Crayola Dice

Oldschool.pngThis article or section is about something oldschool - and awesome.
Make sure your rose-tinted glasses are on nice and tight, and prepare for a lovely walk down nostalgia lane.
Are you old enough to remember when dice didn't have inked or painted numbers? With the old D&D games, you got soft plastic powder blue dice and a soft white and red crayon. In order to see the numbers you had to fill in the etched spots with the wax.

There were no d10's either. The d20 was labeled 0-9 twice (fit 2 digits on a die face? IMPOSSIBLE!) so you colored one half of the numbers white and the other half red. It acted as your D10, and if you needed a d20, you declared one color to be +10 before you rolled.

This set actually had a d10. That was pretty weird at the time.

These dice were made out of pretty soft plastic, and after 25 years, most of mine don't even stop rolling anymore. No more corners.

This has been a bout of nostalgia.

Go away now.