Death Company Terminator

A rare sight of a Death Company Member in full Terminator Armour. Chapter Master Caedis, in case you were wondering. All of the Rapetrains!

Welp, this is what happens when a Blood Angel under a Terminator Squad goes completely bonkers with the Black Rage. They get grouped with a team of Death Company Terminators to provide added support and spilling HUGE GUTS for the Emprah. Seriously, when you thought regular Death Companies was too much of a pain truck in CQC, watch these guys maim and burn everything.

One of the most famous of these chumps is Chapter Master Caedis from the Blood Drinkers.


Death Company Terminators are pretty damned rare. Mostly because the Blood Angels aren't too fond in wasting valuable Terminator armor to what counts as raging and suicidal lunatics (Still doesn't explain for wasting an equally valuable chassis of Dreadnought walkers.). However those that are part of the Death Company Terminators are a force to be reckoned with. It is unknown how Astorath deals with these rampaging tanks since trying to cut their head off is going to be a tough and tricky challenge when considering their Terminator armors.

As usual, Death Company Terminators excel at CQC fighting so it is best to equipped all of them with Lightning Claws, Chain weapons and any form of Force weapons so they can cause a unholy amount of carnage within enemy ranks. Unleash them and watch you opponent flip the table in Rage.

Unfortunately they don't have any official rules so you have to improvise.

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