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The Holstaur of the MGE is an iconic example of cowgirldom. It's easy to spot her most notable features.

The Cowgirl is one of the most basic forms of monstergirls, right alongside the catgirl and the elf in terms of /d/eviance. As their name suggests, cowgirls resemble human women with certain physical traits of cows. Whilst this can be restricted to just improbably large and usually milk-laden breasts, this is seen as depressingly vanilla by anyone who actually likes cowgirls. A true cowgirl, then, should have at least one and for many more of the following traits:

  • Dainty bovine horns coming from the head - these are usually not large enough to serve as weapons.
  • Cow-like ears instead of human ears.
  • A cow's tail.
  • Digitigrade, furry legs ending in cow's hooves instead of feet, like the satyr or faun.
  • Quad-boobs (which, in case you can't figure it out, is having two pairs of breasts)
  • Oversized nipples
  • Multiple nipples to each breast (usually four, to make the breast look more udder-like)

Temperamentally, cowgirls are usually portrayed as sweet-natured, loving, docile and maternal in nature. They lean towards the voluptuous or even "zaftig" body styles, with the latter combining large breasts, hips and buttocks with just enough chubbiness to make them extra cuddly. Sexual fetishes tend to revolve around breasts and nursing.

Whilst they can look similar, minotaur monstergirls are generally regarded as their own thing, as they are predominantly depicted as both highly aggressive/assertive individuals (in comparison to the docile and shy cowgirls) and as musclegirls in contrast to the cowgirl softness.

As with other "beastgirls", the rare "kemono" cowgirl, who has a humanoid face but a body covered in soft fur (or at least skin patterned like cow-fur, such as white with black splotches like a holstein), is a matter of huge skub in the eternal furry vs. monstergirls war.

Monstergirl EncyclopediaEdit

In the Monster Girl Encyclopedia, the cowgirl archetype is filled by a creature called the Holstaur, a "domesticated" variant of the Minotaur mamono who is defined by its softer frame, larger breasts, black & white hair/fur, and gentler nature. Somewhat ditzy, these affable monstergirls devote their lives to eating, sleeping, playing and having sex. Unlike a minotaur, they are not sexually aggressive, instead preferring to subtly indicate their arousal and desire to mate by firmly pressing their huge boobs against their lover. That said, if you let them get too pent up, they'll revert to minotaur instincts and forcibly take charge, refusing to stop until sated. Likewise, the color red drives them mad with lust and makes them go racing off to bang their boyfriends.

In typical cowgirl style, holstaurs are sexually defined by their tits. They are incredibly sensitive, enough that they can actually get off themselves by giving their lovers paizuri - for those who don't know, that's the "official" name for an act where the woman puts her boyfriend's penis between her breasts and squeezes them together to use as a masturbatory aid. They can even "change the shape" of their breasts to better suit a lover's desires, which mostly means that no matter how big you want 'em, the holstaur can probably make them grow to that size. Unless you're one of those macro deviants who gets off on boobs the size of planets, anyway.

In fact, holstaur breasts are so integral to their being that they are partially immune to the Sabbat's "Spell of Pedomorphosis", the dreaded hex that transforms a perfectly good monstergirl into a loli, as a result - any attempt to use this spell on a holstaur just results in an Oppai Loli monstergirl, a creature with the form of a child and outlandishly adult-sized boobs.

They also lactate constantly, and find really deep sexual pleasure in being milked or nursed from - especially the latter. This milk is magical in nature; supernaturally nourishing and delicious, it's also a stamina restorer, meaning that if you feel tired, one swig and you'll be good as new.

The third member of the MGE's Cowgirl family tree is the Hakutaku of Zipangu. Taking its name from the Japanese name for a yokai the Chinese call Bai Zei, which appears as a white ox with three human faces (one on its head, one on each side of its body) with three eyes to each face, this mamono takes the form of a curvy, three-eyed cowgirl sage who loves to teach and pass on her wisdom. Especially her encyclopediac knowledge of sexual proficiencies and all things kinky. They are gentle, patient and understanding, but also driven to promote peace between humans and monstergirls, which means that any lessons they give on "dealing with" problematic mamono will usually end up with their student getting a new waifu if they act on what they're taught. They favor intellectuals, sages and wizards as their own husbands, and are well-equipped to training an attractive man up to their standards if he fails to quite match up in the brains department.