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Not to be confused with Death World, a term for deadly planets in the universe of Warhammer 40,000.

"In a weird mirror Universe, the Hitler-Stalin pact was never broken, and the two dictators remained at an uneasy truce while the Wehrmacht swept through France, North Africa, and finally Great Britain. When the invasion of the North American continent began, Stalin finally intervened. Sixty years later, the United States are still contested. Another uneasy truce begins to crumble as skirmishes begin to flare up at the Demarcation Line. A promising young General, Comrade Obama of the American Red Army, seeks to finally drive the Nazis back into the sea - for the motherland!"

– Anon, swiftly turning the tide of the trolling

Like so many troll threads, it began with a simple image and one word: ISLAMABAMA. Pretty soon /tg/ had agreed that Commubama looked pretty badass and work began on a setting that would make Commubama a reality. A couple of threads later and the whole thing had evolved far beyond its humble beginnings to become something far more interesting and wide-ranging. The name's a bit of a placeholder, but it will do until a better one comes along.

Excellent proof of /tg/'s ability to turn even the most blatant troll thread into something good and useful.



I will tell you the truth of burning flames, and dying stars.

The truth of broken secrets, and unending emotions.

I will tell you the lies of the heart undying, and the mind unyielding,

the lies of the cold steel, and desperate logic.

This is a time of unending pain, and boundless hope.

Your species, as young as it is, stands at the edge of extinction.

You have summoned forces you cannot hope to comprehend, and yet you serve them willingly.

You fight your ancient enemies, and yet they are human, understandable.

Could it be you are only now realizing that your kind are endless in their evil?

Could it be that to serve what is alien, is preferable to falling to your own nightmares?

I hope you believe so child.

For that is the path you walk now.

~Source Unknown. Parts of this have been found scrawled as graffiti in almost every part of the world, in almost every known language.

Deathworld roughly follows our own timeline, up until the Second World War. The Nazis begin their invasion of Western Europe, just as in our world, but for some undetermined reason, Hitler never made the fatal mistake of invading the Soviet Union. This allowed the Nazi war machine to consolidate its grip on Fortress Europe, as well as successfully invading Britain. The uneasy peace lasted up until both sides invaded America which had maintained its glorious isolation during the war in Europe. The Nazis now control the Eastern Seaboard and the Soviets control the West, with a large No-Man's-Land between them, devastated by the war between them. These two super-powers are once again in an uneasy peace, but tensions are high. War back in Europe is mostly prevented by the massive fortifications both sides have built up. The real battlegrounds are elsewhere, in South America and Africa, as well as in the contested central United States.

Worse yet, the Soviets and Nazis, despite their dehumanizing superscience and demonology, are amongst the only powers able to truthfully claim that they are ruled by humans. Their opponents, supposedly "free" are ruled by alien horrors, spirits, Fae beings, and the long dead, if not some combination of the above. Will humanity enslave itself to undo these evils? Or will it be obliterated in the fires of hell and atom?

The setting diverges at around 1940ish, and present day for the setting is 2010ish.

Nations of DeathworldEdit

Nazi GermanyEdit

By now, the Third Reich is well into its One Thousand Years. During the conquest of Europe, many in the Nazi High Command turned to questions of the occult and Demonology to grant them the advantage of their conventional foes. The Karotechia, the Ahnenerbe and the Thule Society all grew in importance as they mastered the arts of summoning Demons to do their will, as well as the science of the old magicks that had long been forgotten.

Now, most of the old High Command are gone, supplanted by the growing Magocracy. Hitler is still alive but has long since succumbed to insanity and now serves as a figurehead to be trotted out for public appearances but is otherwise locked away for his own safety. He's still incredibly popular, and is viewed as the Father of the Nation, but real power now lies with the Mages. Life for the average pure Aryan citizen is fairly good in the Reich, but the same cannot be said for the less pure members.

Races like the Italians and French are treated as second-class citizens, with access to the best resources like education, health-care and so on restricted to the Aryans. They can still serve with the Army, but in less important positions. Magically talented members of these races are refused proper training, but instead are often lobotomised and used as hosts for the Demon-Human hybrid soldiers that strike fear into the hearts of Soviet soldiery.

The Untermenschen are kept around mostly as a slave class, interred in work camps. They are often used by Sorcerers to pay the cost in souls that their Demonic Allies demand. The Jews in the Reich have almost been entirely wiped out.

In battle, the Nazis use a combination of tactics. Some conventional weaponry is still used, but it is mainly restricted to the low-quality penal and conscript units. The real power of the Nazi army lies in its Battle-sorcerers and their demonic allies. Some of these possess tanks and weaponry, improving their effectiveness, some serve as spies and others simply manifest themselves to rip and tear. These are aided by the aforementioned Demon-Human Hybrids, terrifying combinations of man and magic can tear through an entire Soviet infantry battalion.

Notable Nazi CitiesEdit

Berlin - Still the Capital. Overall, a rather nice place, certainly inoculated against the horrors elsewhere in Europe.

New York - The Nazi's took New York during their invasion of the East Coast. However, it was always their weakest link and a center for revolutionaries and rebels. Constant military incursions and high crime levels have left it a grim place. It is still fairly heavily populated, but has a heavy Military Police presence, known for its brutality.

Philadelphia - Administrative Center for Nazi America.

New Berlin - A smaller, new city, being slowly built in the ruins of Washington, which was obliterated during the war. Long term goal is to have it emerge as a new regional capital. Being built from the ground up, it has lots of Nazi Architectural design.

Detroit - "The City of Demons" - The city is essentially a massive production system, used to fuel the fighting against the Constitutionalists and Canada. Portrayed as a modern factory city, it is in reality little more than a death camp, undesirables sent there to work to their death, their blood fueling daemonic rituals.

Toronto - Technically owned by the Nazis. However, it is a but a husk of a city, having been nuked, and a center of brutal fighting.

The Soviet UnionEdit

Without the Nazi's skill in magic, the Soviet Union has turned instead to good ol' Soviet Science to provide them with a worthy counter. The vast industrial giant strip-mines provide massive quantities of metal and ore to mass-manufacture the fruits of their research: massive, nuclear-powered tanks and power armour. While the core of the army is still its massed infantry, the way is led by these clanking, smoke-belching engines of destruction.

The Soviet Union is led by a gestalt mind constructed from Stalin, Lenin and Trotsky. Stalin and Trotsky rarely agree, so Lenin acts as a tie-breaker. The three's factions mostly work together for the benefit of the Union, but they are always looking for a way to seize power over the others.

Soviet society is split between three areas, the centralised administration cities (Moscow, Vladivostok, New Stalingrad on the West Coast), the immense industrial cities (Magnitogorsk etc) and the smattering of collectivist farm villages spread across the Union providing food. The central cities are towering piles of steel and concrete, a communist utopia on the surface. Beneath the streets, in a microcosm of Soviet life, is a vast support network of oppressed workers toiling in the undercity to supply the world above. The Thieves World is now literal, as are the "roofs" criminal gangs who operate under. Industrial cities are a little better, the criminal element having been run out by brutal commissars long ago, but no less dangerous. War is a 24 hour business here, with the constant clanking of gears and rumbling of tanks preparing to ship out a constant noise anywhere in the city. The collectivist farms vary more, but tend to be small and efficient, like the minds of those who tend them. The traditional peasant class of Russia still thrives long into supposedly classless age of Nuclear Communism, but the people are so beaten down they accept their lot without complaint. However, rumours occasionally circulate of a strange robed man with a magnificent beard visiting small farms and curing the sick with but a touch of his hand. The KGB have reportedly killed this man a dozen times, yet the rumours always filter through to the Kremlin Komputer just the same.....

In 1941, Stalin re-instituted the Orthodox Church, but with some change. Now the trinity worshiped is Stalin, Lenin and Trotsky. The parables of the bible have been rewritten to fit modern times and communist morality - science, progress and collectivism are the virtues extolled within. How accepted this is in Soviet Society varies, from peasants who have slowly accepted it as total gospel, to officials who use it as mere window-dressing and give it little real thought.

Notable Soviet CitiesEdit

Moscow - Capital

Vladivostok - Larger than in our timeline due to increased Soviet Pacific presence. Underwent a massive boom during the early years of American invasion.

Novo Stalingrad - Formerly the city of San Francisco. The administrative center of Soviet America.

Novo Arkhangelsk - Formerly Anchorage (Sitka was rather too small to take up the title again). Local administrative center for Alaska.

Novo Sevastopol - Formerly Los Angeles. Smaller than in our timeline due to focus on building up Novo Stalingrad, and due to stricter immigration. A center of Soviet Propaganda Film Production and retirement destination for loyal elderly servants of the Soviet Union. Disneyland was still built, but is rife with Communist Propaganda.

The ConstitutionalistsEdit

One of the newest players on the world stage, but in a way also one of the oldest. The Constitutionalists are all that's left of free America, formed by exiled dissidents from both Nazi and Soviet-occupied areas as well as the survivors that eke out an existence in the ruined No-Man's land between them. They worship the Founding Lords, Presidents of time gone past, who serve as an ideal of what America should be. But they are not just an ideal.

The Constitutionalists have mastered the art of necromancy, and with it, they hope to gain the advantage over the hated invaders, Soviet and Nazi alike. Preaching "Equality in Death", they have an ever-growing army of the dead building in the empty spaces of America. Society is fairly strictly divided, with Slaves at the bottom, being the reanimated corpses of Nazi and Soviet soldiers, those who did not choose Undeath, but had the Gift forced upon them. Above them are the still-living members, often used as spies and infiltrators and rewarded with citizenship if they serve well. Most sentient Constitutionalists have become Citizens, intelligent Undead with full rights who lead the masses of Slaves. At the top of Constitutional Society are the Founding Lords.

The Founding Lords are (or were) the dead presidents of times gone past. Some are still sleeping beneath the Earth, and their resurrection is a priority. Others now stalk the Earth, their minds warped from decades, even centuries, of death. The Lords are massively powerful, gigantic eldritch corpse-gods, the very sight of which is enough to drive any rational man mad.

Another major aspect of the Constitutionalist survival in 2010 is VATO - Voodoo-Atlantic Treaty Organization.

The Voodoo-Atlantic Treaty Organization was created in 1962, after the Cuban Voodoo Crisis. The undead Fidel Castro, wary of Nazi encroachment into the Caribbean, worked with American necromancers and prepared "Operation Locust" - an undead plague that was poised to sweep over the Eastern United States. The weapon was provided by the USA. Knowledge that the shipment had been made lead to an international incident, in which the Nazi's eventually backed down (behind the scenes, they determined that they could finish the confrontation after developing a cure to Operation Locust and there was no benefit in playing their hand instantly). As per the agreement, Nazi military forces removed their Mobile Magic Summoners from Hispaniola and parts of Africa.

In the wake of this incident, the USA and Cuba found themselves with similar goals. They signed the VATO agreement - they would share information, both intelligence wise and of newly developed voodoo rituals. As well, they would try to protect each other's interests in the Caribbean. Not long after, the newly independent Republic of Hispaniola was admitted to the VATO pact and, not long after that, the rising UAR (United African Republic). Together, these four nations were able to muster a response to overwhelming Nazi and Soviet Global Power."

VATO still exists as of 2010 and proved to be a larger problem than the Nazis and Soviets anticipated. Both the USA and UAR developed their necromantic rituals at a much faster rate than expected, and the UAR had a swiftly burgeoning economy. The Nazi cure for Operation Locust was never developed, as newer weaponry and tactics soon replaced it.

One of the most monumental moments of the VATO Alliance was the exchange in which the UAR gave the USA a plethora of badly needed ancient voodoo secrets, and in return, as a gesture of goodwill, the USA shipped over the Founding Lord Monroe. Monroe's "Monroe Doctrine", which was originally a statement of stopping colonialism in the Americas, found a remarkable reinvention in Africa and Monroe is worshiped there with great reverence, his defensive Magical abilities being of great asset to the UAR. VATO is also instrumental in ensuring that none of the other factions reaches a total dominance of the Mid-Atlantic oceanic routes.

Notable Constitutionalist CitiesEdit

Vegas - The West Coast is almost all Soviet controlled but the City of Sin is now the City of Death. The undead forces of the Constitutionalists defend the Hoover Dam and Vegas Proper, requiring no supplies other than ammo and fresh bodies. The Soviet attackers are no where near as lucky; heat exhaustion is almost as lethal as the Tesla weaponry employed by Constitutionalist shock troopers, and dehydration is a near endless problem. Yet the Soviets fight on, for taking Vegas is a blow against the heart of Capitalism itself.

New Orleans - Largest Constitutionalist City and Port. Center of the Atlantic Voodoo Information Trade and schools of Necromancy and Vodoun.

Denver - Capital of the Constitutionalists. Actual government and government structures are mostly located nearby in Colorado Springs and in Mt. Cheyenne.

Active Founding FathersEdit

Washington - The Founder

Jefferson - The Apostle

J. Adams - Judgement

J.Q. Adams - Prophet

Monroe - The Watcher (Currently in the UAR.)

Jackson - "Dread Hickory" (Jackson was a failed summoning, turning into a man-treant hybrid and going on a path of bloodshed still referred to as the "Trail of Tears")

T.Roosevelt - The King of Beasts

Lincoln - The Ancient One

Grant - The War Grinder

F.D.Roosevelt - The New Death (The Final Founding Father)

Cleveland - The Dark Horse

Taft - Scimitar

Coolidge - Silent Death

Wilson - Spear of Justice

Free BritainEdit

As Europe falls under the bootheels of the Nazis, Britain prepares for an invasion from the continent. With the humiliation at Dunkirk fresh in memory, the Army prepares to dig in and fight to the last as the Battle of Britain erupts in the air. Britain holds out for a good while, just as in the real world, but in the end, without a second front to worry about, Operation Sea Lion begins and German troops begin landing on the south coast. The Army falls back to its defensive positions, but they can only hold out for so long and slowly, but surely, Britain too falls. The German forces are assisted by Fifth Columnists led by Oswald Moseley, who the Germans will soon appoint Governor of the British Isles.

The British Government had already seen this defeat coming though, and had begun work on a plan to keep the most important bits of Britain out of the reach of the Germans. Work had begun on a gigantic nuclear submarine, to evacuate the Royals, the heads of the Army and government as well as all the necessary support for them. As Britain fell, the submarine was made ready and, with the help of the last of the British Navy, managed to break free of the Nazi blockade and out to the open ocean.

But this was not the only preparation that had been made. The impact of the increasingly apparent defeat on the King was particularly acute. He became increasingly withdrawn and depressed, and his daughter Elizabeth, was desperate for some way out of their grim situation. It was then she was approached by a young stage magician named Jasper Maskelyne.

Maskelyne, an illusionist who had assisted in the construction of defences with decoys and cunning ruses, in a quest for real magic, had discovered an ancient book, detailing the Fae-spirits that used to live in Albion, and how they might be contacted and dealt with. He had spoken to one of these entities, and was promised the protection of the heart of Britain, if he could only obtain the consent of a Princess. The young Elizabeth was eager to hear of any solution, and together, she and Maskelyne made a deal with the Fae. Elizabeth was somehow possessed by the entity, and Maskelyne made immortal to serve under It, but the heart of the Nation was protected in the submarine which miraculously made it past the German Navy.

British society soon changed aboard the Submarine. King George died, and the Elizabeth-thing rose to the throne, taking Prince Phillip as an easily controlled husband. Parliament dissolved into insignificance, splitting up into various committees and sub-committees dedicated to the running of various aspects of the ship. The British government-in-exile was refused access to the Isolationist USA, and even its former colonies turned against it, especially as Nazi and Soviet influence spread round the globe. The submarine settled into its new existence.

Nowadays, there's effectively three main power blocs. The Queen is effectively in charge. The civilian government keeps most of the ship running, clamping down on dissent as much as it can. The Army is basically all that's left of the Armed Forces, the Navy mostly being destroyed in the evacuation, and the Air Force mostly being subsumed into the Army. The Queen has worked her Fae-magics over a substantial proportion of those in charge to keep them subservient. The Queen's magic serves as the Submarine's protection too, shielding it from hostile eyes. She also blesses certain of her servants, granting them boons that mainly manifest as Fate bending to make them safer, or more likely to succeed.

There is resistance to her regime though. From within, disaffected Republican terrorists plot to remove the Queen entirely, and deep in the slums and food vats, there's plenty of places to hide. And outside of the bounds of civilisation, there are the near-feral Scottish tribes, hidden deep in the ventilation systems and sewers. Originally only a small hardcore of Scottish Nationalists, their numbers have grown over the years, from disaffected Republicans or just people who wandered down the wrong corridor at the wrong time.

Outside of the submarine, the most commonly sighted Free British are commandos, raiding undefended sea-ports for the resources they need, or for bizarre and seemingly mundane items that the Fae Queen demands. The liberation of their Isles is the top priority, but no-one knows what plans the Queen has made in secret, not even Maskelyne.


Crushed by the Soviet War Machine, Australia would have been a non-entity, had it not been for the discovery of an amazing new power source. Though it could not be developed in time to stop the power-armoured Soviets driving deep in Australia, those who were able to flee managed to establish a base in Antarctica, powered by their new engine and protected by a powerful technological shield that hampered scrying attempts as well as disguising the growing polar city. Amongst the other nations, New Australia is often regarded as nothing but a myth.

Deciding that their low numbers meant that Physical resistance to the Super-powers would be impossible, the Australians have withdrawn into themselves, focussing on their own technological development. They were the first nation to put a man on the moon, and have a satellite in LEO. Cybernetic body modification is a fairly common way to maintain the dwindling population. It is the stated goal of the Australian government to build a base on the moon to which the population could be evacuated. The Australians may be safe now, and their custom-built technology gives them an individual advantage, but were anyone to make a serious effort to wipe them out, they wouldn't stand a chance.


Japan never attacked Pearl Harbor, and never dragged the US into WWII, guaranteeing Nazi/Soviet victory across the world. The Japanese were eventually pushed back on all fronts, and their Fascist military leaders lost favor with the people and the Imperial Family's primary branch. Following the examples of the few ties they had left with the Nazi occultists, the Japanese found their roots in sun-worship and Shintoism, rebuilding ancient traditions long lost after the mass conversion to Buddhism long ago.

The Japanese are a warrior culture to it's core. Every generation wishes to die gloriously in combat, to join the host of ancestral warrior spirits that all Japanese warriors are capable of calling upon. The longer the line, and the more powerful the spirits, the greater the power of the items and person those spirits are summoned to "possess".

Japan is guarded by the Kamikaze, a wall of hurricanes that prevent any and all intrusion onto their sacred homeland. These massive storms abate only long enough for their ships to either exit or enter the isles. Going forth to raid and pillage the world beyond, or to return with their plunder. Only a few traders are permitted past, and only at designated times, and all attempts to infiltrate the lands have been thwarted. Neither the mightiest of German Demon U-Boats nor Soviet Nuclear Warships find passage as they flounder and sink in the wrath of the Kamikaze.


China is a nation divided. On one side, the immortal chair man Mao, now only a head kept alive by soviet technology, leads his massed Clone armies to conquer the rest of the once united nation. On the other side, the zombified Chiang Kai-Shek, kept alive with a combination of Nazi demonology, Constitutionalist voodoo, and Daoist alchemy, leads the Nationalist forces, comprised of the ancient heroes of China summoned into Terracotta warriors, Geomancers influencing the very energies of the earth and predicting the future through hexagrams, and Daoist martial artists, such as the super-human Bruce Lee, hold the line against the never ending cloned communist armies.

United African RepublicEdit

Liberia formed the center of the United African Republic, a member of VATO that is the one solid, major ally of the Constitutionalists, who shipped the corpse of Monroe to Monrovia to aid them. The UAR resists Nazi incursions with a mix of voodoo, necromancy and guerilla warfare, as well as Monroe. Influenced by Constitutionalist culture and ideas. Likely comprises of the modified borders of nations of Benin, Burkina Faso, Cape Verde, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo. Capital is Monrovia, largest city is Lagos. Has a population of roughly 300,000,000 in 2010. Has zombie legions to rival the Constitutionalists.

The UAR was founded in 1960, after about a decade of Nazi encroachment across the Sahara. Though the Nazis were occupied with other areas, particularly in America, many leaders in the threatened area realized the importance of banding together. Practitioners of Voodoo, inspired by the stories of Constitutionalist Necromantic resistance, began amassing their own hordes to hold back the Nazis. The formation of the UAR was sparked by the rise of the Republican groups in Nigeria and Liberia, who overthrew the current governments, taking much of their rhetoric from the American Revolution. This movement swept West Africa, culminating in the union of all affected states, with the official founding in 1960. The UAR joined VATO in 1966, which began the "Atlantic Voodoo Connection", a general sharing of necromantic knowledge from West Africa, the Caribbean and the Southern United States.


Canada is divided into four parts. The Soviet Owned West, the Nazi Owned East, the Ghost-Waste South and the Loyalist North. The Ghost-Waste South is also noted for the masses of Uranium in Saskatchewan. The Loyalist North, officially still called the "Dominion of Canada" is the true Canada - the True North Strong and Free.

The Loyalist North was created after WWII. The Canadian Government accepted elements of the British Government that did not go onto the Submarine. The Canadian Prime Minister at the time, William Lyon Mackenzie-King, attempted to make a deal with Natives to raise angry spirits to defend the nation from Soviet and Nazi invasion. This went worse than planned, with vast sections of the land that was trying to be protected becoming flooded with ghosts and other horrors. However, there were enough competent Shamans and determined fighters to hold the Northern parts of Canada - the places so frozen to make invasion difficult. The population of Canada was given a small boost by disaffected British citizens off of the submarine - this has had the effect, however, of souring relations between the Free British and the Dominion of Canada. The current capital of the Loyalist North is Churchill, Manitoba. Though not originally named after Winston Churchill (though actually it was named after his ancestor), a large statue of Churchill stands in the middle of the town, commemorating his sacrifice and stubborn resistance. Churchill itself would not be recognizable as the town it is today - it is not a village of hundreds but a bustling city of thousands, with distinctive Arctic architecture - and mighty walls all about it. To beat the frigid climate, a good deal of the city is constructed around underground tunnels. Other important cities include Yellowknife, Frobisher Bay and Whitehorse.

The key weapon in Canada's arsenal are the native spirits they have bound to their service. These spirits are exceptionally dangerous, but also very powerful. The North West Mounted Police are one of the main militaristic forces, the regular military having been decimated and requiring time to rebuild. The Canadian Government bargained for the Mounties to train under a cabal of Native Shamans. Today Mounties are the elite Scouting and Defense force of a swathe of territory too large for a regular force to defend. They bind spirits to use as steeds and weaponry. Though the Mounties are few, these spirits allow them to travel enormous distances quickly, and take on forces larger than themselves, thus allowing them to be perfect guards of the North.

Possible InclusionsEdit

Some nations have not had background fluffed up for them to an adequate extent.

Caribbean NationsEdit

The Cuban Revolution ousted a Nazi-Sympathetic government, and installed an Undead Fidel Castro into power. Cuba is now a member of an Alliance with Liberia and the Constitutionalists, all of them united by their desire for freedom and use of voodoo. It divides the Caribbean with Hispaniola.

At some point, Haiti and the Dominican Republic united to form the Republic of Hispaniola. It divides the Caribbean with Cuba and is a tacit ally of the Constitutionalists, and is a major center for voodoo research.

Jamaica and Puerto Rico are also independent and make up smaller member states of VATO.


Ghostly freedom fighters that make life a living hell for their Soviet Occupiers. Perhaps even they are ghosts.The White Death was captured by the Soviets but escaped, carrying Soviet biotechnology in him. Now whenever the previous White Death dies, the White Death implant is transferred to a new soldier - creating an immortal sniper that strikes fear into the hearts of the Soviets.

The JewsEdit

An underground fighting force, using Khabbalism and a network of golems to act and pass messages, as well as attack their enemies. They seek to overthrow their oppressors by carefully searching for the name of God, which was once intoned before the Ark of the Covenant in the Temple of David in ages past.


Newly freed from British rule, India rapidly fell under the control of the Soviet Union(Or the Nazis), but armed resistance there makes ruling hard. They might possibly have supernatural assistance(Hinduism or even pre-Aryan deities notable, if someone remembers this business....).

The MythicsEdit

Beings like Vlad Tepes and King Arthur, who derive power from the local legends of their homelands. They return to defend them, but are locked into their traditional borders, unable to leave them. Having little power beyond the ability to terrorize the oppressor's forces, they grow in power daily, from the fear of their enemies and the hope of those they defend. Should they ever gain an army of loyal followers, they may even be able to go beyond their own borders.

United Arab LeagueEdit

Protected by Djinn against Nazis and Soviets. Allows Jews to hide in Jerusalem. Is very traditionally religious compared to the other factions. Is fairly tolerant of Jews, Christians and any monotheists, but is very intolerant of the daemonic and communism. Considers itself the "Last Godly Land" left on Earth.

South AfricaEdit

Important Ally of Nazis. Much larger.


Also Important Ally of Nazis. Lets Nazis build a large military installation on the Falklands. Annexes Uruguay in 1973, Chilé in 1975 and Paraguay in 1989.


Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines are now a hotbed of pirates. A dichotomy of trade cities of fantastic wealth, and the scum of the ocean. Singapore is now a wretched hive of scum and villainy, as well as obscene wealth, being the "entry" port to the wealth and danger of Oceania.



-Divergence. Operation Sealion Begins. What would be a terrible and failed plan in our timeline begins to succeed.


-Conquest of Britain Complete. Royal Family and other flee on the Submarine.


-While on training exercises, a good chunk of the American Pacific fleet vanishes. An infuriated government searches for Japanese, Nazi or Soviet involvement but can find none.


-The "Oak Ridge Disaster" leads to a small nuclear explosion at the Oak Ridge facility in Tennessee. Public outrage over the damages devastates funding to the American nuclear program. In actuality, the explosion at Oak Ridge was due to sabotage.


-A traitor in the American military plants a bomb at a conference, killing a good deal of American military leadership.

-Various eastern American cities, including New York, Boston and Washington are hit with unseasonably bad storms and rolling blackouts. The Great Atlantic Hurricane comes in worse than expected.

-America is infiltrated by "Forward Mage Battalion", a secret Nazi group of Mages who use their skills to get into the nation undetected. Various acts of sabotage are later attributed to them - the near total razing of Cleveland Ohio, attributed to a liquified gas explosion, was actually the work of a Nazi Pyromancer, while the mysterious death of the entire town of Mattoon, Illinois due to gas poisoning was actually the work of a Nazi Aeromancer, who would later carry out gas strikes in Chicago - Mattoon having been a "practice run."


-Nazi Invasion of Eastern USA and Canada Begins with the "Day of Infamy", a series of magically concealed strikes on the Eastern United States. In the first moments of the attack, the President is killed and various industrial areas of the nation crippled.

-Japanese abandon Manchuria and summon the Kamikaze - Divine Winds.


-Both Soviet and Nazi Forces converge on Australia. Exodus of Australians begins.


-Soviets Conquer India.


-Founding of the UAL.

-Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King, long fascinated with the afterlife, attempts a mass communion with native spirits. He is killed in the backlash, and the Ghost Wastes are created, but Loyalist Canada gains pacts with the fearsome Northern Spirits.


-Australia is nuked into oblivion, neither Soviets nor Nazis able to get a firm hold on it and opting for denial instead. Shortly before this, the Australians finished their Antarctic community.


-Soviet Invasion of Western USA and Canada Begins.


-Governor of California sides with Soviet forces. San Francisco is renamed New Stalingrad and made capital of territory.


-Soviets and Nazis unleash nukes across Ghost Wastes and various parts of middle U.S.


-The Year of the Dead. All across the Constitutionalist territory, the dead from the nuclear blasts rise up and attack the Soviet and Nazi aggressors. Washington is summoned as the first Founding Father. Between these two events, the Soviet and Nazi rush to conquer America is shockingly stalled.


-The Third Reich lands paratroopers in the UAL in an attempt to seize the Suez Canal for more Lebensraum. They are eventually repulsed, with reinforcements lacking due to the situation in America.


-UAR is formed.


-Cuban Voodoo Crisis. USA and Cuba sign VATO agreement.


-Soviets Invade Finland - "The Finland War" begins


-UAR joins VATO


-Australians make first Moon Landing.


-Nazi sympathetic leader Pinochet takes over Chilé and organizes annexation into Argentina.

-Soviets begin to pull out of Finland


Finnish Communist Government is overthrown.


-Nazi forces in Iran begin an invasion of Afghanistan, coordinated with an internal Coup that leads to a Nazi-Friendly (or at least Mage-Friendly) government.

-Former Headsman and Assassin for the Queen, Margaret Thatcher, a.k.a. The Iron Lady, is appointed Prime Minister of Free Britain.


-The British Submarine is spotted near the Fakland Islands. British Commandos attack the Argentinian held Island,which is home to a Nazi military base. The Argentinian military eventually drive the Commandos off, but not before the base has been ransacked. Nazi officials make no mention of what could have possibly been stolen.


-After nearly a decade of war, Nazi Forces withdraw from Afghanistan.


-The Gulf of Finland War. Soviet Forces attempt to occupy Helsinki after reportedly Finnish supported terrorist attacks in Estonia. The Nazi Baltic Fleet arrives in the area, however, and by the next year a Soviet withdrawal and ceasefire is arranged.


-A Soviet-Funded Communist Revolution breaks out in the Nazi-influenced state of Yugoslavia. The Nazi's begin an 8 year military operation of subduing the natives, as well as punitive ethnic cleansing and demonic sacrifices.


-The World Trade Centers in New York are destroyed in an unexpected terrorist attack. There is initial confusion over who the perpetrators are - Conspiracy theorists alternatively blame VATO, Canada, Finland, the UAL, the Cartels, the Swiss or New Zealand. The Nazi Government blames Soviet agents, supposedly tracing the terrorist movements back to Soviet Afghanistan and Pakistan. In response, they begin to mass troops in Iran and begin an assault eastwards. In reality, they have no clue who performed the attacks despite thorough investigation. In fact, it was the Australians, performing the attack for some unknown reason.


-The Soviet's engage the Second Finland War.


-The Soviets end the Second Finland War with no appreciable gains and severe losses.


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