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Dickgirl is a term that has seeped into /tg/ usage from its home on /d/. It is a sexual term referring to characters who blur the gender lines by having a generally feminine build combined with masculine genitalia. It's also used as a shorthand for the various "sub-names" referencing particular combinations/definitions of said characters.

Kinds of DickgirlEdit

There's a lot of different names for dickgirl floating around, and this list should hopefully clear it up some.

Trap: A character with a feminine, not female, body and male genitalia. In essence, these characters look like girls, but have very small breasts (if they have any at all) - they are basically guys who can easily pass themselves as girls, until one sees they only have male junk between their legs.

Shemale: A character with a female build and male genitalia. The next step up from Traps, these characters actually have tits (and usually more girly hips and butts), but still only have dicks and balls where it matters.

Newhalf: A term from Japanese hentai. Essentially, a Shemale (female body, male genitalia).

Ladyboy: Typically means the same thing as Shemale or Newhalf, but can also mean Trap.

Dickgirl: Can be used as a generic term for a character with a feminine body and male or male + female genitalia, or used to specifically refer to either girls with penises as well as vaginas, or else to Shemales.

Futanari: A term from Japanese hentai. Like Dickgirl, it can refer to a specific bodytype (most frequently associated with "girls with dicks + vags but no balls"), but is commonly used as a general term for dick-sporting feminine characters.

Hermaphrodite or Herm: A character who has a female body and both male and female sexual organs at the same time. Can have testicles or lack them. A rarer variant is the "male-herm" or "m-herm", which looks like a dude but has a vagina as well as a penis and testes.

Cuntboy: A character who has a male physique and female genitalia, in essence the opposite of a Shemale. The term is the opposite of Dickgirl, which further supports the tendency for Dickgirl to be used interchangeably with Shemale.

Relevance to /tg/Edit

Although this is mostly a /d/-related phenomena, the relationship between the two boards is closer than either cares to admit, and asides from the obvious magical realm potential of, say transmutation, flesh-crafting and other magical fuckery, there are some canonical examples of dickgirls appearing in /tg/ media, for all that they are understandably kept out of the limelight.

  • As the Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40000 Chaos God of Lust, Desire and Perversion, Slaanesh is naturally usually portrayed as some flavor of this, and has been outright called "hermaphroditic" in canon.
  • Exalted has a lot of gender-bending deities (like Luna, whose aspect of The Two-Faced Bride typically appears as a pregnant boy) and also outright hermaphroditic deities, such as Livillia the Goddess of Prostitution, who is also a musclegirl, and the demon Marilaq A'Lam. To say nothing of how all the seriously weird shit in Creation makes gender-bending and hermaphroditism downright mundane and comparatively accessible.
  • Dungeons & Dragons is home to a surprisingly large amount of these, though only a few are explicitly stated:
    • For a canonical example, the god of the Elves, Corellon, has in various sources been described as a gender-fluid deity with a tendency to appear as female or hermaphrodite despite usually being depicted as male.
    • The Lizardfolk deity Semuanya, is stated as being a hermaphrodite, and her most favored shamans are also hermaphroditic, if sterile.
    • Some material claims, or at least insinuates, that part of the sheer seductive & sexual prowess of Malcanthet, Demon Queen of Succubi, comes from being a hermaphrodite.
    • There's also some material claiming this of Demogorgon...
    • Higher-ranked Yugoloths are stated outright as being hermaphroditic.
    • Gnolls are not officially this, but their resemblance to spotted hyenas makes it a common "tweak" for /d/M's.
  • The Daksha Legacy in Mage: The Awakening transform into hermaphrodites as part of their membership. Hermaphrodites with third eyes that let them view the Akashic Records, no less. They use this as "proof" that they represent a superior race of humanity.
  • In Unknown Armies, one of the most powerful of all Archetype Avatars is the Mystic Hermaphrodite, whose representation of duality makes him/her the closest thing in-setting to the living incarnation of magick itself.