Death Love Doom

Death Love Doom
Raggi does it again.
Module published by
Self published
Rule System Lamentations of the Flame Princess
Authors James Edward Raggi IV

Death Love Doom is a module for Lamentations of the Flame Princess, written by James Edward Raggi IV. It is based around the exploration of the estate of a rich merchant and its family. You can tell it's going to be good because it starts with a page of Raggi ranting about his failed marriage.

The adventurers will stumble upon a lot of bizarrely deviant gore scenes, find some loot that will probably cause more trouble than it's worth, and fail to solve the problem at hand because the entire story already happened before the PCs even started the module.

The adventureEdit

Spoiler.gifThis article contains spoilers! You have been warned.

The premise is quite simple. A rich merchant and his family have gone missing, and it's up to the adventurers to find out what happened to them. The truth behind the whole affair is that a horrible monster captured in an amulet was gifted by the merchant to his wife and freed, then proceeded to kill everyone in disgusting ways. The monster (The Thing) is impossible to neutralize in a definitive way. The best you can do is kill him, at which point it will go back into the amulet, and then destroy said amulet. It will come back into another jewel after 444 days.

All the encounters within the estates are members of the family killed or manipulated by The Thing. Among other things, they include a man who shoots acidic ooze from his penis and an undead miscarried fetus dragging its mother by the umbilical cord with a psychic attack inducing permanent ability drain, You know, the usual stuff.

Regarding the loot, most of it cannot be sold without attracting the attention of thieves and/or assassins, as the possessions of the family were always coveted.