Dionysus Revelers

Dionysus Revelers
Battle Cry "For Glory! For Infamy! For ETERNITY!!"
Founding 35th Millennium
Successors of Ultramarines
Successor Chapters None
Chapter Master Lord Dionysus of Kris
Primarch Roboute Guilliman
Homeworld Bacchus III
Strength ~1,300 Marines
Allegiance Themselves
Colours Gold, Violet, Mithril Silver.

One day /tg/ did what it does and decided to roll up some new marines. But some renegades this time, cause working out of the Imperium gives some elbow room. What they preceded to make was a bunch of Greek cannibal hedonist who worshiped their founder and made extensive use of Beastmen, with a rivalry against their Turk cousins. Also the ghost of their founder speaks to them who's actually a Necron. Awesome.



The HistoryEdit

Bacchus III was the closest to paradise one could achieve in the Imperium. On this planet born to a family of poor shepherds were two brothers. Their names were Dionysus of Kris, and Zephyros of Kris. Like most of the peasants of the world they grew up living simple lives. They played in the vineyards pretending to be soldiers as children and listened to the Satyrs play music in lavish fairs by night. During their childhood a force of Xenos invaded the system. Fortunately they never saw them as the blue angels of death sent by the Emperor protected them. But this was what would take them far from home, the Astartes that protected them would recruit the two children to bolster their ranks.

By some Emperor sent miracle both brothers survived the life of a recruit and weathered the danger of the gene-seed. They had proved their worth and were made full fledged marines. Dionysus would be placed in the 5th company, and his brother would be placed in the 8th company gaining his love of assault style tactics there. They would prove great marines participating in many battles and campaigns in this time of civil war. During one particular campaign the brothers were rewarded for their work. They would be granted the great honor of founding two new successor chapters. Dionysus would be given first choice and claim his homeworld and its system. Zephyr perceived this as a slight by his older brother and with no other suitable candidates was stuck with a feral world covered by tundra, and steppes.

A rivalry would grow between the chapters as they interacted with each other. The hatred Zephyr harbored also grew on his world which he viewed as backwards. It would all come to a boiling point as (untrue)rumors of the Revelers dabbling in the powers of the warp. The two sub-sectors launched into a full scale civil war with the chapters at the head. The Far Hunters favor of mobility helped them, leaving the Revelers little time to set up proper defense. They would destroy Bracchus III, killing Dionysus, and the golden age facility protecting Bracchus III causing the Dionysus Revelers to go rogue and as punishment the Far Hunters sent on a penance crusade to retrieve them if possible, and destroy them if not. The Necron tomb lord of the planet escaped on the Reveler flagship after his army failed to awaken.


"I remember Bacchus III. It was before I became Captain of the 4th Company, then I was still a Battle Brother. We arrived in the system after a nasty fight with the Dark Eldar. We took a thrashing that day. But we won, barely. So we retreated to the nearest Astartes system we knew, Bacchus, for they were also Sons of Guilliman. We had heard of their legendary hospitality and the beauty of their little Garden World. But let me tell you. Words do not do it justice, at all. The air was the cleanest I ever breathed. The birds were singing, the sheep bleating. And the people kind and sincere, simple as they were. The Abhumans were not oppressed or performing crime, they and the Revelers walked among the populace with little fanfare greeting everyone with a smile and wearing little to no armor. The food and wine, the finest I ever had. It was the cleanest and freshest in reality. Lamb in Tarragon Mint and Lemon juice with a fine aged Grape and Strawberry wine to wash it down.... And now it is gone."

– Captain Hippolatus Justinian

Bracchus III was in simple terms a paradise in the Imperium. Large cities of marble, fashioned in the ancient style of the Terra culture of the Greeks, to which large river-like aqueducts supplied water for gardens that dotted the multi leveled city roofs and hanging gardens. The rural countryside overflowed with docile life, deer and boars in the deepest woods. In pastures Terra sheep and cattle are tended too, and vast vineyards and fields dot the landscape for miles.

The nobility rules the marble cities, and serfs and peasants tended to the countryside. Bracchus III was also of note as it held a large population of Beastmen, they were divided into two breeds by the locals the large bull like Minotaurs and the almost entirety human like Satyrs who would pass for humans were not for their cloven feet and horns. Unlike most of the Imperium due to the close relation of the Abhumans and regular humans they lived normal lives. Although they could not be granted titles of nobility. The crime rate among the Beastmen was regarded as the lowest in the Imperium second to none, a point of pride to the Bacchusians.

The largest city on the planet was its prime jewel the city of Basileuousa. It had grown widely renown due to the fact that the first settlers formed it around a powerful golden age facility which covered the planet with a orbital shield.

It is known the Revelers walked among the populace at a fairly common rate for many reasons: improving ties, keeping the peace, taking part in festivals and more. Most famously is tales of Chapter Master Dionysus working the fields and herding sheep in peasant garb like in his youth. He is recorded in saying it kept him in touch with his humanity.

Your average Bacchusian share many traits hard coded into their very DNA over the years. Your average citizen would be bronze skinned and have well-toned musculature, even nobles. Hair color varied from blonde to ginger, and eyes were commonly green and blue.

Unbeknownst to the people of Bracchus III it was actually once a Necron Tomb world.

The ShatteringEdit

"The Shattering" is the term used to refer to the battle, or war, that lead to the exterminatus of Bracchus III. During the war the attack from the Far Hunters came as a surprise, and thus with little time to mount a defense the outer defenses of the system quickly fell. With their advance the Far Hunters took control of the outlying defenses and swiftly pressed onward to Bracchus III with little resistance.

The day Bracchus III fell was a day burned into their memory. It had seemed to be any other day, but around dawn how wrong it was became frighteningly apparent. By noon pods dropped from the sky all over the planet in great balls of fire. From the pods burst forth Far Hunters riding the Nightmares of their homeworld. By the evening the sky turned red and choked allowing no sun through a thick cover of smoke. Bacchusians and Beastmen hurried to the mighty ships of the Reveler fleet as they were mowed down by the Far Hunters. The armories were one of the first targets. When they fell the Revelers lost access to some of their most valuable weapons and armor.

But there was one point they converged on more than anywhere else Basileuousa. As long as the shield from the golden facility remained the Far Hunters could not unleash their full might. Lord Dionysus along with the 3rd company, and all Techmarines, set off to defend the facility to buy their people time to evacuate. It was said the battle lasted for nearly a full day, but by dawn as the shuttles took off only a dozen men remained along with Lord Dionysus. It is still told by the Revelers that a gunship was only minutes out from pickup when Lord Dionysus was struck down by his own brother. A brave recruit by the name Talos Deimos launched himself from the gunship and fought his way to the battlefield and dragged back the body of the Chapter Master. As they left the world Zephyr, now known as Zephyr Bey to his sons, gave the order for exterminatus.

Cult of DionysusEdit

As their founder Dionysus was already regarded as a figure of legend, but after his death reverence for him grew even more. This cult would grow and spread throughout the fleet with even the serfs coming to revere him, for he was their savior. To those of the Bracchus fleet Dionysus he is father, guardian, savior and power all in one, worshiped in a similar manner to the way the Imperium does the Emperor.

Eventually darker tendencies from the past nobility would crop up in the marines of the cult. A growing belief found purchase that eating the flesh of the fallen was a way of renewing life and purity. The Revelers have adopted this custom, possibly due to their Omophagea gland. Non-Astartes members of the fleet do not follow this practice, but do not look down upon it.

Shortly after the death of Dionysus during the shattering the Revelers attempted to find someway to revive Dionysus, even delving into chaos for a brief spurt. The Necron Lord that had snuck on the flagship and hidden under the sarcophagus of Dionysus used this time to appear, using his tech, in the flames of a brazier. He claimed to be the spirit of Dionysus and guided them away from chaos before they fell to the ruinous powers. After this all ships in the fleet built recreations of his tomb with a brazier in place of sarcophagus so that his "spirit" could commune with them.

Due to this reverence for the Chapter Master it is believed no one else is worthy of holding the title. As such the acting "Chapter Master" is regarded as the right hand of Dionysus, and is given the title Grand Scythe. Mostly due to their past as and Agri world.

Auxiliaries and life in the fleetEdit

A marine will be lord to several auxiliaries at all times to help him battle similar to a squad. The fleet calls these auxiliaries belonging to a marine a flock and their marine their shepherd. If a marine dies his auxiliaries will be assigned to another marine. The number of auxiliaries under a astartes is directly connected to rank with a standard battle brother boasting seven. All members of the fleet are auxiliaries if need be, but in times when not needed keep the fleet functioning.

Minotaurs are favored by Revelers for fighting but due to their power are only allowed to be given to high ranking members, and at the additional cost of other lesser auxiliaries. When off-duty Minotaurs stand constant vigil in the grand temple of a ship, or help with heavy duty labor. Satyrs along with Bacchusian humans make up the main bulk of any force and can commonly be found as the consorts and servants of Revelers.

The ships of fleet Bracchus are far removed from that of a regular Imperial ship. Gone are tight winding corridors in their place lay large open hydroponic fields tended to by off-duty auxiliaries. Many balconies will overlook these large open areas, while no doubt a lavish feast or party ensues in many of them.

Due to the heavy lose of the Chapters Techmarines it is forced to rely on rogue tech priest and those they save. Though Dionysus and Deimos have been making attempts to try and train their own Techmarines to improve self sufficiency.

Necron Lord DionysusEdit

Bracchus III long before its life as a Imperial Agri/Pleasure world was a Necron Tomb world of now defunct dynasty. When the final battle of the shattering broke out he was awoken from stasis, but for some unknown reason the reanimation protocols of his army failed. With no other options and unable to stave off the destruction of the planet he boarded the flagship of the Revelers the Thyrus. As it took off from the planet he his under were the body of Dionysus would be entombed. Later he would use his technology to take the form of the dead Chapter Master appearing as a spirit.

He has directed the Revelers since and taken the name Dionysus, since he has forgotten his own but only his name. At first they were tools for him to use but overtime as come to view them with a more fatherly disposition as he becomes more use to his role.

The only current members of the Revelers who know the true identity of the spirit of Dionysus is the current Chapter Master Talos Deimos and the 1st company known as the rusted scythes.

As of the 42nd Millennium he has dawned a replica of the armor, fully integrated into it, that was worn by the original Dionysus and now lives among the Revelers.

Death Rites of a BrotherEdit

The Festival is basically a re-enactment of the Shattering. They set up for a massive feast with a bonfire in the center. The tradition is that attendees place something of value on the bonfire. The evening opens with a band playing the string, woodwind, drum, and everyone having hors d'ouvres. Then they shut off the lights and six brothers dressed for the occasion in wolf heads and carrying trumpets and cymbals march in, playing a particularly loud and discordant version of what is already fairly aggressive Ottoman military marching music. They're lead by a figure carrying a torch, standing in for Zephyr.

The figure for the evening of Dionysus blocks them, mock battle, the torch is thrown onto the bonfire, "Dionysus" is killed, the "hunters" march out with the "corpse". They are immediately followed by one standing in for Talos Deimos. At this point the body of the brother to be roasted is substituted for the Dionysus, and carried by "Talos Deimos". The body is roasted (off to the side). The feast resumes, there is food, music, and dancing by the fire for as long as the lights stay down.

While not everyone in the fleet can attend, the Revelers always invite a representative sample to the festivities, and broadcast it to the other ships who enjoy a smaller version. Since they're rolling around space picking people up when they intervene, most of their flock is going to have things to mourn. By joining their mourning in a ceremony where they symbolically participate not just in the Shattering, but in it's aftermath, where the Revelers started moving and didn't stop (in this case that's what the dancing is standing in for), they're given an opportunity to mourn, and to integrate into the chapter.

Ambrosia WineEdit

If there ever was a drink of gods this would be it. Brewed exclusively in the Bracchus fleet. It is a labor of lifetimes grown from exotic crops from dozens of worlds. Harvesting requires collecting rare and dangerous crops, some poisonous, others carnivorous. Brewing is a long and laborious that comes with its own some set of dangers. But the end product is truly worth it all. After this drawn out process is completed what they're rewarded with is wine straight out of legend. If done properly the brew will have a thick consistency, and a deep gold coloring. Its said to possess a deep heady flavor that adapts to the drinkers taste buds, reminding them of a favored treat. However these accounts come only from Space Marines. You see due to the massive amounts of toxins that come from the plants its made from make it deadly to all but the Astartes, and any disgusting xenos with a great ability withstand toxins. Though the few serfs who have begged their masters and risked their lives have said that such a Emperor blessed thing was worth it, before shortly dying moments later.

The "Ambrosia Wars"Edit

It is unknown when the "Ambrosia" drink of the Revelers came to be, for they are not forthcoming with such information. But the earliest external information of it came from Pirates and Renegade Marines circa M37. The descriptions is similar to loyalist accounts of its qualities.

Not long after are the first of the recorded and known "Ambrosia Wars" which various groups such as pirates, renegades, and rogue traders sought to seize the secrets of the mythical drink. Reasons range from just how good it was, to rumors of it able to turn a man into an Astartes or Immortal to even an absurd tale that enough of it could heal the Emperor.

Being the only producers of this product has also been a great boon to the Revelers. The Far Hunters fleet has been lead astray quite a few times by a paid off official.

Tasty CrunchEdit

Base CrunchEdit

35th Millennium
Cause of Exodus
Messing with Ruinous Powers
Gene-seed Purity
Chapter Flaw
Chapter Cult
Legendary Figure
Lord Dionysus, founder from the Ultramarines
His legendary deed
Being a great protector and all around cool guy
Home Sector
True Nomads(Fuck you Far Hunters)
Rule of Sector
Hiding, what giant fleet?
Combat doctrine
Auxiliaries, Stalin would be proud
Operating Procedure
Savior Complex
Specialty restrictions
Missing Equipment
Powered and Chain Melee weaponry: Excludes all powered melee weaponry and chain weaponry. Note that this does not exclude melee weaponry as a whole.
Special equipment
Warp-Tainted Weapons, buy now cuts through daemons like butter only $4.99
Nominal, but not for long.
Chapter Allies
Necron, that's singular.
Chapter Enemies
Another Chapter, the Far Hunters.

Tasty Deathwatch CrunchEdit

Characteristic Modifiers
+5 to two of your choice.
Unique Organisation.
Solo Mode Abilities
This Chapter has been trained to spot minute disturbances of the warp pressing in on realspace. This attunement to the empyrean grants the character the Psyniscience Skill as a Trained Skill. The Battle-Brother may also re-roll any failed Willpower Tests to resist a psychic power.
Squad Attack Patterns
Tactical Finesse Action: Full Action, Cost: 3, Sustained: Yes. While this ability is in effect, the Battle-Brother and those within Support Range of him may make one Melee or Ranged attack as a Half Action (the Ranged Attack may only be made using the single shot rate of fire) and may then make a Half Move. A character benefiting from this ability may disengage from an opponent in melee without penalty.
Squad Defense Patterns
Courage Under Fire Action: Free Action, Cost: 0, Sustained: No. The Battle-Brother inspires those under his command to press on in the face of danger. When this ability is used, the Battle-Brother and any within Support Range of him may immediately recover from being Pinned. At Rank 4, those under the effect of this ability may also make a Half-Move as a Free Action.
Chapter Advance Table
Command Without Doubt.


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