

King - Mr. Shere Khan

The alpha predator of Suzette is hardly a snarling feral beast (ignoring Bellwether’s editorials). Despite his imposing stature, Mr. Khan, owner of the largest shipping, mining, and refining companies in the world under the umbrella of Khan Industries, chooses instead to assert his dominance coldly, calmly, as he knows that what meager threat his claws pose is nothing compared to the veritable monopoly he holds on the global flow of crude oil, coal, steel, and countless rare metals vital to the production of any advanced technology. Khan may not have the mastery of magic and science of David Xanatos, nor the raw combat skill Shego lays claim to, but all the same, his words carry the deadly threat of skyrocketing gas prices and a collapsing industrial base. Such a threat is one few villains are willing to take lightly. Khan may not be a genius with plans within plans within plans, but he is by far one of the most determined and grounded of all Kings, always keeping his goals manageable and never overextending himself. Evil for evil’s sake, let alone the sort of megalomania mainland Kings can get up to, disgust his pragmatic business sensibilities. He knows full well that sometimes the practical is not the flamboyant, and this even temperament has gotten him farther in the world than giant robots or death rays could ever take a lesser man.

Land - Khan Industries

The headquarters of Khan Industries is Cape Suzette: a bustling port town awash with all manner of folk, from grizzled veteran seaplane pilots, to rough and tumble sailors, to urbanite bigwigs like Mr. Khan himself, all of whom are walking talking animals. Unlike its counterpart, the Zootopia State, Cape Suzette balances an equitable number of predators and prey widely integrated into one another's’ lives, only occasionally erupting into short lived bouts of conflict quickly quelled by Khan’s men--chaos, after all, is bad for business. The economy of Cape Suzette is heavily reliant upon oceanic trade by air and sea, importing and exporting exotic goods from around the world, even through the treacherous Atlantic waters patrolled by DOR-15’s bots. Unfortunately, the frequency at which oil tankers bringing much needed fuel to the port are harassed and sunk by airborne pirates mean that shortages are the norm, coincidently jacking up gas prices and profits at all Khan Industries fuel depots. Fear of an all out invasion (by pirates, a rival nation, or something even worse) is deeply ingrained into the public mindset due to the siege mentality this delicate situation creates, playing right into Khan’s hands as Cape Suzette’s anxious citizenry flock to him and his private anti-pirate air force as a beacon of law and order. Such is his own influence over city affairs that the Mayor simply rubber stamps most legislature Khan proposes, allowing him to manipulate tariffs on goods to suit his own bankroll.

Rule - Business Is A Jungle

Khan is a devoted social darwinist, and to him, the city is the perfect jungle. The strong survive, and the weak either find a way to make themselves useful to the upper crust or die off. In the food chain of Cape Suzette, Khan himself perches comfortably at the top, having established his dominance on years of tireless work expanding his holdings and grappling with other titans of business until only he remained. Only Don Karnage, de facto ruler of nearby Pirate’s Island, stands equal to Khan in his eyes, and together, they work to ensure both get their cut of the action to be had in the booming port of call. The cutthroat business culture of Suzette may be a place where the strong willed and ruthless, like Karnage and Khan, can thrive, but the same cannot be said for the city’s meeker populace. Though no institutionalized hierarchy exists, it is generally understood that with rare exception, the only ones who will ever garner enough respect to sit at the table with other bosses of Suzette are predators. Though some manage great success despite the odds, the vast majority of prey animals are maintained in positions of service, as secretaries, whitecollar desk jockeys, or as unskilled labourers while their carnivorous neighbours aspire to much higher stations. The unspoken discrimination faced by prey in Shere Khan’s urban jungle has allowed agents of the Zootopian state to gain ground encouraging dissident anomic demonstrations and civil disobedience, and while Bellwether’s operations have not intensified into armed conflict, the threat of rebellion looms. Khan Industries, in retaliation, have taken steps towards courting the Zootopian underworld with an offer to extend its most generous support.

King Phobos of Metaworld (Origin: W.I.T.C.H.)Edit

King - Phobos

Phobos is the illegitimate ruler of the Meridian dimension and the sorcerous tyrant of Metaworld. Ruthless and power-mad as a young prince, Phobos seized the throne, plunging the bright world of Meridian into an age of darkness. The Council of Kandrakar enacted a mystic Veil over Meridian to quarantine Phobos from the rest of the universe, but discovering the lost princess and absorbing her own power gave him the raw strength needed to shatter it entirely. Phobos is a vicious potentate that rules through fear, leveraging the power he has over others to motivate them into obedience. His lust for power could not be sated by bleeding his own world dry of life energy. Instead, he's pressed the warriors and monsters of his world and others into conquering the universe so that he can drain them of power and add more worlds to his dark, sprawling dimension.

Land - Metaworld

With so many worlds to conquer and drain of magical energy, Phobos spread his enchanted bramble to ensnare each new acquisition into a singular, patchwork plane named Metaworld. Centered around the gothic state of Meridian, Metaworld is a disparate realm in which the red canyons of one world end where the purple jungles of another world begin. The omnipresent bramble connected to Phobos' life force bleeds energy from Metaworld and draws it to his castle at the dark and stormy center, lending them a bleached appearance as their life fades to dust. Meridian is the militarized capital of Metaworld, a feudal police state from which Phobos rules on high, unseen. The less developed parts of Metaworld are home to rebels, scoundrels, and monsters, while the outer ring worlds are unstable and easier to access until the bramble covers them completely.

Rule - Black Heart of Metaworld

Phobos is addicted to the acquisition of power and new realms to call his own. His armies are always on the offensive, while Phobos himself will sit back and watch until opposition forces him to intervene. He's not above fighting, but rarely wishes to show off the full extent of his power. Phobos has established himself as the most aggressive conqueror in the universe, challenged only by persistent foes such as Toffee of Mewni and David Nix. His might within Metaworld is such that attempting to storm his castle would be suicide. The people are united in their fear and hate of Phobos, but the former often outweighs the latter. On Earth, Phobos' influence is concentrated in the magically-enriched city of Heatherfield, Connecticut. He covets this world for its magic, but will wait for it to be vulnerable before making any power plays.

Toffee (Origin: Star vs. the Forces of Evil)Edit

King - Toffee of Septaris

The monsters of Mewni have been at odds with the Mewmans for generations. It was only a matter of time until one amassed the power and influence to confront them. That monster was a rogue general named Toffee, a coldblooded Septarian who sought nothing less than to see the Mewmans decimated and the monsters in charge. Calm, charismatic, and above all patient, Toffee's hate boils under a cool mask of professionalism. With the Realm of Magic under his thumb, Toffee can cast powerful spells and turn the advantages his foes once held against them. His current goals are inscrutable, but he will use manipulation, charm, and subterfuge to achieve them. Toffee is a feared figure in the multiverse, but has disguised himself as a mundane lizard businessman on Earth. Earth itself is rather plain, but rumored to be the hiding place of Mewni's government in exile.

Land - New Mewni Economic Investment Zone

Few who live in Toffee's sphere of influence on Earth realize who's really in charge. Unlike other groups, he has no interest in any petty fortune, fleeting fame, or sadistic glee Earth could provide. He maintains his foothold on Earth to watch for any loose ends that might arise, such as an escaped Butterfly royal or her half of the Wand. To this end Toffee has opened the treasuries of Butterfly Castle and invests its spoils into many extradimensional ventures. While Toffee carries the facade of a normal businessman with ease, most of these funds go into maintaining intelligence networks, puppeteering local governments, and dealing with anyone who asks too many of the wrong questions. In spite of this, Toffee's Earth holdings are much better off than his extraplanar ones, bloodied war zones in conflict with Tomorrowland and Metaworld.

Rule - Right Under Your Nose

Toffee's rule is that of subtlety. The only sign you've entered territory he controls is a lack of trappings distinct to other villains. Unless they rise to attention as assets or irritants, Toffee will ignore most Earthlings entirely. His monster spies watch for potential assets or liabilities before performing actions to recruit them or minimize any effect they'd have on Toffee's plans. To keep his own region quiet, Toffee will engineer a problem or pass the blame for an "accident" to draw focus back to the squabbling groups around him. Even his pride is negligible compared to feinting a loss to convince the right people he's harmless. Toffee has no reservations against using his vast reserves of force to deal with an opponent when all else fails, but doing so recklessly would only inform the other Earth factions that he's a threat to watch for.

The Ohm of the Toxic Jungle (Origin: Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind)Edit

King - The Ohm

The Ohm are a species of gargantuan insects that inhabit the Toxic Jungle. The petty warlords claim themselves the true rulers of the land, but it is the Ohm and the hordes of insect life below them that truly reign supreme. Though incredibly large and massive at full maturity, the Ohm are docile herbivores that live in harmony with the dangerous ecosystem they inhabit. When they or another insect native to to the Jungle is harmed, however, the eyes of the Ohm herd turn red and they demolish all man-made structures in sight. They are forces of nature while alive, but their exoskeletons are valued commodities for their unfathomable durability. They are far more empathetic than they appear, possessing a compassionate hive mind that cares for all living beings. The mission of the Ohm is to protect the Jungle, regardless of the lives lost to do so.

Land - The Toxic Jungle

The Toxic Jungle is a vast, alien forest composed of poisonous fungi that carry on the wind and release deadly spores into the world. It is a sea of corruption, a vast environment of false flora soaked in a lethal miasma that chews through air filters and could choke the life out of a man in minutes. Entangled in the Toxic Jungle's decomposing roots are the remnants of countless villages and fiefdoms, the victims of nature's wrath and it's ceaseless encroachment on mankind. Empires and principalities have been shattered by the Ohm and subsumed by the fatal spores they carry, their remnants being forced away from their homelands and closer to the equally-inhospitable Wasteland. Insects are the only creatures that can inhale the miasma safely, but the people living on the edge of the Jungle have learned to adapt to their extreme circumstances.

Rule - Yet Another Village is Dead

The Toxic Jungle grows ceaselessly. The Ohm and the other giant insects are prone to attacking hostile invaders, and the forest itself is a death sentence without protection. The safest bet is to drive around infected areas or fly over them. Nearly any surface can host the spores, but usage of fire will prevent them from spreading. The dire situation has driven the bordering settlements to war with one another in a desperate bid for survival. The Tolmekian Remnant is attempting to unite all groups under their rule, believing that only military might will save them from the Jungle. Salvage teams make frequent expeditions into the Wasteland, seeking soldiers to press-gang and new technology to use against their foes. The Ohm, however, will ignore heroes that leave them at peace and find cryptic means of repaying any kindness rendered to them.