Da Orkz 'eavy Artillery

Ork artillery pieces often go for self propelled guns to smaller and more mobile Mek Gunz. However, when the going gets tough, the Orks deploy the big'uns to pepper the ground with explosive munitions and rockets. We are talking about the really big Ork Gunz. The ones that can rival Imperial Ordnance in both scale and firepower. These are the Orks static and heavy artillery pieces.


Big LobbaEdit

Big Lobba

The Lobba's bigger and more immobile sister.

A Big Lobba is a more powerful version of the Lobba sometimes mounted on heavy ork vehicles such as Big Trakks or Battle Fortresses. It has a bigger blast but the same range as a standard Lobba. It is basically the Ork equivalent of the Heavy Mortar used by the Imperial Guard and the Space Marines.

Big Lobbas can sometimes be tolled and then statically placed by a looted vehicle. Usually Big Lobbas are manned by Grots and their accuracy depends on the moral and fortune of said Grots. Sometimes however, an Ork Boy can use these weapons, although it is rare.



The largest Lobba of the Lobba family. Essentially a superheavy mortar if there is such a term.

The Supa-lobba is an even heavier version of the Lobba. It is normally mounted on Squiggoths or Battle Fortresses. It works like a normal lobba but is powerful enough to damage heavily armored tanks, splinter smaller vehicles into flaming debris and turn infantry into a fine mist of blood. Again, its blast is even bigger but the range is the same. The Supa-Lobba uses a bigger mortar to accomplish this.

Supa-Lobbas are usually enclosed than the normal Lobba, protecting the ammunition from accidentally exploding.



A giant Fuck Off Howitzer.

The Supa-kannon is an enlarged version of the standard Ork Kannon found on Ork Big Trakks, Battlewagons or Battle Fortresses. These massive artillery pieces are designed for destroying enemy positions and fortifications and are usually crewed by Gretchin gunners. It is a shorter-ranged version of the Earthshaker Cannon and often is just that cannon, looted and a little 'orkified'.

It is often the most popular choice for Ork artillery and it is used as the equivalent of the Basilisk Earthshaker Cannon.



One of the biggest Ork artillery pieces and a giant FU to armored formations.

The Soopagun makes the Supa-Kannon look like a Grot Blasta. The Soopagun is enormously large and powerful artillery piece that can be mounted on Ork Gargants, Gunwagons, Gunfortresses or used as a static artillery piece.

The Soopagun is often too heavy and recoil too violent for any vehicle mounting it, thus the vehicle is often forced to brace itself before firing the giant gun.

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