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Corvus Corax's home moon, known as Lycaeus before he liberated it from the Tech-Guilds.


Great CrusadeEdit

Before the arrival of our favorite raven, Forge World Kiavhar's moon was was known as Lycaeus. Kiavhar, despite being a Forge World, was not ruled by the Mechanicum, instead being ruled by powerful Tech-Guilds. In those days, the Tech-Guilds would send "the worst criminals" (people who could not meet production quotas) to Lycaeus to mine the moon's valuable minerals. Tech-Guild overseers ruled over the moon, but that was soon to change. Sometime after 800.M30, a pale boy landed on Lycaeus, and was named Corvus Corax ("the Deliverer" in the local Low Gothic dialect,) and upon seeing that the moon's population were entirely Kiavahran slaves, decided to liberate them. He led a slave revolt, defeating the Tech-Guild forces on Lycaeus, and renaming the moon Deliverance. Without the ores from Deliverance, Kiavhar's economy broke down, and the Tech-Guilds went to war with each other. Corax only joined the Imperium when the Emperor agreed to bring peace to his people, which he did by having the Mechanicum take Kiavhar.


The Raven Guard maintain relationships with the people of Deliverance, making their people intensely loyal. Deliverance and Kiavhar produce lots of ordinance and ammunition, which should be useful when Hive Fleet Kraken arrives.

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