Death Company Dreadnought

And you thought the regular Death Companies were bad enough....

Oooohhh boy! You thought the Furioso Dreadnought was bad? You thought it was lacking enough RIP AND TEAR? You thought it was missing an acceptable amount of RAGE? Well fear not fellow Blood Angels fans, there is a new Dreadnought that will satiate your bloodlust. Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you to the Death Company Dreadnought.

Have you ever wondered what happens when a member from the Death Company was too wounded to fight but still have ample amount of rage to keep him living? Well they turn him into a Dreadnought of course! Because why stop there in making slaughtermachines when you can upgrade them into a murdertrain.


It sure sucks to be a Blood Angel at times, some may even contemplate going into the most dangerous missions to avoid the Black Rage. But even the Blood Angel buried deep within the sarcophagus cannot escape the maddening Black Rage that affects all the Sons of Sanguinius. A Dreadnought can wreak havoc on any battlefield and with a Blood Angel who has fallen to the Black Rage they become unstoppable killing machines hell bent in tearing every non-loyalist scum a new asshole. Like all members from the Death Company, the Death Company Dreadnought is repainted black to symbolize you know... the Black Rage.

Even when the battle has been won, the maddened Dreadnought cannot be subdued and will often rampage for days afterwards until a Techmarine is able to forcefully shut down the war machine. Only then can the decision be made to either allow the occupant who has succumbed to the Black Rage to continue into the next battle or be replaced with one who has yet to fall into madness. So Grimdark.


Seriously you are on a page on Blood Angels entombed in a Dreadnought suffering the Black Rage. What the fuck do you think they are going to be equipped with? Don't know yet? Fucking two Blood Fists, one equipped with a built-in storm bolter and the other with a built-in meltagun. FOR MAXIMUM RIP AND FUCKING TEAR! The Blood Fists can also be upgraded to Blood Talons, that are as deadly as Lightning Claws, while still retaining the storm bolter and meltagun for increased effectiveness. Seriously though, I don't really be needed to tell you this.

Khorne gets turned into an envious bitch when his own followers aren't as effective on spilling the guts of their enemies when this motherfucker arrives.

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