Deus Volt

Deus Volt is a homebrew setting, which is essentially the Crusades through a fantasy prism. Various nations and factions (fantastical versions of Byzantines, Mongols, Jews, Muslims, European Crusaders etc.) battle for the Holy Land where they hope to find mystical treasures, each of them seeks. Some want the Grail, some the Ark of the Covenant, others the Holy Shroud or the Nails of the True Cross.

The setting never got anywhere further than an elaborate concept.

The OP of the thread made a 'compilation' where he took what he found the most important of the thread's information / images and put them on MegaUpload before MegaUpload was killed by the FBI (now reuploaded onto Mediafire by someone who had a copy of said compliation).

Deus Volt Thread Archives(hopefully this will help make it Not Skub)