Dark Angel Shoulder Pad

Horus Heresy Weekender III

Your Choice.
Yeah, we are that popular...

During the Horus Heresy Weekender III, an audience member asked Tony Cottrell the following:-

"if the Dark Angel books are coming out in the far future, couldn't you just do and release the Shoulder pads, like now?"

Tony riposted (handling it like a BOSS),

"We could, but what about all the other things we are working on?".....Silence prevailed.....Mark Bedford broke it with a joke......silence rapidly returned.

Minutes later Tony, put the matter to rest with a flippant yet epic, democratic vote, of "Dark Angel Shoulder pads" versus a hypothetical "Warlord Titan" so the community was asked what would you prefer.

(The unfortunate side effect was that this set the Internet on fire with rumours of a Warlord Titan was being worked on, and chinese whispers determined it had just been sighted by someone at the HH weekender, and was being carried by Simon Egan and Mark, which confused everybody present because Mark was on stage at the time?).

About 200 attendee's voted for a "Hypothetical Warlord" and 7 Voted for "Dark Angel Pads" - Thus demonstrating that Dark Angels are the most despised and derided Legion and deserve no attention whatsoever and that we all have at least £900 hanging around, gathering dust, to spend on a Warlord.

This was rapidly adopted over the weekend as a Mantra / point of reference and in the Challenge, Giant Dark Angel Pads were sculpted and placed on everything to pile insult on to 1st Legion Injury.

Much fun was had, and the Dark Angel players got even more surly and broody, as is their prerogative.

Post this Tony Cottrell was elevated to the position of Venerated Leader of the Resin Cult; Laurie Goulding just looked confused (no surprises there!).

And now Games Workshop has released both Warlord titan models and Dark Angel shoulder pads, go figure.