Cosmology of Crestlyn Isle

In the Whole Sort of General Mish Mash there is a world with three spatial dimensions and one temporal dimension. This shall be referred to as the cosmos. In the cosmos, information printed on its surface vibrates at different frequencies. As frequency increases, the information is considered more subtle, as it decreases, more crude. Although this distinction is relative, for the inhabitants of Crestlyn Isle, there is one point where it is very sharp, and there we will divide it.


The SubtleEdit

The subtle is where the essences of living things are manifest, and extend ever upward to the unity consciousness. Life, at its most recognizable, extends all the way from elves and dwarves down to plants and crystals (where life is defined as a system that exports entropy to its environment). The sapient races are the highest form of such life that draws the crude so tightly around itself.

The NetherEdit

The Nether is the lowest level the gods normally extend into. It is also where the spirits of the dead exist before they are reincarnated and where people go when they dream. As such, the gods' existence is affected by the psyches of living beings, and in the balance of the cosmos, the people create the deities as much as the deities create the people.

The CrudeEdit

The crude is the physical material that is influenced by the subtle, or on the other hand, that generates the subtle from its patterns; both views are equally valid. As it is lower in frequency, it has less resistance to the flow of entropy.

The Pelorite Star SystemEdit

The Planet of Kirn, on which the Isle is located, orbits the star Pelor, and is orbited by the satellite Sehanine. The gods described are unique to this star system, and other stars in the galaxy may have other gods and creatures.