Dear Emper

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The original post and a follow-up

Every once in a while a writefag comes along and completely hits /tg/ right in the feels. This short story is one such, a letter written from the perspective of an orphaned Eldar child.

Dear Emper,

Hi! I ain't supposed to write to you so you got to keep this a secret, ok? I heard some guardians saying the mon'keigh think you're real nice and give them gifts and stuff if they're good. They said it was silly but I've been really good! I been meditating every single day and washing behind my ears and cleaning my wraithbone and everything!

So I know you're probably super busy and stuff but if you're near the craftworld then maybe you can bring me my mom's spirit stone? She went away to fight and when she came back she wasn't moving anymore but she didn't have her spirit stone. I'm scared she's lonely. I don't know what it's like inside a spirit stone and the exarch won't tell me but I miss her a lot. I asked dad what it was like but he doesn't talk to me much anymore since they put him in a rafelord. He says he's cold a lot. Can you bring him a blanket? A big one if you got it.

I don't know how to give this to you so I'm putting it in an airlock. You're really magic so I bet you'll find it right away! I don't got nothing to give you for reading this but if you visit me I'll promise I'll give you a million hugs!

-Love Athan

note:this is required reading for all draw fags and writefags every christmas