Dark Conspiracy

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Dark Conspiracy is a long-running near-future horror roleplaying game, originally created by Games Workshop. It is set in the early 21st century after the "Greater Depression" has destroyed the global economy. Focusing on the United States, the game describes a country undergoing slow collapse. Most of the largest cities have continued to expand and formed massive metroplexes, in some cases covering entire states' worth of land. Outside of the metroplexes the majority of the country has become known as "Out-Law" where there is virtually no federal or state protection and the road network is barely maintained between the glittering lights of the Metroplexes. Scattered throughout the Out-Law and even in the darker and more forbidding areas of the Metroplexes, zones known as "Demonground" have begun to appear. These areas are warped and twisted by energy leaking from other dimensions, trying to impose their version of reality onto our own. Out of these areas spread monsters: everything from legendary creatures such as Vampires and Werewolves to the science fiction nightmares of aliens and cyborgs. The PCs typically assume the roles of people who have stumbled across this "Dark Incursion", known as Minion Hunters, and taken up arms against it.

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