Desperate Gods

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Desperate Gods was intended to be an open source board game built with Unity; it is that, but it's also a perfect complete tabletop simulator created by accident. The game is designed to use absolutely no automation, so as to maximize immersion; players use the mouse and keyboard commands to pick up and roll physical dice, draw, flip, and rotate cards, move their game pieces, and even enforce the rules, all manually.

This program has enormous potential for online role playing and wargames, and it seems to be more complete than DERP.

Key bindings are found by pressing ?. Eurofags will notice this won't work. They have to press '.

/tg/'s house ruleset AKA: Divine Bumble-Fuck EditionEdit

  • The game lasts fucking forever if done with all the mob cards. So: Before the start of the game 4d6 are thrown. Take away the number of cards from each deck indicated by each die.
  • Players entering the same square must fight eachother.
  • Fighting amongst players is a'la Manure: the goitering: The battle begins by players taking out their decks of defeated enemies. The decks are shuffled (shaking the deck with the mouse) and drawing the topmost card. The strongest creature wins (die number on the card). In case of a "draw", both players roll for the creatures. This is repeated until each mob has fought once. After that, play carries on as normal. If one of the players runs out of mobs, he must fight against the remaining ones.
  • If one of the players doesn't have any defeated enemies, he must fight the other player's creatures. If the mob(s) is/are defeated, play carries on as normal. Players may not fight eachother directly after this cirucmstance.
  • Defeated creatures go to the victor. If neither player has defeated creatures, they fight normally.
  • For more than 2-player battles: The weakest monsters are automatically tapped, draws are settled between the others and winner takes all. The player(s) Without defeated mobs rolls 1d6 first then the mob cards are shown. For each round this player does not win, he loses one health point. In case of a draw between a player and a mob card, the player wins as normal.
  • The player may choose not to pit his/her creatures to fight and risk his own life. In the game, numbnuts.
  • Only money and items are lost by dying to wild mobs. Defeated mobs are only lost in duels between players. Naturally, a player that manages to kill another takes all of his/her posessions.
  • Otherwise, the rules are the same as vanilla.

The purpose of this ruleset is to introduce a more competetive and action-oriented element to the game. After all, this is all about gods, in desperation, trying to compete for control.. over the dungeons.

Experiment at your own peril; I practically pulled all these rules out of my figurative posterior.


The turnout of casual players is rather.. Low. And the servers you usually find here are initiated by friends who wanted to play together but want to keep assholes out by using passwords. Passwords you don't know!

So! In an effort to get at least some kind of /tg/ playerbase, we shall use this page to keep track of our own wandering "enthusiasts" and their passwords!

  • Dan's Table, pass: slab or no password

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